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In UK, no idea where to get help

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In the UK
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using throw away

My sister just opened up to me about a whole raft of things. She is going through a divorce and has been abused / is being abused by her ex partner, I don't know if the nature of the abuse is relevant or what to do about it. She lives in the Midlands and I'm on the Scotish border and she has no form of support network, friends, or family she can turn to (her ex seems to have made sure she lost these contacts over the years)
So my sister is going through a divorce (they have a 6 yr old son together), she has only just told me about various things that have happened and are happening.
He's broken her rib, set fire to her possessions, on more than one occasion pinned her down and spat in her face, he's laid out consequences for what would happen to her is she denied him sex, kicking her pet cats about the house and threatening to kill them, removing bathroom locks so she cant hide from him, and some other things.
I had no idea about any of this. Any way they split when he pushed her to the ground and poured oil on her (cold oil).
It boggles my mind that it took a friend at her work to point out that this wasn't normal behavior, I'm not saying any of this is any way her fault because it's not. From other things she's just told me, we had very different upbringings, where abuse seems to have been normalised for her (I’m an older brother)
Any way the abuse is continuing in a psychological form since they started the divorce. He did have access to her messages and was using this against her. He will also speak to her over the phone, and then text contradictory information to make her question herself, or to make her look bad (particular when it comes to caring for their son). He has installed a camera on his door, partly because he's trying to avoid being served divorce papers; but he also wont let her in the when dropping of their son, and refuses to speak to her at these junctures, he then gets angry when she's unable to pass on information about their son. He has also lied to her about their sons school arrangements, causing her to unnecessarily lose hours at work (this has since been sorted out with the school)
She has also given me reason to believe that he may not treat their son so well. She is at a loss of what to do and is reluctant to do much at all. She is really struggling, and is not in a good way.
I’ve told her to record conversations and save messages but I have no idea what she should do with them.
I have no idea of who or what organization can help her. Can you even get help if the abuser is an ex? I'm so far away and this whole situation is nearly unbearable. Just any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sister is being mentally abused by her ex, I have no idea how to help
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2020.04.25 07:59 Larson4220424 Any Uncharted fans? My personal favorite Uncharted ship is Chloe Frazer and Sam Drake

Hi. New person to this sub. The last 3-4 yrs, I've fallen in love with the Uncharted franchise and its characters. My personal two favorite characters are Chloe Frazer and Sam Drake. Here is some background on both and why they would be a great couple if ND does make a future Uncharted featuring either if not both (PS: I'm gonna go into major spoilers for both Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy so its a bit of an essay but I have to if you want to know why I ship them)-

Chloe Frazer:
Nathan Drake's ex and fellow treasure hunter. Half Indian, Half Aussie. Makes her debut in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. She's supposed to contrast to the "good girl" Elena Fisher in that she's a brunette and is good at her job but isn't afraid of backstabbing old friends and/or leaving people to die to get what she wants and/or get out of the hunt alive. She almost got Nate killed numerous times (and Elena as well) in Uncharted 2 while trying to play double agent between him and the warlord Zoran Lazarevic. Her and Nate eventually reconcile when she realizes he's fallen in love with Elena.
She returns in The Lost Legacy, which explores her roots more as being half Indian and half Aussie along with her quest to get the Tusk of Ganash, a treasure which her dad gave his life to find. She eventually finds out about Sam Drake's existence sometime after the events of 4 (a game which ND sadly wrote her out of) and hires him after his Libertalian adventure to infiltrate the warlord Asav's inner circle and distract his army while she went for the Tusk. But he gets himself captured and instead she hires Nadine Ross, who is recovering from the loss of her PMC (Shoreline) to Rafe Adler and the Drakes in UC4. They eventually reunite when captured by Asav and despite tension between him and Nadine, they escape and prevent Asav from blowing up a city with his bomb train as well as get the Tusk in the process. She and Nadine then team up and we can only guess and dream as to who Sam would date between him and Nadine. Yes, there's a chance they could do the Sam/Nadine deal as there's a funny scene in LL where Sam saves her from her treacherous lieutenant Orca's gunfire that some fans have used as "proof" that they could be a future couple. But imho that wouldn't work due to their rivalry from 4. Anyway on to Sam.
Sam Drake: older brother of Nathan Drake who makes his debut in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. He's a ex-convict who's spent half of his life behind bars, the last 15 or so years before 4 in a Panamanian prison before his friend turned rival Rafe Adler bribes him out of the prison; The trio of him, Rafe, and Nate had infiltrated the prison 13 or so yrs earlier to start their hunt for Henry Avery's pirate treasure as a abandoned tower within the prison held the first clue (the first St. Dismas cross) and in a prison escape attempt, Sam was thought by Nate to have been killed. But he was injured and returned to his cell. 13 yrs later, Rafe bribes him out after finding out he's still alive. Then Rafe takes him to Scotland where they spend the next two yrs at a cathedral scouting for further clues towards the treasure and Sam sneaks away from Rafe with the found clues/map of the cathedral to reunite with his brother.
>! Sam then makes up a lie to Nate claiming that the criminal Hector Alcazar broke him out of prison and gave him 3 months to find the pirate treasure or that he would die; this convinces Nate to lie to Elena (they officially get married for real after 3) claiming that a "Malaysia Job" was ongoing so that she wouldn't be suspicious to his whereabouts and go with Sam to the Italian auction where the 2nd Dimsas Cross was on sale. The duo, along with Sully succeed in stealing the cross (Rafe was attempting to buy the cross along with partnering up with Nadine and her PMC), which contains the map of the Scotish cathedral. They then continue the hunt in both Scotland as well as Madagascar coming up on more clues about Avery and his society of pirates. Elena finds out at the hotel after their chase that Nate's lying to her as well as Sam's existence. Afterwards, they go to the island of Libertalia, find out more about Avery and his crew’s plans to keep the treasure for themselves resulting in a colonial rebellion. The duo get into a fight with Nadine and are cornered by her, Rafe and other Shoreline mercenaries. Rafe then reveals the truth behind Sam’s lie and him bribing Sam out. They then knock Nate off the cliff and take Sam with them to New Devon where he leads them into numerous traps and holds out until Nate, Elena, and Sully rescue him. !<
But being insistent on stopping Rafe from claiming the treasure, he ditches the group and finds Avery's ship in which the treasure is on. But he gets himself trapped on the ship by an explosion and as a result, almost drowns. In his stuck up state, he watches Nate and Rafe go at it with their sword duel only for Rafe to get crushed by the treasure. Nate then frees him and they swim out of the ship and away they went. Afterwards, he says goodbye to Nate/Elena and Sully then tells him about a possible Portuguese related quest he was sent after before the Libertalian adventure, liking with Sully knowing beforehand about his expertise in Portuguese history and culture. So they team up (this hopefully and likely would be the subject of a Sam Drake game, set in either Portugal and/or Brazil) and that's pretty much it for Sammy in 4. The rest is pretty much explained in Chloe's bio about his involvement in LL.
Onto why I think Sam and Chloe would be a interesting couple: 1. They're both witty and somewhat good hearted people but they're morally grey when comparing them to Nate, Elena, and Sully. They both have a history of ditching people and/or backstabbing people they care about to get what they desire. I think they could help each other slowly overcome this mean streak as I call it. Plus she could help him get used to life out of prison; I always think of Sam as still getting used to the free world since prison's all that he's ever known for half his life. 2. Sam Drake is known for trying to flirt with women and as mentioned previously, has a funny scene with Nadine in LL in particular as well as with that waitress at the auction. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't wanna tap dat ass of Chloe's. One last thing on Sam too; when Chloe wasn't in 4, I was heartbroken and looking for a character to really latch onto, for me Sam is that character who I fell in love with in 4.
So yeah there's that. PS, I'm writing a series of Uncharted novels over on DA.Warning: they mention certain NSFW elements and one of them does feature Sam and Chloe as a couple. If you're interested, let me know.
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2019.11.04 01:34 Loken_loyalist Support for the monarchy is UOB at the time of reclamation day

i myself think it would be quite high as from the sound of it mosely turned the country into the beginigs of a 1984 style goverment, though i think just as with alot of things in the UK there would be a split between the country-side and the cities i can also imagine the scotish aswell as the welsh would have tense relationship as there not so equal partners what with the English Dictator english based Tuc English capital and with most of the industry in the south there probaly getting rather sick of seperate but equal
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2019.09.23 12:43 removalbot 09-23 10:43 - '[quote] How do you know that they will or not? / Aslo like Scotland will give two shits about people trying to get into England.. / OK so that should cover all border talk, we're not the USA there no crazy shit going on betwee...' by /u/JJWDart removed from /r/worldnews within 0-10min

You literally mentions all the UKBP assets. Which is managed by the UK as a whole, hence why Scotland doesnt currently need it. Breaking off forces them to create their OWN. The UK would NOT manage Scotish borders.
How do you know that they will or not? Aslo like Scotland will give two shits about people trying to get into England..
OK so that should cover all border talk, we're not the USA there no crazy shit going on between it would hardly make much of a difference.
Even still its jobs you keep saying they won't get... But they can make them. You're now arguing both sides of it which makes you a bit of a numpty because you're still not understanding English and Scottish history's and what's going on at play with the govt atm.
Just because no one trusts them, doesn't mean Scotland is suddenly going to be able to keep the jobs that's why you don't trust them. You wouldn't.
What? What? Socotland can't make it's own jobs now? Just because England separate they can't just use the buildings for the same things?
What fucking logic is that?
A delay that lasts for 6 months is exactly that, post that 6 month period, nothing would change.
You dense as fuck human.... No one wants it, its going to fuck the everyone & if Scotland does rejoin the eu they can go back to the way it was - england ........
Payments Scotish farmers are NEVER going to get. Money that's been spent isn't going to be reallocated, especially if they leave the UK. Why you think this would change after, god knows. If they aren't getting it when they are "owed" it, they aren't getting it after.
The fuck? They owe that money it will get paid and they will fight for it & if they don't how will that help relations and want to stick about?
What are they just not supposed to pay farmers who give produce to the UK? Fuck no. They still have laws ffs and their laws are also the reason for Boris being in trouble.... Its also the reason he can legally be arrested in Scotland...
Some British companies have left for the EU, those with a majority of workers there. Those planning to leave would have already left, every one knows it's coming and has been. Royal Navy is not the Scotish Navy. You would not get to keep UK troops, and all troops currently in would not be able to leave just because Scotland does. They're in contracts.
Yes some have and people are losing jobs left and right.... How is this fucking helping
Those planning to leave would have already left
What are you trump? What the fuck are you even saying are you really another maga bitch? Do you not understand that people life in the EU and UK and have to travel between for their jobs... Also not everyone can afford to leave becuase of debt
This is how fucked we are because of it and no they won't just leave because of family's to you utter moron. If that was the case eveoyne wanting out of this would have done so...
Oh and guess where a lot of brexit voters who changed their mind are going?
Fucking scotland Ireland... Its also the fucking reason it now takes 12 months to get an Irish passport if you are of Irish decent... 12 month back log from 6...also anyone who does get one and if brexit does go ahead... It fucking nullifys it.. GG, as someone who asked the question
Scotland literally would get fucked in every way. Even access to the oil fields could be denied. Glasgow is no longer the major ship building hub it used to be. The UKs naval base would be moved and Scotland either have to pay to keep it, or supply their own water faring deterrent.
Scotland would still keep any service men and woman as they would no longer be part of the British navy (unless its stipulated or agreed upon)
Also fuck the oil, Aberdeen was set up on oil but they also have granite and wind farms and Scotland is pushing for greener infrastructure again they would get aid for additional if they needed it...
"New jobs", boy how I wish I could be that stupid. An economy that is struggling cannot just create random jobs, especially those that would be paid for by the Gov, when the Scotish Gov would be struggling as it is.
Legalisation again..... I've mentioned this 3 times now..... And why we don't have it.... Again independent of the UK, they can get it...
Also again tons of farming land....
I keep coming back with additional points but using your won logic I found solutions & I don't work for the gov but if I can come up with some easy solutions... Then I'm sure people in government probably have some better ideas in place... Like a lot already have..
Arguments arent just limited to borders and taxes. Although those are far bigger than you think, clearly. Let's assume they some how managed it, then the UK slaps tariffs on Scotish goods, Scotland would be economically destroyed as they depend on the UK, in both the financial sector, exports and even imports.
Who says Scotland has to trade with the UK? What will the UK do if Scotland doesn't pay? Go to war? Whe they'll be in the EU and partnered with nato?
Like do you even think more than 2 points for more than 6 months down the line?
Do you not realise there are far more in government and now the public who are asking now more than ever to stop this shit.. And if we want to go ahead... Make a plan that works.
Not waste 3 years on all this bullshit...
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2014.08.24 03:37 tabledresser [Table] AMA: I'm bored... Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2014-08-23
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Questions Answers
Do you not eat grains/wheat by choice or for medical reasons? Both...
I initially did it by choice, then discovered upon trying a bit of something after a few months without that it was the cause of all my digestive problems.
I had IBS. I stopped grain and now my IBS is totally gone...
Darkest secret? I don't have many secrets, hence, doing an AMA.
Go look up Munging on if you want something dark and foul to think about.
Original Chex mix or a more modern variety? I don't eat grain. This appears to be entirely grain-based.
Neither I guess :)
You monster. You haven't tasted my shepherd's pie, nor my chocolate cakes...
Yes, I still bake cakes. Coconut flour ftw!
IPA or lager? Dafuq is IPA?
All beelager is made from grain, therefore, NO.
I just died a little inside. Best. Cakes. Ever.
That sounds yummy!! It is, very.
Very moist but also very crumbly. Makes for excellent fudgy chocolate brownies :)
Why are you doing this AMA and not masterbating? I'm at my mum's house borrowing her internets 'til my SO is done with her stuff.
Said no one ever. Uh... yeah they did.
I love low carb desserts, that just seems heavenly. It takes a while to get used to baking with coconut flour... you need much less of it but also more eggs and sometimes a splash of milk or water, otherwise it all dries up.
Bonus: more protein from the eggs!
So your not totally gay? No... I have been with (and enjoyed being with) more men than women. I'm female.
Yes, we have had issues with almond flour but never have tried coconut flour. I've heard us even drier and takes some experimenting to get it right. I found a brilliant conversion chart a while ago... just a moment while I see if I can find it again.
"In baked goods, you generally want to substitute 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup coconut flour for 1 cup grain-based flour. You will also need to increase the number of eggs. In general for every one cup of coconut flour you use, you will need to use six beaten eggs in your recipe in addition to approximately one cup liquid such as coconut milk."
I tend to use 1/3 coconut flour, all the eggs that are needed, and then add liquid a little at a time (or another egg) until I get the right consistency.
Oh... You know there's programs to fix that right? Why fix something that isn't broken?
When did you find out you were gay? I'm pansexual, and I figured out I wasn't straight when I was about 12.
Arent you limiting your dating and sexual partners by only being attracted to peter pan? Lolwut.
Actually, fuck it, yes...
When I am available, anyone interested in dating me must be interested in dressing up in dinky green costumes, talking to pixies, spreading pixie dust, and teaching people to fly. They must also have a vivid imagination, have refused to grow up, and be willing to dance around bonfires, sing with mermaids, and have epic fights with crocodile-fearing pirates!
Would you make friends from Internet? I have done, but I don't actively seek out new friends on the internet.
What weed do you smoke? I don't at the moment. I work with kids and I can't risk it.
Food, shoulda specified food. Italian ingredients, but not Italian food, 'cos grain... Grain makes tummy sad :(
Evo or wrx? Neither.
Old clunky beast of a machine plz.
Tampons or maxi liners? What is it with these inferior products?
The fuck is that? I don't think I want to google it. Silicone cup that fits like a tampon. You wash it out several times a day and it lasts a lifetime...
That sound's terrible. Are they expensive? Could you just buy a bunch of them and throw them out and not wash them? I mean fuck it's a sink that other people have to use to. Doing that would be way more expensive... The people I live with know that I use it and are fine with it.
It's actually the most comfortable thing I have ever used, and I will never go back!
What about like a red plastic solo cup? Uh... no.
Silicone is bendy and soft to the touch.
No a SOLO cup. Link to Error: broken link.
Morning after pill or condoms? Pfft! both of those are inferior.
Copper coil.
PC or mac? Let me guess... mac? Pfft! Linux bitch!
Fuck marry kill. Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith. Kill Jaden, Fuck Will, Marry Willow (when she'd old enough... trophy wife yo)
Why did the chicken cross the road? To test heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
Would you rather get black out drunk or shoot up heroin? I've tried and failed to get black out drunk...
How the hell do fail at drinking? Next to breathing and blinking it's the easiest thing to do. Even easier than walking. Fail at getting drunk enough to black out... Body always makes sure I can get home safely. Fuck knows how.
Because your under 20 years old? I'm 25.
Closest I came to black out drunk was when I was 15...
Call of duty or battlefield? Go away with your FPS games...
WHY!? For God's sake, WHY!? 42.
Xbox or playstation? Pfft! PC gaming!
Iraq with or without sadam? Borders are silly.
German shepherd or tea cup yorkie? Shepherd, definitely.
Aem EMS v1 or Motec m800? Uh... neither.
Indica or sativa? Indica :3.
Italian or french? DILIGAF?
How excited are you that hillary is running in 2016? I don't live in the USA.
Country or dubstep? Dubstep.
Ginger ale or club soda? Ginger :)
South park or modern family? South Park.
Land cruiser or Land rover? Cruiser.
So your not british but you say mum? SO are you Irish/scotish? Scot.
That makes since, Have you tried to cure your gayness by fucking sheep? With what, exactly?
So we found out your a gay female from scotland, next time your in heat pull your pants down and let your neighbors sheep (ogoats/lambs whatever is politically correct over there) Fuck you untill your straight. My SO has a penis... I'm fine with that, thanks.
You said she earlier... transgender.
Mexican food or greek food? Greek.
Chevy 3500hd SRW or ford f-350 SWR? (2008-current models) Ugh, neither...
So your a dodge person then? :D.
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2011.09.10 03:46 HotBearColdNose Five years, two continents, no compromise and I don't know what to do. And I'm only 24

Ok first post, little nervous. So here goes. Some back story ... I am in a relationship that has been going for almost 5 yrs this December. I am from NZ (dule citizenship) and my partner is Scotish. We met at high school equivilent. Have been together since. Which included a joint gap year overseas and now 3 years in Uni. Both are suffering from depression and living together. With the added strain of a mentality ill mother-in-law who threatens him with suicide all the time. I have no family here and have not made good friends so I am very alone. I am dying to go back home and get better but due to circumstances have to stay in the Uk. I want my partner to compromise but he won't leave this country for me. I don't know what to do.
tldr: troubled relationship, unable to make decisions for my self. Need advice/ some one to talk to.
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