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Rick Moranis is returning to the screen. With Reitman using the delayed opening date to "tweek the movie", he could add a quick cameo by our favorite keymaster. I mean, we could wish can't we?

2020.08.05 02:18 productiveslacker73 Rick Moranis is returning to the screen. With Reitman using the delayed opening date to "tweek the movie", he could add a quick cameo by our favorite keymaster. I mean, we could wish can't we?

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2020.08.05 00:31 __justsayin__ Globe: As hundreds of stores shut down, retail landlords cut rents in bid to help struggling companies survive

Some retail landlords are starting to chop rents to help tenants survive as the coronavirus pandemic enters its fifth month and a flood of retailers close stores and seek creditor protection.
The Retail Council of Canada estimates that one in five stores are now vacant across all types of malls, plazas and big-box centres. A growing number of brands – including Aldo, Ann Taylor, Reitmans, DavidsTea and Mendocino – have announced plans to shutter hundreds of locations.
While the economy is showing muted signs of recovery, retail continues to languish, especially in enclosed malls. Landlords are being forced to make concessions, as they balance rental revenue and their ability to fill vacant spaces with new tenants.
“We are taking a hit like everybody else,” said Eric Carlson, chief executive officer of B.C.-based Anthem Properties, which has $5-billion in retail, office and industrial properties in Western Canada and the United States. “Retail can’t survive without customers. Every landlord will want their retailers to survive,” he said.
DavidsTea to close 82 retail locations in Canada amid COVID-19
Anthem is forgiving rent for some of its tenants that were not allowed to open. It expects grocers, liquor stores and others with strong sales to pay full rent. But after months of deferrals, Mr. Carlson has had to change course for his hardest hit retailers.
“You have to give them some slack and give them an abatement,” Mr. Carlson said. “It’s not just out of virtuous nobility that you take that. It’s rational self-interest. The more everyone does well, the more everyone comes through. The better we will all do in the long run.”
Tenants are also pushing for new rent deals that are based on a percentage of their sales instead of the standard fixed amount every month. Landlords are reluctant to provide this because the rental income is unpredictable, as well as a logistical nightmare to verify sales of privately held companies. If landlords agree to an interim period of percentage rent, they are asking for something in return, such as a lease extension.
“More of these deals are being struck,” said Jordan Karp, who heads Savills Canada’s retail unit and represents tenants and landlords. Mr. Karp said he has told landlords: “At the end of the day, do you want them to be there and operating or do you want someone brand new? A lot of landlords say, ‘I want them here, so when we come back on the other side, they are there.’”
SmartCentres REIT, which operates 165 retail plazas in the country and leases space to 115 Walmarts, has agreed to percentage rent for a handful of its tenants.
“We are customizing rent payments around the realities of each vulnerable retail tenant’s situation, giving them as much as we can, taking into account the reality of our own situation,” said SmartCentres CEO Mitchell Goldhar, adding his trust is on track to collect more than 90 per cent of the rent because Walmart and Loblaw grocery stores make up a large part of its portfolio.
Enclosed malls are in a different position. Their properties were among the last to reopen amid crowd restrictions and physical-distancing requirements. Major operators collected about 15 per cent of their rent in May and approximately 25 per cent in April, according to real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.
Since those dismal months, rent collection is rebounding. But it is still below normal levels. Store hours have been reduced, retailers are failing and even if they have reopened, they are attracting fewer shoppers.
On an afternoon late in July, one of the country’s most profitable malls, the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, was subdued. Most stores were advertising deep discounts. The food court was quiet, with staff behind counters beckoning shoppers to their restaurants and a string of eateries closed. There were lineups for a couple of brands, Apple, Lululemon Athletica and Uniqlo Co., which were restricting the number who could enter their shops. But other stores had little traffic.
“Malls have been quieter than they would have been. The less people in shopping centres, the less sales there will be,” JLL executive vice-president Tim Sanderson said. “The longer this goes on, the more people will change their shopping patterns and go online.”
Downtown Vancouver and Toronto, once hubs of activity with a giant office work force, are now mostly vacant. Street retailers in their cores that were once teeming with activity are much quieter.
“It’s pretty tough because there isn’t the volume of people coming downtown,” said Scott Lee, JLL’s executive vice-president of retail for Western Canada. “The domino effect is that people are not eating out much, not grabbing as much coffee and not shopping as much in general,” he said.
In Vancouver, at a popular shopping area on Robson Street, JLL said the vacancy rate is 15 per cent today compared with 9 per cent before the pandemic. Similarly, in Toronto, at a busy shopping area on Queen Street, vacancy jumped to its highest level in two years and rents hit the lowest since early 2016, when the brokerage started tracking rents.
“With more space coming available and fewer tenants in the market there will be downward pressure on net rental rates,” said Brandon Gorman, JLL’s senior vice-president of retail in Toronto, who represents landlords.
Mr. Gorman said tenants are looking for percentage rent deals that convert to a fixed rent at a later date, as well as later possession dates and rent-free periods.
Even strip malls, where stores such as Walmart remained open through the pandemic and others were allowed to open earlier than enclosed malls, are losing revenue. Some of the chains that typically lease space in plazas, such as Hudson’s Bay Co., The Brick, GoodLife Fitness and Cineplex Entertainment, did not initially pay the rent when non-essential shopping was closed. And because of their size, they did not qualify for taxpayer-funded rent relief for small businesses.
As of the end of July, taxpayer-funded rent relief had been provided for 63,000 small-business tenants, according to the federal finance department. However, Ottawa’s rent relief program is due to finish at the end of August after two extensions.
Major mall operators Cadillac Fairview, Oxford Properties and Ivanhoé Cambridge have provided deferrals and applied for the federal government’s rent relief. Oxford has submitted more than 1,000 applications, on behalf of mostly its small retailers. Cadillac has about 1,400 tenants that qualify for the relief. Ivanhoé had deferred rent for more than 70 per cent of its retailers at its malls.
“Brick-and-mortar stores will need to reinvent themselves, not only because of the rise of e-commerce but also because consumers’ changing lifestyles and shopping habits,” said Diane Brisebois, president of the Retail Council of Canada.
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2020.06.03 00:10 jacksonxo PSA for Canadians: Thyme Maternity to close July 15th

As some Canadians may have heard in the news, Reitmans' companies (Reitmans', RW & Co, AdditionElle) including Thyme Maternity are closing this year with closure dates in the coming months.
I see a sale going on now but nothing fantastic, may be worth keeping an eye on!
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2020.06.03 00:08 jacksonxo PSA for Canadians: Thyme Maternity to close July 15th

As some Canadians may have heard in the news, Reitmans' companies (Reitmans', RW & Co, AdditionElle) including Thyme Maternity are closing this year with closure dates in the coming months.
I see a sale going on now but nothing fantastic, may be worth keeping an eye on.
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2020.02.12 18:02 killa5abi Up in the Air beat sheet

Today’s beat sheet is provided by our Coolest Cat – screenwriter, teacher and author of “Your Screenplay Sucks!”, William Akers. Big shout out to our longtime friend – and Cat! colleague. Thanks, Will!!!
Nominated for 6 Oscars, with a total of 51 award nominations and 44 wins, “Up in the Air” is a magnificent expression of post-modern middle-aged angst. Adapted for the screen by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, this beautiful film delivers a powerful metaphor on the price of “freedom” – a life lived alone.
Let’s beat it out!
Opening Image: TITLES OVER images of cities moving far below us, seen from an airplane. Then, series of employees being fired. Each has a little story and each one is worse than the one before. The first time we see Ryan, the firee asks him, “Who the fuck are you, man?” “Excellent question. Who the fuck am I?”
Theme Stated: Many of the fired people talk about their families. Ryan has no family. “To know me is to fly with me. This is where I live.” Ryan has no home. Travel is his home…(so let’s see if that is going to change!)
Set-Up: [The separate strands of the hero’s world are established. We meet his sister, his girlfriend, his motivational speeches, his work life. And that’s it. Nothing else.]
Ryan fires strangers for a living. He travels ALL of the time. He likes it. He likes the perks. He likes traveling efficiently. He tells us, via NARRATION, that he is at home when he is traveling.
He also gives motivational speeches. “How much does your life weigh?” He carries a backpack up on stage and talks about stuff people have in their lives… all the things you value, in the backpack. “Moving is living.” He tells the audience to imagine waking up with nothing… and that it’s exhilarating.
His assistant tells him he got phone call from his sister Kara… about their sister, Julie’s wedding. And has an invitation to speak at GoalQuest in Vegas. That’s a big deal. (It’s something Ryan wants.) He talks to Boss, who tells him he wants him in Omaha at the end of the week, for a game changer. Won’t tell him what it is.
His sister, Kara, is the glue that holds the family together. They need his help for Julie’s wedding… “You’re awfully isolated the way you live…” She wants him to take photos of a cardboard cutout of Julie and Fiancé in Vegas. He hates the Luxor…
Ryan spent 322 days on the road last year and 43 miserable days at “home” – a bland, bland, bland apartment, empty, empty and devoid of ANY personality.
Ryan receives a cardboard cutout of Julie and Fiancé in the mail. There’s a girl across the way who he used to sleep with, but she’s started seeing somebody. “Good to see you. Seems like it’s been a while, this time.”
B Story: [The B story must affect the A story or it shouldn’t exist. Eventually, this B story will really affect Ryan and his desire for a human connection…]
Very early, even before Catalyst… Ryan meets Alex (a woman!) at a bar, discussing the perks of the differen
t car rental programs and flying stories. “Their kiosk placement blows.” He has a Concierge Card from American Airlines, which impresses her. She has 60k domestic miles. He won’t tell her his total number. He has a number that he wants to hit… won’t reveal it. “There’s nothing cheap about loyalty.”
They talk about being in the Mile High Club, which she has done repeatedly… and during the day. “I’m really flexible.” They have sex, and schedule (barely) another rendezvous. Alex: “I think I should go back to my room so I can wake up in my bed.” “That would be the ladylike thing to do.”
[At this point, all the story elements are in place: Ryan’s love of flying and simulated hospitality. His job. His Boss. His hope to speak in Vegas. His new girlfriend. His sister and the other sister’s wedding. Time to get this sucker rolling!]
Catalyst: Omaha. The head office. All the workers are in one room for the first time. A new girl from Cornell… Natalie Keener. She has a great new idea: fire people via the internet… She uses Ryan’s dialogue to “fire” the practice guy. Natalie is very cute, very young, terribly efficient. This is the “game changer” and will save the company 85% of their travel budget… and everyone on the road gets to come home. [Not good news for our hero.]
Debate: Ryan tells his boss that this is a terrible idea. They argue about it. Natalie comes in…
Ryan tells her to “fire” him… They have all kinds of conflict over the fake firings. “Before you try to revolutionize my business, I’d like to know you know my business.” They don’t get along well. Boss wants Ryan to show Natalie the ropes. Ryan says no. [Luke Skywalker turns down the Call to Adventure.] “I’m not a fucking tour guide.” Boss tells him he has to take her with him.
So, Ryan packs up for another road tour. This time, he’ll be with Miss Perky Personality. And the cardboard cutout.
Fun and Games: At the airport, Ryan sees Natalie hugging her fiancé goodbye. She has a massive piece of luggage that she’s going to check. “You willing to throw away an entire week on that?” He buys her a new one, one she doesn’t have to check. He makes her throw away half her stuff and teaches her how to travel efficiently.
Natalie creates a workflow chart to teach people how to fire people. She is all numbers. Ryan feels they are giving people hope.
At a job site, he tells Natalie to watch and listen. Another montage of people getting fired. “How do you sleep at night?” She watches, sort of horrified, as these are real people. She steps in to try to help and the firee crushes her, tells her to go fuck herself. Ryan does an ace save and brings the guy around. Ryan’s a miracle worker. Tells the guy to go follow his dream of being a chef. “If not for you, do it for your children.”
Ryan tells Natalie he wants to hit 10 million miles. He’d be the seventh person to do it. “More people have walked on the moon.” She would GO someplace if she had all those miles.
Break into Two: Natalie asks if she can fire the next woman. The woman hears what Natalie says and is confident of her plan: she’s going to jump off a bridge. Natalie freaks.
Alex calls looking for a rib place in Atlanta. “I am the woman you don’t have to worry about.” “Think of me as
yourself, only with a vagina.” She agrees to push her schedule to meet him…
Montage: Natalie is getting overwhelmed by firing people. She talks to her boyfriend… not knowing when this road trip is going to end.
Alex and Ryan go into a hotel room for more fun sex.
More cities. More firings. Natalie is upset by it all. Ryan asks if she’s okay.
Miami: Ryan gives another backpack lecture. This time, instead of putting stuff in your backpack, you put people. Finally your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend… He says the relationships are the heaviest components in your life. Natalie watches him while he tells people they don’t need to carry that weight. “The slower we move the faster we die, we are not swans. We’re sharks.”
Bad Guys Close In: [Natalie is one Bad Guy. She hammers Ryan about his lack of a life. Ryan’s sister, Kara, is another Bad Guy. She hammers Ryan about his lack of a life. Alex is the third Bad Guy, but she’s different. Alex is the shining road to happiness that he slowly realizes he wants. He would not realize this without being hammered by Natalie and Kara. So, let’s watch the Bad Guys slowly tear down the wall Ryan has built around himself.]
Ryan and Natalie debate about marriage and kids. He never, ever wants either one. She thinks it’s bizarre. He doesn’t see the value of it. Asks her to sell him marriage. Love, stability, someone to talk to… he says he’s surrounded be people to talk to. He feels we all die alone. She cries. Says her boyfriend left her. She cries like a baby in the hotel lobby. Just as he takes her in his arms, Alex walks up. Alex suggests they have a drink.
In a bar. Natalie says her boyfriend broke up with her with a text message. Alex says that we date guys who are pricks and are surprised when they turn out to be pricks. Natalie followed this guy to Omaha… She thinks success won’t matter without the right guy. She could have made it work… Natalie asks Alex what she’s looking for… “Not an asshole, would be nice.” “Someone who wants kids…” “Some hair on his head.” “Nice smile, just might do it.” Ryan listens. The women discuss “settling.” Because of their ages, they have different points of view. Ryan listens.
Tech conference: The three of them go to the conference. Steal badges. Natalie’s says Jennifer Chu… Go to the party. Natalie drinks. They all dance. A guy asks Natalie to dance. They have their picture taken surfing.
After the dancing, Ryan and Alex talk. Natalie does karaoke. Ryan gives Alex “the key to his place,” his room key.
Back end of a yacht: Alex says she doesn’t get to act like this at home. Asks him about his backpack thing, and
his not wanting to be tied down. He says he’s thinking about emptying the backpack… and he’s looking at her deeply. They kiss. [The dude is getting smitten!] And the power goes out on the yacht!
The partygoers wade to shore and go back to the hotel barefooted.
Alex leaves the hotel early, she has a meeting in Cincinnati. He feels bad because she’s leaving. He tells her he really likes her. She likes him too… He smiles as she goes. [This is a big step in the assault Alex makes on Ryan. His defenses are crumbling.]
By the pool: Natalie apologizes for what she’s not sure she said.
Harbor: Taking pictures of the cutout… Natalie asks about his relationship with Alex. “It works for us.” Natalie asks if there is a future there… he says he never thought about it. She says he’s an asshole. Natalie nails him… asks him if his “cocoon of self banishment” has set up a way of life that keeps him from having a human connection. She tells him he’s a 12- year-old. He drops the cutout in the water and falls in trying to fetch it.
Hotel room: Ryan dries the cutout.
Detroit: Ryan warns Natalie that the Detroit guys are tough. The Boss is there, online, and wants them to fire people… and wants Natalie to do it. She says she’s good. She fires a guy… “They send a fourth grader to can me? What the fuck is this?” Ryan watches her, sees how tough this is for her. It’s brutally difficult for her and for the guy… The guy cries and they can hear him in the next room. Meanwhile, Boss is watching. The firee finally goes and Ryan says that she did good. That guy was #1 of a long, long list.
Ryan talks to Boss, says he’s proud of Natalie… Boss says they’re pulling them off the road. “We’re going home.” “For good?” “Good job.” [Natalie seems to have succeeded in killing Ryan’s dream of staying on the road.]
Ryan RSVPs to the wedding. Airport. Natalie apologizes for what she said about Alex. Natalie asks if he’s going to be okay in Omaha. Galvanized by what he’s been thinking, Ryan turns and leaves… to grab another flight… “something I gotta take care of…”
Midpoint: Vegas: Alex holds the cutout in front of the Luxor. Ryan asks if she can go with him to Northern Wisconsin this weekend… asks her to be his date at the wedding. He wants a plus one, and wants it to be her. She smiles. [Wow. Huge tectonic shift for our hero. He has asked her to go with him to a family event. Giant step for Ryan toward what he needs, which is commitment and a family and a real life. Because Midpoint is either a false high or a false low… this one is a false high. He’s going to fall hard and long because he’s made this decision.]
Wisconsin hotel: Ryan and Alex check in. They meet Kara, Ryan’s sister. A bit of confusion about if Alex is Ryan’s “girlfriend”… and we learn that Kara is separated from her husband…
Rehearsal dinner… little sister Julie meets Alex. She has a ring with a tiny diamond and she loves it. Ryan sticks his pictures of the cutout on a huge board with a hundred pictures… all his effort gone to waste. They couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so they had the pictures travel for them.
Fiancé tells Ryan about his investment… it’s about a home, and a need for a home. Fiancé asks if Ryan is renting the one bedroom… nope, but still doesn’t own a home… but he’s okay with that… more thinking by Ryan…
Ryan likes Fiancé. Ryan asks Kara if he can walk Julie down the aisle… Jim’s uncle is going to do it… “He’s been really supportive.” This gets to Ryan.
Day: Ryan shows Alex where he went to high school. The front door is locked and he gives up, but she credit cards a window, and they’re in. The room he took geography in. He’d been a jock…photos of him in the trophy case. Shows her where his first fight was. Stairs where he used to make out. They kiss. They watch basketball practice. She’s happy she came here. So is he. Emergency call from Kara.
All Is Lost: [The Bad Guys have got Ryan in their merciless grip. Ryan, the non-family man, now must argue FOR marriage and against loneliness… He is in the process of making more steps toward an eventual character change. But it’s a slow, painful, and well-earned process. He will have to struggle mightily to get there…]
Church: Fiancé has got cold feet. Ryan, the one who cares not a whit for marriage, has to tell Fiancé how great marriage is… Kara tells him to go in and save the day. “Basically you don’t exist to us. I know you want to be there for her, well there it is. This is your chance.” Ryan goes into a Sunday school classroom. Fiancé is reading The Velveteen Rabbit. “Powerful stuff.” Fiancé wonders what the point of it all is: get married, and
then you die. “You seem happier than all my married friends.” Ryan gives him a speech while Kara watches through the door. “Your favorite memories, the most important moments of your life, were you alone?” Ryan tells him that you need a copilot. Ryan sells him. “Go get her.”
Fiancé tells Julie he needs a copilot. They cry. Kara tells Ryan, “Welcome home.”
Alex helps Ryan dress. The wedding. A nice song plays over silent footage while Julie gets married. Ryan holds hands with Alex. Reception. Ryan dances with Julie, then Alex. They get all cuddly on the dance floor
and afterwards.
Airport: Ryan escorts Alex to her gate. “When am I going to see you?” “You’re going to have to come visit…” “You’re not going to change on me are you?” “Same guy. One address.” “Call me when you get lonely.” “I’m lonely.” She chuckles
Dark Night of the Soul: [It’s all happening quickly now. The agony is piling up on Ryan faster and harder. He’s about to make his huge decision. He’s about to face death. Loneliness = death.]
Omaha: Back to his one-room hellhole of an apartment. No clothes in the closet. No art on the walls.
The office: Natalie’s business plan is happening. The workflow / computer firing thing is what the company is going with. Ryan is checking on GoalQuest… Back at his house, miniature liquor bottles and he has a drink looking at his lousy view.
Vegas: GoalQuest. He’s thinking. He has his backpack. He is invited to speak. Huge crowd. Last year, he flew 350,000 miles. The moon is 250. Starts his backpack speech. Talking about the little things… he stops… thinks… and walks off stage. And he’s smiling and running…
Break into Three: [Finally, Ryan knows what he wants, and that’s Alex. He’s happy. He’s actually smiling. Like Shirley MacLaine in THE APARTMENT and Billy Crystal in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, he’s running toward the one he loves and he is happy because he knows what he wants. He feels great. We feel fantastic for him! So… what happens? Wait for it…]
Ryan runs into an airport… barely gets on a flight. Flies into Chicago. Rents a car in a hurry. Snow. Drives into town. Runs up to a house… knocks on the door of a brownstone… he’s all smiles, anticipating… She answers… “So, I was in the neighborhood…” and he hears her kids and her husband, “Hey honey, who’s at the door.” “Just somebody who’s lost…” [Holy moley, she’s married!]
Finale: Hotel room: Ryan drinks. Alone.
Airport: Once again, Ryan passes through the airport. Checks in. Calls Alex, gets her in a car in a parking structure. Alex says her family is her real life. “I thought I was a part of your real life…” She thought their relationship was perfectly clear, that he was an escape. She asks him what he wants… he can’t tell her… “You don’t know what you want…. I’m a grownup. If you would like to see me again, then give me a call.”
Airplane: Up in the air, Ryan finally hits ten million miles. Sam Elliott, chief pilot, sits with him. Says he’s the youngest ever to hit 10 million. Gives him the card. “We really appreciate your loyalty.” “So where are you from?” Ryan gestures to the plane: “I’m from here…”
Omaha office: He calls American and wants to transfer his miles to his sister. He wants them to be able to go around the world. It’s a million miles. Boss comes in… the woman in Wichita jumped off a bridge. Ryan asks about Natalie. She quit… with a text message. They are sending the people back in the air. “We’re going to let you sail and sail.”
Natalie has a job interview. The guy wonders why she moved to Omaha. “I followed a boy.” She got a hell of a rec letter from Ryan. The guy gives her a job.
Ryan’s little apartment. Empty.
Montage: Fired people talking about their families. Their purpose. Money doesn’t do it for them. Their kids are their purpose, their family.
Final Image: Ryan walks up to an airport flight board… sees all the destinations. Tells us in V.O. how most people will see their families at night… and they’ll look up and see the stars, “and one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip, passing over.”
[Ryan had a shot at happiness, and character change… but he lost that chance. So, he’s still up there, in the air.]
“Up in the Air” concludes our 2009 Oscar nominated Beat Sheet Breakdowns. While we will continue to update our collection of Save the Cat! Beat Sheets, we’d like to hear from you. What articles, information do you want to see at the Save the Cat! site? Let us know! Meow!
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2019.12.11 06:38 valkyria_knight881 A Look Into Sony/Columbia Pictures: The Quest for the Next Spider-Man

A Look Into Sony/Columbia Pictures 2020

In this post, I will focus on Sony Pictures, the studio that stands in Disney’s way from completely owning every single Marvel character. Besides Spider-Man, the studio is most well known for Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Hancock, and Skyfall. Most recently, Sony/Columbia has been well known for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Venom, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and the movie that finally gave Spider-Man a billion dollar film and is now Sony’s highest grossing film worldwide, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The Current Era of Sony/Columbia Pictures

In my previous analysis on Sony/Columbia Pictures (, I had different eras that Sony went through. For the past few years since 2017, I believe that Sony has been attempting to make a comeback, with varying levels of success. Some people may say that Sony is in a terrible position now, but people forget it was a lot worse back in 2015 and 2016, when Sony struggled to hit $1B domestically. I’d say Sony is in the Comeback Era, starting with 2017 with the success of Baby Driver ($227M worldwide, my favorite movie of the year), Spider-Man: Homecoming ($880M worldwide), and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ($963M worldwide, it was so close to $1B), though this success only came in the second half of the year as Sony’s first half of 2017 was a disaster. Sony before 2017 focused on star power to carry a film and having people like Adam Sandler and Will Smith back in the 2000s really benefited them. With new management and their film not doing so great, Sony realized that they needed franchises besides Spider-Man to prosper. In 2017, they got Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, but it is unknown whether Jumanji: The Next Level can replicate Welcome to the Jungle’s success. In 2018, they got Venom, but it is unknown whether Morbius or Venom 2 can replicate Venom’s success. Now, Sony is on a quest to find the next Spider-Man for the studio (or at least something close to it). Before we get into how well Sony is doing this year, let’s see how well Sony was doing last year.


Proud Mary - The film made $22M on a budget of $30M, which makes the film a box office bomb. This isn’t something for Sony to be proud of, especially as something to start the year with.
Peter Rabbit - The film people wrote off and believed to be ruining the Peter Rabbit classic turned out to be an okay film. Fortunately for the film, Peter Rabbit made $351M on a budget of $50M, giving Sony another franchise to work with.
Paul, Apostle of Christ - This Christian film did very well with its $5M budget, making $23M. The Christian community will almost always see Christian films in droves, so as long as the budget is low for each film, those films should be able to be a success for the studio. Sony makes at least one of these films each year, and that’s something that won’t stop anytime soon.
Superfly - After releasing one film in each month (Proud Mary in January, Peter Rabbit in February, and Paul, Apostle of Christ in March), Sony went dead silent in April and May. After a hiatus, Sony releases Superfly on June. The film bombed, making $21M on a budget of $29M.
Sicario: Day of the Soldado - After some disagreements between Lionsgate, Sicario’s original distributor, and Black Label Media, Sicario 2 moved to Sony. The film was a modest success, making $76M on a budget of $35M. A third film is expected to happen, but it’s unknown whether Lionsgate, Sony, or some other studio will distribute the film.
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - Despite having even less of a reason to exist compared to the second film, Hotel Transylvania is the franchise that keeps making slightly more money with each franchise. The film made $529M on a budget of $80M, more than Hotel Transylvania’s $358M and Hotel Transylvania 2’s $475M. Hotel Transylvania 3 would become the highest grossing film for Sony Pictures Animation.
The Equalizer 2 - Alongside Hotel Transylvania 3, this was Sony’s other big film of the summer. The film made $190M on a budget of $79M, compared to the first film making $192M on a budget of $73M. The first Equalizer did slightly better but the second film’s performance isn’t too bad.
Slender Man - The film that should’ve came out back in 2011 or 2012 (Even as late as 2014 wouldn’t be too bad), Slender Man just had to be a film that came out last year. As for something downright irrelevant in 2018, the film was a success, making $52M on a budget of $10M. A nice win for Sony, but if the film was made earlier in the decade, the film would’ve had a better shot at $100M worldwide.
Alpha - It’s a film about a boy and his dog, but in prehistoric times. Alpha made $100M on a budget of $51M, just slightly below the break-even point. Not bad, but nothing good.
Searching - The first mainstream Hollywood thriller to be headlined by an Asian American actor and one of the few good movies to have its entire focus on a computer, Searching was impressive and my favorite movie of the year. Searching made $76M on a budget of $900K, making the film a success for Sony. I hope Aneesh Chaganty, the director of the film, can go on to have a successful career and prove that young directors can make something successful in Hollywood (he was 27 when this film came out. That’s young for Hollywood standards).
White Boy Rick - The film made $26M on a budget of $29M, making the film a box office bomb. This film may have lost money, but by then, Sony turned their attention away from White Boy Rick to their next film.
Venom - The film many people hated because Spider-Man wasn’t there. Turns out many people thought the film was just okay, but the film was a major hit for Sony. The film made $856M on a budget of $100M, a number many people weren’t expecting for it to make, similar to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’s shocking $960M. Venom is proof that Sony can still make Spider-Man films and be a success. Financially, though.
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween - Because the first film was such a success (making $158M on a budget of $58M), Sony went ahead with a sequel. The original title for this film was going to be Goosebumps: Horrorland, but they went with a Halloween theme (I think having the film take place in an amusement park would’ve been so much better). Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween would go on to make $93M on a budget of $35M. Not bad, but definitely a step down from the original film’s performance.
The Front Runner - This film screamed Oscar bait, but it didn’t have the critical success needed. It didn’t do amazing financially either, making only $3.2M. The film was kind of just there, but at least Jason Reitman would later work with Sony again to finally create a Ghostbusters 3.
The Girl in the Spider’s Web - The Millenium series had so much potential for Sony to bank off of. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a success for the studio (making $233M on a budget of $90M), but Sony had a hard time making the sequels that they just gave up and soft rebooted the franchise. This resulted in the film making $35M on a budget of $43M, becoming a box office bomb.
The Possession of Hannah Grace - Screen Gems is that one studio that makes bad movies for Sony (with the exception of Easy A, Searching, and maybe a few others I don’t know about) but still makes money for the most part. This is no exception. The film made $43M on a budget of $6M. That’s good for what it is.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - This film is proof that Sony knows what they are doing with Spider-Man to a certain extent. This is one of the best films of the year, and while it didn’t make as much as the other Spider-Man films (every other Spider-Man film made at least $700M+), the film made a respectable $376M on a budget of $90M. Into the Spider-Verse also won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, beating out Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Sony could’ve ended the year on a strong note with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But they just had to release one more film after Spider-Verse which turned out to be one of the worst films of the year.
Holmes & Watson - If I were Sony, I would’ve dumped this film either November 2018 or early December 2018, not on Christmas (that would just be awful). I would consider dumping the film to Netflix, but Netflix refused to take this film. The film didn’t fare so well financially, making $42M on a budget of $42M and becoming a box office bomb. Had Sony released this film a week or two before Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony could’ve ended the year on a high note.
Overall - This lineup isn’t that bad. Proud Mary, Superfly, and White Boy Rick didn’t do so well, but weren’t too harmful due to their low budget (all below $30M). The two films that hit the hardest for Sony is The Girl in the Spider’s Web and Holmes & Watson. The Girl in the Spider’s Web hurt any chances for Sony to revitalize the Millenium series for a while. They were too little too late with this adaptation. As for Holmes & Watson, it was too late for them to realize the project’s low quality, and made them lose money as a result. While Goosebumps made money, it was still a step down from its predecessor and is unlikely to be continued. In terms of all the successful parts for Sony this year, Sony was able to continue their Hotel Transylvania and Equalizer franchise with their sequels most likely guaranteed. Sony got themselves Peter Rabbit, Animated Spider-Man, and possibly Sicario as new franchises they can use. However, their biggest franchise starter was Venom, making about $856M. It was 2018’s Jumanji for Sony, and like Jumanji, will get a sequel with a shot at $1B. Last year, I said that Sony would go all out with their 2019 slate. The question now is if they actually did so or not.
*Biggest Wins: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Venom, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Biggest Disappointment: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
Biggest Loses: Superfly, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Holmes & Watson


When I did my analysis on the upcoming Sony Pictures films last year, there were originally 19 films slated for 2019. Only 14 of those 19 released that year with Overcomer and Black and Blue sneaking into the Sony lineup at the last minute. I don’t know what happened to the Rosie Project. What is known is that Greyhound, Grudge, and Wish Dragon were pushed back to 2020, while Masters of the Universe has been pushed to 2021.
Escape Room - The year started off strong with a new franchise for Sony. Escape Room made $156M on a budget of $9M. A sequel is slated for release next year.
A Dog’s Way Home - Sony’s second January film was a success as well, making $76M on a budget of $18M.
Miss Bala - It was a remake of the 2011 Mexican film of the same name. Unfortunately, the film didn’t receive the same praise the original film did. In terms of financially, the film made $15M on a budget of $15M, being a disappointment for Sony.
The Intruder - March and April were dead silent for Sony, similar to April and May for Sony last year. The film to break that silence was the Intruder, making $37M on a budget of $8M, becoming a financial success.
Brightburn - May’s other Sony low-budget film was Brightburn, which is Sony’s attempt at trying to profit off of other superheroes besides Spider-Man. The film made $33M on a budget of $12M, being a financial success, albeit not as large as other superhero films. However, this should be enough for the film to have sequels with similar budgets as Brightburn.
Men in Black: International - This film was meant to revitalize the Men in Black series after the trilogy starring Will Smith. While Men in Black: International made $254M on a budget of $110M, it is considered a box office disappointment due to not reaching the break even point and putting future Men in Black films in jeopardy for now. The only positive to come out of this is that the budget for the film was relatively low compared to the other Men in Black films, so Sony isn’t going to lose too much. Unfortunately, Sony ruined their chances to have another one of their former major franchises make a comeback similar to Jumanji.
Spider-Man: Far From Home - I think it was very obvious that Far From Home did amazing, and it really did. The film made $1.132B worldwide, the only Spider-Man film to crack $1B and becoming the highest grossing Spider-Man film and the highest grossing Sony film of all time. It goes to show that Sony and Columbia’s largest franchise is still going strong after almost two decades, but a good portion of this is because Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in the MCU.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Sony’s other July film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, made this a great month for Sony. The film made $372M on a budget of $90M, which isn’t bad though the amount of big name actors led some people to think the movie needed at least $400M to break even while some believed it already did at $250M. Regardless, this and Far From Home gave Sony a better reputation among many people.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 - With the success of 2016’s The Angry Birds Movie raking in over $350M, Sony decided to make a sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel’s performance was a huge step down from the first film, only making a measly $150M on a budget of $65M. While it has made some profit, it was a huge disappointment that makes a third Angry Birds Movie unlikely. Even though the film did financially worse, the sequel is considered to be an improvement over the first one, but that wasn’t enough to help replicate the success of the first film.
Overcomer - Sony’s annual Christian film this time is Overcomer, a film that managed to hold well throughout late August and early September, making $37M on a budget of $5M. These movies have a low budget, so this along with many Christian films are guaranteed to profit.
Zombieland 2: Double Tap - After ten years, the Zombieland franchise comes back, and does a little better. The film made $119M on a budget of $42M, which is a little more than the first Zombieland. Not bad as it made a profit (though not as much as the first one), but the increase wasn’t too large. If a Zombieland 3 does happen, Sony may have to lower the budget from this film to increase the profits. Hopefully a Zombieland 3 happens, and I don’t have to wait another 10 or more years for it.
Black and Blue - The film made $23M on a budget of $12M. It was merely a hair off from the break even point, but shouldn’t be too bad for Sony unlike their next film.
Charlie’s Angels - Move over, Men in Black: International. Sony has a new failure in town called Charlie’s Angels 2019. The film only made $56M on a budget of $55M, which is awful. Like Men in Black, Sony will most likely give the franchise a decade before trying again instead of making a sequel to this film.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - This, along with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is one of the best movies of the year, and they both came from Sony. In terms of financially, the film has currently made $44M on a budget of $25M, which isn’t great, but not awful. Though, it should be able to hit the break even point sometime in the next week or so.
Overall - Last year, I said that Sony was going all out, mostly due to the amount of franchise that Sony is using this year. Unfortunately for Sony, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Sure, Spider-Man and most likely Jumanji will do well as established franchises, but even the established Angry Birds franchise had trouble with this second film. The franchises Sony tried to revitalize this year failed. Men in Black: International and Charlie’s Angels had the potential to become the next Jumanji, especially Men in Black, but failed. Zombieland 2 was the only franchise film that isn’t Spider-Man and Jumanji to not be a disappointment. Fortunately, they did get a new franchise in the form of Escape Room but that’s about it. In terms of original properties, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a success for Sony. Everything else either was a modest success or lost a bit of money. This was a decent year for Sony at best, and okay at worst.
Biggest Wins: Escape Room, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Jumanji: The Next Level (most likely)
Biggest Disappointments: Men in Black: International, The Angry Birds Movie 2
Biggest Loss: Miss Bala, Charlie’s Angels

2019 Films That Haven’t Been Released Yet**

The only films in 2019 that have yet to come out as of this post are Jumanji: The Next Level and Little Women.
Jumanji: The Next Level - It’s a fantasy adventure comedy film directed by Jake Kasdan and is the third film in the Jumanji franchise. I’m one of the few people that predicted that the film still has a shot at $1B, but I don’t know. The film is just days away from releasing (as someone who lives in the US). So far, it’s over-performing everywhere except China. Worst case scenario for the film is $800M, which still isn’t bad and best case scenario is $1B.
Little Women - It’s a coming of age period drama film directed by Greta Gerwig and is based on the book of the same name. With strong reviews and its release on Christmas, I’d say this makes $110M domestically and $200M worldwide.


The next year is coming, and it’s time to look at what Sony has in-store for everyone next year. I’ll try to keep it short (with a basic description of each one if necessary and how well it might do). The numbers I have won’t be accurate, so take it with a grain of salt.

The Grudge

It’s a supernatural horror film directed by Nicolas Pesce and is part of the Grudge franchise. As a January horror film, this can be successful. My only concern is that the film will also go against other horror films that month like Underwater, Gretel & Hansel, and The Turning. Even then, I think it should still make $70M domestically and $150M worldwide as it’s the first of the January horror films slated for release. It also being part of a franchise should help as well.

Bad Boys for Life

It’s a buddy cop action comedy film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and is the third and final Bad Boys film. I think this film will do well not for the nostalgia of the first two movies, but it looks like a fun action movie with little competition in January. I see this making $150M domestically and $320M worldwide, becoming the highest grossing Bad Boys film.

Fantasy Island

It’s a fantasy supernatural horror film directed by Jeff Wadlow and is based on the television series of the same name. Unlike the television series, this is going for a horror approach, which is a neat twist on the series. I’d say this makes $70M domestically and $160M worldwide.


It’s a superhero film directed by David S. F. Wilson and is a superhero Sony is trying to bank on that isn’t involved with Spider-Man. I could see this doing decently well and starting a new franchise for Sony, even if it isn’t as big as the other Sony superhero films like Spider-Man and Venom. I’d say this makes $170M domestically and $400M worldwide.


It’s a drama film directed by Paul Weitz and stars Kevin Hart. Not much is known besides that. I’d say this film could be similar to The Upside, and that film was able to cross the $100M mark in the US and made $108M. I’d say this makes $100M domestically and $120M worldwide.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

It’s a comedy film directed by Will Gluck and is the sequel to 2018’s Peter Rabbit. Since the first one was such a success, I think there will be a slight increase with this film. I’d say this makes $140M domesticallhy and $370M worldwide.


It’s a Christian film. That’s all I know about it. Based on the other Christian films released by Sony like Overcomer, I could see this doing about as well as that film. I’d say this makes $40M.

Wish Dragon

It’s a computer animated comedy film directed by Chris Appelhans and was supposed to come out in 2019 before being pushed to this year to an unknown date. With a lack of details, I’ll stick with my prediction last year of the film making $80M domestically and $200M worldwide.


It’s a war film directed by Aaron Schneider and stars Tom Hanks. It was supposed to come out in 2019 before being pushed to 2020. I think this should be a success as most war films do well as long as the budget isn’t too high, in which the budget for this film is $50M. I’d say this makes $70M domestically and $120M worldwide, which isn’t too bad.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

It’s a fantasy comedy film directed by Jason Reitman and is the third film in the Ghostbusters franchise. Based on the recently released trailer, I think this should perform better than 2016’s Ghostbusters, especially with a lower budget. I’d say this makes $140M domestically and $300M worldwide.


It’s a superhero film directed by Daniel Espinosa and is the second film in Sony’s Marvel Universe after Venom. The film stars Jared Leto as the titular character. With the success of Venom, I could see this film doing fine, albeit not as successful as Venom. As long as it’s a fun and good movie similar to Venom, it should rake in the money. I’d say this makes $180M domestically and $500M worldwide.

Monster Hunter

It’s a fantasy action thriller directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and is based on the video game series of the same name. This is also the same person that also brought the Resident Evil franchise to the big screen, which wasn’t well received but still made a boatload of cash. With this film, I think it will be similar to how well Resident Evil: The Final Chapter did. Not too great in the US, but kills it overseas. I’d say this makes $70M domestically and $200M worldwide.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

It’s a computer animated film from Sony Pictures Animation. Not much is known about the film besides the plot of a family going against machines. I don’t know, this could make $70M domestically and $180M worldwide.

Venom 2

It’s a superhero film directed by Andy Serkis and is the sequel to Venom. The first one was a massive success, more than what anyone can imagine. However, what held the first film back the most was the quality as it wasn’t the best. If Venom 2 is like the first one in terms of quality, I’d expect this film to make as low as $180M domestically and $600M worldwide. However, if the film manages to be an improvement over its predecessor and be fun like the first one, I could see this making $230M domestically and $1.12B worldwide, possibly becoming the second highest grossing Sony film behind Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, if the film receives the R rating like what’s being considered, it might still have a shot at $1B (with Joker being able to pull it off), but probably won’t pass the $1.1B threshold.

Happiest Season

It’s a romantic comedy film about a woman who wants to propose to another woman, but realizes that the other woman hasn’t come out of the closet to her parents. I think this should do fine with a low budget and would be similar to Love, Simon. I’d say this makes $50M domestically and $80M worldwide.

Escape Room 2

It’s a psychological horror film directed by Adam Robitel and is the sequel to the first Escape Room. I could see an increase from the first film as that was a success. I’d say this makes $80M domestically and $200M worldwide.


It’s an adventure film directed by Travis Knight and is based on the video game series of the same name. The film stars Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. With a Christmas release date, it seems like Sony is trying to position this film to be the next Jumanji with a similar genre. I think this should do well, but not as well as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I’d say this makes $150M domestically and $500M worldwide, which is great for a video game movie and for establishing a new franchise.
Thoughts on 2020 Slate: While not as strong as 2019’s slate, this is still a very good lineup. Some of Sony’s franchises are making a return here like the Grudge, Bad Boys, and the anticipated Ghostbusters sequel. Sony is capitalizing on the success of Peter Rabbit with a sequel. After the success of Venom, the Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters will expand with the release of Morbius and Venom 2. Escape Room seems to have a future after its success this year. New franchises are being created for Sony like Bloodshot, Fantasy Island, Monster Hunter, and Uncharted.
The Future - A Cinderella musical film is being made starring Camilla Cabello as the title character. Masters of the Universe is supposedly getting a film. An animated musical film called Vivo is happening. The guaranteed hits for 2021 would be Spider-Man 3 and Hotel Transylvania 4 (with a winter release date, this will probably focus on Christmas for the Drac Pack). Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is getting a sequel in 2022. We might get one more Jumanji film with the core characters. A Zombieland 3 might happen soon. Bloodshot might receive a trilogy if it’s a success. Morbius might also get a sequel if it’s a success. These are all just maybes though.

Will Sony be able to find the next Spider-Man?

I don’t think Sony will find the next Spider-Man. I don’t think they ever will, but they’ve already found some strong franchises in the form of Jumanji and Venom. Bloodshot, Morbius, Uncharted, and maybe Masters of the Universe could be very successful, but I don’t think it will be as strong as Spider-Man. And because of that, don’t expect Sony to give up Spider-Man for the next decade or so. The short term answer is Jumanji and Venom came close, but will never come close to the Spider-Man franchise. In the long term answer, it’s still a no. But as long as Sony has something like Jumanji and Venom alongside Spider-Man in the future, they should be fine.
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2019.12.06 14:49 WrAIter [WP] A comedy about a professional sports player who gets caught in the middle of every scandal possible, but ends up completely innocent

A comedy about a professional sports player who gets caught in the middle of every scandal possible, but ends up completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Directed by: Paul Dano Written by: Peter Bogdanovich Starring: Jason Schwartzman as the professional sports player David Stern as the commissioner (with a twist) and Jason Sudeikis as the star (as his friend who he doesn't want to think about)
The Adventures of Sharkboy will be directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Daniel Handler. In the film, a professional surfing champion's life is turned upside down after he falls into a mysterious coma and is subsequently possessed by a mysterious creature. The film, which will explore the relationships between the shark and its animal friends, was written by Rob Zombie and based on the book Sharkboy: The Legend of Jason the Shark and His Long-Lost Friends by Brian Grazer. The script was described as a love letter to the character of Sharkboy; where "the true love of Jason's life is the great white shark," Zemeckis and Handler will explore him via long-forgotten footage from the 1970's. Additionally, the story will be a "classic case of the shark and its friend," where Jonah is forced to confront some familiar characters. The film will be filmed over two years at the Shark Tank.
Directed by: Noah Baumbach
Based on: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Directed by: Jason Reitman
Written by: Paul Haggis and David Letterman
Set in 1960, this film is a musical about a New York City school teacher who decides to make a change in the world of one of his students, who has a serious heart condition. Set against a backdrop of an interracial couple, a man (Milo Ventimiglia) who struggles with his love and a mother struggling with her grief, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty centers on the love and pain of children as they struggle to survive in a world that's run on drugs and violence and lies. With the help of his best friend, he struggles with the decision for he and his friend are about to meet their father, who is not who he seemed. And it's not that they are different, but both they are different, but they both are the same.
David Z. Miller (The Last Exorcism) is directing. In the film, the father (Z.M.) wants nothing more than to get back to his job. He's not a hard worker and is not in the least interested in being a father, but he is a decent person. He believes in his kids and wants exactly what his kid wants: to be loved. However, the father finds himself in the middle of a nightmare. He's being stalked by a violent demonic creature and there is nowhere that he can turn to escape it or save his daughter. The actor who is playing the father is a fantastic fit, as is the voice of the demon himself. The horror of the story will be a good fit for the director, as well as the actor and the script. It's a unique story that will leave you wondering "what would it take to get me to believe that?"
Directed by: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg
Based on: Get Out
Directed by: Alex Witt (Maniac)
Written by: Paul D. Auster
Set in the world of '99, the story centers on a group of friends who all have to deal with growing up before the age of twenty. They're all struggling with issues of identity, dating, friendships and friendship. The film will follow the kids as they make friends, develop relationships, begin to understand their parents and ultimately form their own sense of self, the only one that matters in this world of ours. Paul D. Auster will executive produce along with his writing partner Alex Witt and they will produce the film as well.
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Based on: The Purge
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Based on: The Purge
Directed By: Sam Raimi
Based on: The Purge
Directed By: Sam Raimi
Written by: Dan Trachtenberg and Michael Schur
From director Dan Trachtenberg and screenwriter Michael Schur, comes a fresh spin on a classic horror-comedy trope. Following two strangers – Jake and Alex – on a bizarre road trip, the characters embark on a violent, unpredictable journey into a mysterious world. In The Purge, Raimi and Schur introduce the most brutal and terrifying version of the classic slasher film while at the same time giving them a deeper meaning and a darkly twisted twist. This is the film that's going to make this film become a movie, and is going to bring that slasher movie back to life and make it look as cool as it
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    1. ‘Matrix 4’ Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski (120555 points, 10131 comments)
    2. Netflix's Upcoming 'Black Mirror' Film Will be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With 5+ Hours of Footage (83702 points, 2185 comments)
    3. Ryan Reynolds’ 'Free Guy' Receives July 3, 2020 Release Date - About a bank teller stuck in his routine that discovers he’s an NPC character in brutal open world game. (81434 points, 1895 comments)
    4. Channing Tatum Joins the Cast of Ryan Reynolds’ Action-Comedy ‘Free Guy’ - About a bank teller stuck in his routine that discovers he’s an NPC character in brutal open world game. (76849 points, 1354 comments)
    5. Lord of the Ring's 'Battle of Helm's Deep' battle scene took over 3 and a half months of night shoots to finish. Computer software was created specifically for the scene due to the massive crowds needed. Clocking in at 39 minutes long with a full narrative arc, it is almost a movie within a movie. (69926 points, 3957 comments)
    6. Documentary 'Only Don't Tell Anyone' has sparked outrage against the Catholic Church in Poland after being viewed by 18 million people. Secret camera footage of victims confronting priests about their alleged abuse will now result in 30-year jail terms after confessions were caught on tape. (66385 points, 2438 comments)
    7. First Poster for Horror-Western 'The Pale Door' - Follows a gang of cowboys who seek shelter in a ghost town after a disastrous train robbery. They soon discover that the town is home to a coven of witches and blood-thirsty wolves. (64935 points, 1857 comments)
    8. Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski Teaming Up for Fantasy-Comedy 'Imaginary Friends' - A man who can see and talk to people’s imaginary friends, befriending those that have been forgotten or discarded. Some imaginary friends turn to the dark side and they must save the world from those that become evil. (64629 points, 1999 comments)
    9. Dave Bautista to Star in Action-Thriller ‘Killer’s Game’ - About a veteran hitman informed that he has months to live, so he puts out an open contract on himself, only to discover that the lab made a mistake and he’s in perfect health — forcing him to battle an army of assassins out to kill him. (62871 points, 2499 comments)
    10. Warner Bros Has Begun Developing Sequel to Sci-Fi Hit ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ (62757 points, 2811 comments)
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    3. Danny DeVito Joins Dwayne Johnson in ‘Jumanji’ Sequel (59298 points, 1297 comments)
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    5. Dave Bautista Joins ‘Dune’ Reboot (54518 points, 2816 comments)
    6. First poster for ‘Shazam’ (45417 points, 2677 comments)
    7. Andy Serkis Closes Deal to Direct 'Venom 2' (44179 points, 2052 comments)
    8. Oreo the Raccoon, Model for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Character Rocket, Dies at 10 (43971 points, 844 comments)
    9. New poster for ‘Pet Semetary’ (43358 points, 2190 comments)
    10. Mr. Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks officially titled “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” (41170 points, 818 comments)
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    3. POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #2 (49549 points, 5105 comments)
    4. New Poster for Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ (49364 points, 2393 comments)
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    6. Toy Story 4 Official Trailer (39376 points, 4028 comments)
    7. New Poster for CaptainMarvel (37860 points, 2714 comments)
    8. The Lighthouse Official Trailer HD A24 (37250 points, 2767 comments)
    9. ‘IT Chapter 2’ Wraps Filming; Bill Hader Says Sequel Is Surprisingly Emotional (31939 points, 1322 comments)
    10. IT CHAPTER TWO - Official Trailer [HD] (30594 points, 3083 comments)
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    2. Ivan Drago and his son in ‘Creed II’ (56194 points, 2448 comments)
    3. Star Wars Episode IX – Teaser (53578 points, 14524 comments)
    4. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer (38660 points, 7183 comments)
    5. MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL - Official Trailer (33625 points, 5442 comments)
    6. The Lion King Official Trailer (32334 points, 5659 comments)
    7. Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2 (31905 points, 4346 comments)
    8. The King's Man Official Teaser Trailer [HD] 20th Century FOX (26005 points, 1861 comments)
    9. Dolittle - Official Trailer (10132 points, 2346 comments)
    10. Jordan Peele's 'Us' Trailer [A new nightmare. Welcome to monkeypawproductions.] (5023 points, 402 comments)
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    1. ‘Solo’ Score Disqualified From the Oscars Because Someone Forgot to Submit It (57717 points, 2306 comments)
    2. ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Sweeps With Seven Wins at Annie Awards (41676 points, 1183 comments)
    3. MoviePass Changed Some Users’ Passwords on Purpose So They Couldn’t Use the Service (41136 points, 1501 comments)
    4. Paul Rudd Joins Jason Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ (38202 points, 2735 comments)
    5. Bruce Willis film 'Air Strike' canceled after co-star Fan Bingbing disappears (34575 points, 2882 comments)
    6. Detective Pikachu (2019) Official Chinese Poster (24132 points, 1402 comments)
    7. Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek and Ryan Reynolds will reprise their roles as, the hitman, his wife and the bodyguard, respectively, in 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Sequel (20069 points, 643 comments)
    8. 2019 Oscars: Nominations List (19010 points, 10206 comments)
    9. Dick Van Dyke Paid Walt Disney $4,000 For 'Mary Poppins' Banker Role (14017 points, 484 comments)
    10. Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Official Poster (12086 points, 578 comments)
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    1. New Look at Naomi Scott's Princess Jasmine in Disney's 'Aladdin' Remake (59517 points, 5309 comments)
    2. Ryan Reynolds shares behind the scenes image of him doing motion capture for 'Detective Pìkachu' (51331 points, 1350 comments)
    3. ‘Child’s Play’: Mark Hamill Will Be The Voice Of Chucky In Killer Remake (45488 points, 1541 comments)
    4. First photo of Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista in the action-comedy Stuber (33320 points, 1073 comments)
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    6. 'Glass' Will Feature Previously Unseen Footage From 'Unbreakable' (27364 points, 781 comments)
    7. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Has Officially Wrapped Its Production (23913 points, 1511 comments)
    8. Disney Assumes Full Control of Hulu in Deal With Comcast (20900 points, 2032 comments)
    9. Godzilla: King of the Monsters Poster (20179 points, 767 comments)
    10. New image of Taron Egerton as Elton John in the musical fantasy 'Rocketman' (13444 points, 645 comments)
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    2. First Official Image from "Bad Boys for Life" (50245 points, 2449 comments)
    3. 'Free Guy' Official Poster (Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi) (47192 points, 1479 comments)
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    6. First Official Image from "Rambo V: Last Blood" (29630 points, 1792 comments)
    7. 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Official Poster (27696 points, 3225 comments)
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    9. First Official Images from Pixar's 'Onward' (Chris Pratt, Tom Holland) (15398 points, 1028 comments)
    10. "Hobbs & Shaw" Official Poster (10088 points, 1067 comments)
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    2. Rutger Hauer Dead: ‘Blade Runner’ Co-Star Was 75 (57284 points, 2869 comments)
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    9. Legendary’s ‘Dune’ Film Adds David Dastmalchian (14308 points, 1017 comments)
    10. 'Jojo Rabbit' Wins Audience Award at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival (9002 points, 498 comments)
  9. 302527 points, 10 submissions: Bennett1984
    1. Lucasfilm confirms the Boba Fett Star Wars movie is 100% dead (58279 points, 4645 comments)
    2. Gal Gadot to voice Wonder Woman in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (49790 points, 1249 comments)
    3. Jake Gyllenhaal officially confirms Mysterio role in Spider-Man: Far From Home (48918 points, 1950 comments)
    4. Doctor Strange screenwriter C. Robert Cargill returning for sequel (38581 points, 1601 comments)
    5. The LEGO Batman Movie sequel in development (22521 points, 534 comments)
    6. Kevin Smith announces start of production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, confirms return of Jason Lee's Brodie Bruce (21634 points, 1335 comments)
    7. Godzilla: King of the Monsters director announces that the movie is complete (18856 points, 652 comments)
    8. Oldboy - Official 4K Restoration Re-Release Trailer (17514 points, 1156 comments)
    9. Ernie Hudson confirms Winston Zeddemore return in Ghostbusters 2020 (17080 points, 836 comments)
    10. Jason Momoa's Aquaman joins The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (9354 points, 438 comments)
  10. 289967 points, 4 submissions: GovSchwarzenegger
    1. Finally filming Kung Fury 2 (92594 points, 1296 comments)
    2. An original storyboard from The Terminator by Jim Cameron (67512 points, 1050 comments)
    3. We’re back. Here’s your Terminator: Dark Fate trailer that doesn’t give the movie away. (67196 points, 7098 comments)
    4. My character poster for Terminator: Dark Fate (62665 points, 2035 comments)

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  3. ‘Matrix 4’ Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski by BunyipPouch (120555 points, 10131 comments)
  4. The World Unites on One Thing: No One Wants a Princess Bride Remake by fsckeith (116118 points, 3452 comments)
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  7. 27557 points: hungergamesofthronez's comment in Disney live-action 'Little Mermaid' has cast singer Halle Bailey as Ariel
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2019.09.15 21:53 cntry82txn Ghostbusters 2020 The Return of Gozer?

Potential spoilers ahead obviously...
At this point we can safely say that Summerville, Oklahoma is home, in a big way, to the Cult of Gozer. A couple of things I've been wrestling with are what Jason Reitman has said the film is about. The whole "little girl with a proton pack" thing that evolved into a family, and that the family "moves to a new home and discovers a connection to the original Ghostbusters team" ( ).
Why would a little girl need a proton pack? What is so special about the little girl's family? What prompts them to move to a Gozer worshiping town of all places? And, how does this all connect to the original Ghostbusters?
I'm not really going to claim to have any answers to any of these questions, but I want to share my thought processes and ideas I've been obsessing over. First let's go back to 1984 and the first return of Gozer. Having been banished from our dimension by the followers of Tiamat way back in the day, Gozer returned with the help of it's followers, Ivo Shandor in particular, via a ritual between the keymaster (Vinz Clortho) and the gatekeeper (Zuul) held at a temple atop a building in New York City constructed precisely for this purpose down to the nuts and bolts used. Prior to this, Gozer had been traveling the dimensions to various worlds using Vinz and Zuul to gain access and prepare the way for the Destructor.
Gozer always allows a world to choose the form of its destruction by commanding a hero of that world to choose it's form. In 1984, Ray Stanz became the Selector when he inadvertently chose the Stay Puft Marshmallow man as the form for Gozer in the Ghostbuster's dimension. Ray was also possessed by Vigo the Carpathian during the events of Ghostbusters II.
Egon and Ray were definitely the most knowledgeable about the Cult of Gozer and presumably continued their research into the cult and the realities of interdimensional god-like beings after the events of the first two movies. What if they discovered that the Cult of Gozer not only still existed, but was actively planning another attempt to bring about the return of Gozer again? How did all of the ghostbusting gear wind up in Summerville, OK? I think Ray and Egon took it there and set up shop for an investigation that went bad.
"Ray has gone bye bye Egon." When Ray became the Selector, he very possibly became a key component to bringing about Gozer's return. It's possible the whole team did in some way, but especially Ray. I do think it is Ray living in the old spooky farmhouse with the barn and the wacko signs out front, and I think Ray may be a little nutty from being the Selector, and having lost Egon, however that happened.
If the family is related to Egon, as we are led to believe, his former residence and disappearance from Summerville might be the drivers that get them to move there. What could be the driver for the little girl needing a proton pack? Imagine a god-like being wanting to use the little girl in some way to return to Earth, what could be more badass than empowering that little girl with a proton pack and showing Gozer how we do things downtown? Maybe she's related to Egon, maybe she's a descendant of Shandor, maybe both. Still wrestling with that one.
The Cult of Gozer has been mining and doing industrialized type things in Summerville for a long time. I think we may see some elements of Ghostbusters the Video Game incorporated into this story. The Cult of Gozer has had a long time to set up a bunch of stuff underground and around the city. Industrial ectoplasm operation maybe? Where did all of the slime in NYC come from originally anyway? It was obviously all key to Gozer's return in the first place.
Lastly, "Rust City?" I think it may be literal and not just figurative. I think we will see a (possibly underground) city created by the Cult of Gozer and rusted after many years of neglect. There's been rumors of an Indiana Jones vibe to this movie. I expect more Gozer lore and a lot of history into the Cult of Gozer's early 20th century activities.
One thing this all leaves the door open for and I hope is an element in the film: Ray and Egon left a successful Ghostbusting business in the hands of Peter and Winston to go and investigate the Cult of Gozer. That would also explain why they took old equipment with them and kept it in Summerville for all these years.
Edit: What if Ray and Egon owned the old farmhouse together, Ray goes missing years after Egon's disappearance/death, and the next of kin that inherits the house is Egon's family? The kids find the old Ghostbusting equipment, some of Ray and Egon's research, start investigating, get in trouble, and reach out the other Ghostbusters for help?
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2019.07.02 10:44 universemessages Shopping in Canada and a list of stores I have experienced

I have always been bigger. I was 5'4" at age 10 and have been since. I wore a 36C bra at age 11. I was a mutant as a kid (I'm now 25), and because of this I had to put in a lot of effort finding clothes that fit. Once I found clothes that did fit, they never matched my style (I was emo lol). All plus size stores at the time held old lady clothes and old lady clothes only. Throughout the years, I have searched high and low for clothes that not only match my style, fit me, but also flatter my shape. I just want to dump a list here in case any other Canadian babes need recommendations, or if you wanna add to my list!
Additionelle and Penningtons are a lot better now in terms of style, but I get bored of a lot of their stuff. It's pricey. I've also worked at a Penningtons in the past and their company (Reitmans) is a nightmare - they basically exploit plus size people and their employees. I was only allowed to wear the store's clothes while working and I had to buy the clothes myself while working part time minimum wage for them. Total crap.
I get my jeans from A+P and I used to wear no other pants. Then one day I walked into a Superstore and found that they had leggings in bigger sizes. Low and behold, their XL and XXL fit me (I am a size 22/24). I wore these leggings for a long time, but then they changed and started using different fabric. It wasn't as opaque so I had to search for other leggings.
I then found Walmart leggings. Amazing, comfortable, opaque, and huge sizes. I even love going up to their 5x to have big, baggy pants for when I'm being lazy around the house. The only problem with these are that they rip easily and I find washing them throughout time has caused holes. Either way, I still have several pairs that I still wear and they are the only leggings I wear at this point in time.
Old Navy is also great but my city's store does not carry plus sizes. Their biggest regular size in some sweat pants still fit me which is nice. Their tank tops though! I have lots in their biggest regular size as well. I have one pair of jeans shorts in plus size I ordered online but they are way too big on me for some reason??? Never bothered to return.
Suzy Shier has some great plus size stuff and good sales. Only thing I don't like about their blouses is they fit tight at the bottom.
A recent store that I absolutely love is Maurice's. Although their stuff is more country girl/boho/colourful, they have REALLY nice jeans and super comfy sweaters and cardigans during the Fall and Winter season.
Here's a couple places I have ordered from online that have worked VERY WELL. I always make sure to measure myself and check the sizing before I order.
If you are ever in Saskatchewan, I recommend Bodacious Bustlines. I wish they did online shopping but they are a locally owned lingerie store here with two locations. They do custom lingerie but their store carries bra sizes 28 - 54 and cups AA to N. They are AMAZING and I own four bras from them. This isn't an ad, I swear! I just really love them and hope they keep getting enough business to stay open. I feel lucky to live in the same area as their stores.
So since Sask is so desolate, and we basically have nothing, my eyes and ears are open.
I'll be going to Edmonton at the end of August to shop for wedding stuff. If I don't have a dress by then I'll definitely want to look while I'm there. I want to get really good shape wear, possibly a corset. My feet are also wide and I want good shoes.
I'd love to know your recommendations. My closet is currently filled with shirts from concerts my fiance has taken me to since we started dating. Literally filled. I have no nice, normal shirts. I want some more modest ones, but I also like to dress slutty sometimes. I have kind of an aging emo kid style, I hate describing it like that, but I do.
If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading!!
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2019.03.29 01:09 i_amtheice Mallory Stark Becomes An Anodyne: Another Story from the Maya

Hi. It’s me, your narrator. I’ve been here the whole time through Vestal Phases and Stories from the Maya but I rarely break the fourth wall.
If you’ve been following me on this journey, it’s great to have you. I know I’m throwing a lot of info at you all at once. This story came to me in 2012 and it won’t stop. I’m having a hell of a time keeping up. Vestal Phases is Lawrence Padd’s story, and I’ve taken to removing anything that doesn’t have to do with his own personal journey. That’s where a vast majority of Stories from the Maya comes from.
There’s some stories that are just fluff (Treasure Quest, Batman Blues) and some that are background exposition for Vestal Phases (Make It Wit Chu, A Walk with Beasts of Legend, Tiebreaker, Cat Fight) and some that are glimpses into ancillary characters’ relationships (Time of the Season, Julie Layne and Cali Quinn Hang Out, Puddle Party).
I don’t like to come out and explain things in an obvious way unless I absolutely have to. I’d rather throw you in and let the current of the story pull you along and hopefully you pick things up as we go.
But for this story, I’m going to tell you explicitly how an Anodyne becomes an Anodyne. These are all regular girls and women, keep in mind, who’ve won the Palace Coronation to compete with each other as Anodynes.
I’ll focus on a girl named Mallory Stark. You know her already, just not by that name. She’s been my favorite since day one.
An Anodyne’s first public performance was called her Unveiling. The Madames select potential Anodynes from audition videos submitted by thousands. It’s possible to audition countless times.
Mallory Stark got in on her very first try. All the other girls are jealous.
She walks out onstage at the Auxiliary Theater, also known as the Madame’s Theater, where the Anodyne’s selection is held. The theater is made solely from white stone and jewels.
Mallory and her fellow Anodyne hopefuls — all of them female, male Anodynes aren’t Unveiled but Endorsed by existing female Anodynes— line up on the stage.
There are decorative carvings of angels and cupids and heavenly beings and strange faces all over the stage and proscenium, all alabaster and marble and ivory and pearl. The stage is made of a smooth white marble. The only color comes from the twelve birthstones of the Anodyne’s jewels, studded above the proscenium.
The contestants are all clad in plain white cotton dresses. They look like the world’s prettiest scullery maids. They’ve already received their makeovers, looking between the ages of 18 and 25, roughly, and their faces are made up and their hair and nails done and their bodies modded out to whatever the Madames decided would look most attractive.
The Madames call their numbers. One by one, each of the contestants step out of line, strip naked and sing a song of their choosing.
“Contestant Number 3223, Mallory Stark, of Caledon, Ontario, immersed at the Hamilton Hive!”
Mallory steps out of line and slips off her white cotton dress. She has long black hair and green eyes.
She sings without waiting for any further introduction. There’s no musical accompaniment. She sings without a microphone, her arms at her sides and her chest stuck out.
Oh, I got a new life
You would hardly recognize me
I’m so glad
How could a person
like me care for you
Her voice is like frost forming on a windowpane, chillingly in tune.
The Madames sit at a long table in front of the stage. Behind them is a vast faceless audience. All eyes watch Mallory intently, every ear turned to her. Some of the Madames scribble notes with quills on coils of parchment
why do I bother
when you’re not the one for me
is enough enough?
Mallory stands there in her nakedness, stock still, exposed in the white light. She doesn’t move, she doesn’t dance, she doesn’t perform. She just sings.
I saw the sign
and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
life is demanding
without understanding
(“The Sign by Ace of Base, may their voices live on.”)
I saw the sign
and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Her voice is pretty and elastic and has some real character, but it’s not the the flexible powerhouse you know from her other appearances. Anodynes are granted vocal enhancements upon selection for Unveiling just like everyone else who sets foot in the Palace, but they don’t receive training, and they aren’t automatically perfect like Coronated Anodynes. They have to learn how to hone their given talents.
no one’s gonna drag you up
to get into the life where you belong
but where do you belong?
Mallory finishes, the last syllable of “belong…” echoing into the darkness, and the Madames and audience applaud graciously.
“That was an odd song to sing a cappella for your first impression,” says the lead Madame. “But I think you did well enough…”
“Why did you pick that song, Mallory?” asks another Madame.
“My mom used to sing that when she was a girl,” says Mallory. “I promised my dad I’d sing it tonight.”
“Is your daddy here?”
“He is,” says Mallory, pointing. The camera cuts to a shot of a burly, bearded fellow in the audience with shoulder-length black hair. He waves at Ivy and blows her a kiss.
Mallory waves back, catches the kiss and puts it on her cheek.
“Mallory, I understand you’re the youngest of seven, is that correct?”
“Yes,” says Mallory.
“What were your sister’s names?”
Ivy rattles off her sisters’ names.
“Maisie, Margot, Mackenzie, Mary, Megan and Mimi.”
“And Mallory,” says the Madame, beaming.
The crowd applauds.
If chosen to proceed past their Unveiling, as Mallory is, potential Anodynes are given their Hallelujah powers for a second presentation on the same stage. This time they are expected to up their performance, as well as give the entire unseen audience (which may number in the tens of thousands) a satisfactory Hallelujah high.
There are still no musical accompaniment. The girls have to get through the Coronation process on the merits of their naked bodies and their naked voices alone.
For her Hallelujah round, Mallory sings with yellow parachutes erupting in the air around her. They bloom all over the stage, floating to the floor as she dances around and through them on tiptoes. She’s naked, of course.
Look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and everything you do
yeah, they were all yellow
More parachutes bloom with every one that touches the stage. It’s a pleasing visual, like she’s dancing through a bunch of giant, erupting yellow flowers.
(“Yellow by Coldplay, may their voices live on”)
I came along
I wrote a song for you
And everything you do
And it was called yellow
She reaches the chorus and her eyes iris out as the emotional output of the song increases. The Hallelujah is begun. She sings full and controlled, all chest voice, not using her falsetto at all.
your skin
oh, yeah, your skin and bones
turning into something beautiful
The applause upon her completion is more enthusiastic this time. The Madames stand, all of them complementing her Hallelujah.
“Your Sugar is very clean,” says one Madame.
“Oh, yeah, us Canadians are clean as fuck,” says Mallory. The audience and the Madames laugh, because the way she says it is funnier than I can accurately portray here.
For her third performance, the girls are given their prism powers. They’re also granted complete immersion when it came to their performances. This means they’re expected to change the vista of the stage with their minds and put on a full blown show. Hallelujah is required, as well as a unique demonstration of sufficient and creative prism abilities.
For Mallory’s performance, she’s changed the stage to a green meadow at golden sunset. A picket fence runs into the distance, and trees and flowers nod in an autumn breeze.
Mallory stands with wildflowers up to her ankles and sings.
It’s happening all the time
when I open my eyes
I’m still taken by surprise
She strolls along in the waving grass, looking around her with exaggerated wonder at the beautiful scenery. Small furry forest animals gather to her. She picks up a rabbit and nuzzles it.
I hold sunlight and swallow fireflies
and it makes me want to cry
The song gains momentum, Mallory’s eyes iris out.
(“Brightly Wound by Eisley, may their voices live on,”)
I-eye l-uuuhhh-ove youuuu
She settles into the chorus like a kayak slipping into a river. Multiple Mallorys spring out of the central Mallory and dance a slow ballet around each other, harmonizing.
And I shall never grow up
make believe is much too fun
can we go far away
to the humming meadows
The audience applauds as the song shifts back into the verse, all but one of the prisms disappearing. Together, the two Mallorys sing completely different parts simultaneously.
One sings while she kneels among the mice and squirrels and bunny rabbits. She picks them up one by one, giving them each a little performance of their own as they sit there in her palms with their noses twitching adorably.
We were walking there and I had tangles in my hair
But you make me feel so pretty
You have shining eyes, just like the forest light
And it makes me want to cry
The other sings while she walks to the left along the fence and looks off into the setting sun like she’s dreaming of a lost love.
I am just wishing you were here So we could walk down to the stream And we would throw all our leaves in Seeing our dragons when we look up
After a second chorus, the performance ends and Mallory receives her most fervent response yet.
During the judgement, the Head Madame gives her a personal standing ovation.
Good girl,” she says, beaming. “Harmonizing with prisms is one thing — singing two completely different parts at the same time, while producing a Hallelujah… I don’t want to speak too soon, but I do believe we can expect great things from you, Ms. Stark.”
Mallory wipes away tears of gratitude.
The girls’ final performance as part of their Pre-Coronation is the most challenging and most dangerous task they’ll be asked to do.
Known as The Calming, for this performance the potential Anodyne has to diffuse a violent riot with only her voice. If a girl fails this portion of the competition, not only will she be out of the competition, but the rioters will be allowed to have their way with her, just as they would in heavyspace. A naked young woman in the middle of a Viking raid or a biker riot or a slave rebellion is likely to be raped repeatedly, tortured, and finally killed. Defeats are common enough to make The Calming a nerve-racking experience for anyone watching, and they’re both humiliating and horrific.
Mallory is selected to calm the riot that occurred in Detroit in 1967. She phases in through the front door of a convenience shop. Behind her are stone-faced men with shotguns. A sign that says “Soul Brother” is put up against the glass of the door.
An Anodyne’s best shot at success is to never give the rioters a chance to understand what’s going on. Get in, open your mouth, and Hallelujah the crap out of everyone. Then hold them there.
Mallory walks right into the madness, mounts a beat up cop car and begins singing, her voice wafting over all the looting and fighting. She’s surrounded by enraged black citizens fighting enraged white cops and National Guardsmen. Gunshots, fires and smoke, broken glass, broken fire hydrants, burned cars, broken buildings and broken spirits.
She stays serene. She folds her hands over her bare belly like a priest and sings.
If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky
you can hide underneath me
and come out at night
when I turn jet black
and you show off your light
i’ll live to let you shine
One by one, the rioters stop fighting. They look up at her. They all freeze, one by one, the rioters and the soldiers. They start to listen. Then, they kneel before her, one by one, with tears in their eyes.
But you can skyrocket away from me
And never come back til you find another galaxy
Far from here, with more room to fly
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by
(“Boats and Birds, by Gregory and the Hawk, may their voice live on,”)
All in all, Mallory Stark completes her Calming in record time, stopping the bedlam around her in less than a minute. It’s Palace-wide news.
For the official Coronation, the girls still in the running have to give one last performance.
In the Auxiliary Theater, Mallory stands upon the stage, this time in an emerald green corset.
There’s no stuntwork to be done in this performance. The girls don’t have to prism and they don’t have to give anyone a Hallelujah. They’re allowed basic musical accompaniment.
The point is simply for the potential Anodyne to project their memories against a screen, and sing about what makes them happy. It’s the final judgement, the final impression of who they are as a human.
A piano begins to play, slow and melancholy and pretty.
Mallory sings.
There is a house built out of stone
The screen behind her plays out scenes of her suburban adolescence.
Here she is hanging out with friends at sunset, giggling uncontrollably at 13 as she smokes her first joint under the streetlight behind a gas station…
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
…speeding along in her parents’ minivan at age 8, going to the city and feeling completely safe and secure as she sees the towers of downtown in the distance…
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
…her mother comforts her in the kitchen after a nasty spill on her bike when she was 7…
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
…here’s Mallory and her father watching Jason Reitman’s Juno together when she’s 6, a special bonding moment for young Ivy because she knows she’s not supposed to be watching an R rated movie, but her dad says there’s barely any swearing and no violent stuff so she cuddles her dad and he cuddles her…
This is a place where I feel at home
The piano picks up, transferring to a more hurried progression.
Cause I built a home
…here’s Mallory with three of her older sisters at age 12, they’re showing her how to put on make-up for her first school dance, Ivy has a date and she’s really nervous but her oldest sister whom she idolizes finishes and says, “You look gorgeous, Mal.”…
For you
…here she is camping with her father and four her sisters at 9, laughing as they roast s’mores over a bonfire next to the ocean…
For me
…her first day of school at age 5, excited as the bus comes to pick her up, her mother kisses her and she mounts the steps and waves as her parents snap pictures with their phones…
Until it disappeared
…now Mallory’s father comes and picks her up from some school function, Mallory is panicking, everyone’s panicking, it’s the day of the Veil, but he finds her and they embrace and Mallory’s father kisses her repeatedly…
From me
…Mallory watches her mother and two of her sisters pass away in their beds, much like Padd watched his father go, victims of the Waste…
From you
…only a day later her father receives their Halos and puts one over Ivy’s face, telling her, “I’ll see you in a minute”…
We see Mallory as a toddler, splashing in a small turtle pool with friends from down the road… her first kiss at the age of 12 next the pond on her parent’s land… we see Bogie, her bulldog… we see her birthdays, we see her falling asleep every night while looking at the moon out her open window and feeling that life was a very beautiful thing and that she’ll always feel this way.
(“To Build A Home, by The Cinematic Orchestra, may their voices live on”)
Mallory has finished and there isn’t a dry eye in the theater. The Madames all dab their faces with handkerchiefs and let out extravagant wails, a sign of great emotional connection, a serious compliment.
Mallory herself is in tears. She thanks the audience again and again for the opportunity.
That’s it. After Memory Projection is Silver Coronation.
Henry Warren Majors himself stands in front of Mallory on the Grand Entrance stage. The Madames and Lindy Laramie are off to the side. It’s an Autumn Equinox Ball.
Mallory is decked out in her full corset in front of Majors, hands behind her back, looking both excited and nervous. She’s wearing a silver collar with an emerald in it.
Majors holds an enormous broadsword with all twelve birthstones set into the pommel.
He reaches out and takes the emerald from Mallory’s neck. She’s naked. She kneels before Majors.
“And what name have you chosen for yourself, Anodyne?” Majors asks her in a booming voice.
“Ivy Snow, my lord,” said Mallory.
“You have demonstrated kindness, cunning, and beauty. You are cute, you are hot, you are pretty, you are beautiful. You are a true Anodyne. Mallory Stark has been left behind in the waste of heavyspace. You are born anew. By the power vested in me, henceforth, you shall be known as Ivy Snow.”
Majors raises the broadsword and lowers it gently on Mallory’s small, bare shoulder.
“Arise, Ivy Snow,” he says. ”Hold your finger to your throat, and your true form shall be shown.”
Ivy does so, and her emerald corset fades in over her body, collar and jewel and all.
It’s done.
The audience goes wild. Ivy hugs Majors and all the Madames and her fellow Coronated Anodynes, all of them in their own respective corset, smiling, tears spilling down their pretty faces, shuffling offstage as the next girls to be Coronated take their place.
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2019.02.26 05:40 Tevesh_CKP Best Movies You Saw February 2019

Previous Links of Interest:
Top Movies
August 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020
March 2020 February 2020 January 2020 Top 10 2019 December 2019
November 2019 October 2019 September 2019 August 2019 July 2019
June 2019 May 2019 April 2019 March 2019 February 2019
January 2019 Top 10 2018 December 2018 November 2018 Best of 2017
I define good movies to be 8+ or if you abhor grades, the top 20% of movies you've seen. Here are my picks:

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

The entire cast were a force of nature, from Ethan Hawke playing a screw-up, Marissa Tomei playing the jilted wife and Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the conniving brother. Carter Burwell's refrain beautifully mixes with Sidney Lumet's directing to make an anxiety-driven theme. Nothing flashy regarding the camerawork, though the skipping around in the timeline cuts are jarring. Otherwise, witness performers at the top of their game under the guise of an underrated film maestro.

Rear Window

An incredibly tight thriller that deliberately takes its time setting up geography for a story that takes place in a single location. Grace Kelly was sublime, I can easily see how she was considered a legend. The rest of the actors played their parts well which is no doubt aided through Hitchcock's direction. While not as intense as modern thrillers, Rear Window is textbook brilliance that anyone can appreciate for how well made it is.


The most accessible Kurosawa I've seen to date, Sanjuro is the sequel to Yojimbo but I find it to be vastly superior to its predecessor and doesn't require you to have seen Yojimbo. Mifune is a force to be reckoned with and Kurosawa's tidy directing lets the story unfold. Many of the characters aren't exactly who they seem to be at first, allowing you to enjoy the slow revelation.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Beautifully animated, using different styles to show the different Spider-Men that the world has moved on to acknowledge. Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales stories unfold organically without neglecting Peter Parker's. This is an origin story that does not feel stale because each Spider-Man's tale is aimed at a different audience who holds them close to heart. Into the Spider-Verse is a love letter to comics and the changing needs of their audiences.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

A bunch of A-list stars prior to their universal name recognition coaxed by director Anthony Minghella to act at their A-game. The film isn't flashy but suspenseful as to when things go for or against the titular Mr. Ripley as he executes his plans or when they go awry. I never thought Matt Damon could act so well but he nails this role and somehow doesn't get blown out by the talents of Jude Law, Cate Blanchett or Philip Seymour Hoffman. An exemplar thriller.

Young Adult

Reitman uses Charlize Theron magnificently on an introspection of lack of fulfillment. Theron plays a narcissistic ghost writer who decides to visit her hometown to wreck the marriage of her high school sweetheart. As a drama, the camerawork is workmanlike with nothing special but serves as a way to fully appreciate the acting chops of Theron, Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswald. Screenwriter Diablo Cody balances vulnerability, narcissism, contemplation and never makes us hate the protagonist on her messy journey of coming to terms with the world having moved on.
So, what are your picks for February?
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2019.02.05 20:29 jimlahey420 Thoughts/Hopes for Ghostbusters 3 (2020)

Had nowhere else to gush about the new teaser so I am turning here!
The Teaser Reaction: First off, can I just say that this teaser has me more hyped than any of the trailers or media that came out before the 2016 reboot. This teaser gives you just enough to show they are being faithful to the source material. It has a very "Ghostbusters" feel to it, and that isn't just because they're playing one of the original's classic tracks over it. The slime/ectoplasm dripping from the fence, the low sweeping shot up to the barn... even just the camera work feels a bit nostalgic.
Ghostbusters 2020 or Ghostbusters 3? There seems to be many conflicting talking points about whether this is a true sequel or just another reboot/reimagining. Everything I've read indicates this is a direct sequel to the universe and stories told in the classic two movies. However, Jason Reitman has said that the "events in the 80's happened in the 80's" and that it does take place in the same universe. So, what I take that to mean is that this movie will take place in MODERN times (i.e. the date of the release of the movie is going to be intended to also be the date in which the majority of the movie lives in as well). This means that when the movie releases next summer, it will have been 31 years since the guys rescued Dana's baby from Vigo the Carpathian (a.k.a. The Scourge of Carpathia, The Sorrow of Moldavia, Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, Vigo the Unholy) in the events of Ghostbusters II in 1989. This allows for a storyline that both respects the source material by residing in the same universe and using established lore, and for creative license because more than 30 years have passed. This will marry together the long standing belief of fans that we needed a 3rd movie to round out the original universe and characters, with the feeling from the studios and penny-pinchers that they need this to eventually become a "Cinematic Universe" to justify new movies. Now that so much time has gone by, this will allow for new characters to fill in for the actors who are no longer alive or willing to reprise their rolls.
Speculation/Hopes I am going to assume that they aren't going to do anything that will anger purists or hardcore fans. And by that I mean I don't think we will be seeing any large chunks of past screenplay's we've seen over the years show up in this movie, nor do I think they will do anything to try to artificially insert characters who are no longer with us or unwilling to reprise their rolls (i.e. I don't think we will see a CG Egon or a CG Louis Tully if Rick Moranis isn't willing to work with them, etc). I believe that they will directly address the death of Harold Ramis/Egon in the movie, although I don't plan on them dwelling on it for too long. I also don't think they will be using past plot points to move this movie forward (I doubt we will see a PeteDana romance at all, and I don't think the plot will be revolving around Gozer, although I personally wouldn't be against a "Return of Gozer" sort of storyline, or at least if Gozer was somehow involved in setting up a new "big bad")
Plot Predictions/Options Using the teaser as a jumping off point, I believe that scene could easily have been taken right from the movie if they wanted to.
A) The movie starts with it showing a couple of the original Ghostbusters that have moved on from Ghostbusting (similar to the start of Ghostbusters 2 where Ray and WInston are doing Birthday parties) because after they took care of Vigo, there just weren't too many paranormal events anymore as they sealed the breach made by Gozer in GB1 and handled Vigo/river of slime in GB2. Then one of them gets a call on their cell and their smile fades. Cut to Egon's funeral. We get to then see all 3 of the surviving Ghostbusters together, and possibly some other cameos of characters that won't be a major part of this movie, saying goodbye to their friend. Ray says he is going to go to Egon's old lab and house to help clean up/whatever. Winston offers to go with him. Peter nopes out (assuming Bill Murray doesn't want to do anything more than a cameo again).
Then the main plot starts. Perhaps there are some strange circumstances to Egon's death. Perhaps he had retired to an old farm in upstate NY and was working on something...paranormal? Or realized something was going to happen and he got too close to discovering it and that's what killed him.
Ray and Winston then start looking into his death. They visit Egon's old lab (somewhere he was before moving to upstate NY) and find some evidence of...something. Perhaps an imminent threat that points them towards the farm in upstate NY he moved to as the next step in discovering what Egon was researching/worried about. Winston and Ray arrive at the farm, and go into the main house perhaps to talk to a relative or someone. Then the scene from the trailer starts to play out. There is nobody in the house as they cut back to Ray and Winston. We can see slime/ectoplasm on the fence as the camera pans to the barn, indicating there is something paranormal already happening there. The sounds of a proton pack attempting to be powered on can be heard, the time between attempts frantically increasing. Ray and Winston see the sparking from the barn and run outside as the proton pack finally powers on completely and a blast shoots through the side of the barn, crashing a ghost/something through the wall as well into plain view for Ray and Winston to see. Then out of the barn, in plain clothes (not the jumpsuit) comes...Oscar (or perhaps another kid from one of the Ghostbusters/Egon that happened offscreen in the 30 years since GB2) who throws a trap at Winston and yells "You still remember how to use that?!" as he wrestles with trying to get the ghost pulled in. They successfully catch the ghost after some fan service and then the main plot can be fully revealed. They have to recruit additional ghostbusters, obviously, to have a chance against this new threat, and the movie is off and running.
B) Another option, which I really like almost as much as the one above, would be to take one of the best storylines from The Real Ghostbusters and adapt it for a movie that doesn't include Egon anymore.
My pick would be the Sandman, or even better: The Boogeyman. The Boogeyman episodes from The Real Ghostbusters were absolutely TERRIFYING when I was a kid and are one of the great examples of character and world building that was done in the cartoon. In The Real Ghostbusters, it is revealed that Egon was originally motivated to investigate the paranormal because of his interactions with The Boogeyman and his parents not believing him when he was a kid. In the show Egon is directly involved with defeating the Boogeyman, overcoming his fears he's still held since a kid. In GB3, since Harold Ramis passed away, they can easily make it so that the Boogeyman finally GOT Egon, either killing or scaring him to death.
The movie would start much the same way that the cartoon did, with two seemingly random kids getting put to bed by parents we seemingly don't know, and the Boogeyman coming out of their closet and trying to pull them into it (which contains a portal to the "Boogeyman realm"). When the parents burst in and actually SEE the Boogeyman as he's going back through the closet, they flip out and wonder "Who can we even call about something like this?". Boom, GB3 logo, and the movie continues along with the same basic plot as described in A, except they meet up with the kids instead of Oscaetc.
Edit: If I remember correctly, in The Real Ghostbusters the kids were African American. It would be REALLY COOL if we got to focus on Winston in this movie (since in GB1 and 2 he wasn't a very deeply investigated character) and have the kids be his in the beginning and then he is the one who has to reach out to Ray to ask for help taking out the Boogieman.
Ok, I guess I'm done. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Obviously this is mostly all my own personal feelings and hopes, but maybe someone else will get a kick out of it and enjoy reading a long-time fan's ramblings. Thanks all for indulging me ;)
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2019.02.03 17:21 kingslayerX45 [Other] Sony 2020 anticipated films Morbius and Ghostbusters 3 opening back to back at the same months

Sony pretty much have a good year for 2020 with the release of their anticipated films from the original continuation of ghostbuster franchise. That will be directed by Jason Reitman the son of The original creator of ghostbuster Ivan Reitman.
A movie that base on Spider Man related character and antagonist Morbius the living starring jared leto. This film is a follow up to the success of venom.
All I'd say is that this could be an indication that the film could be good. Because Sony has a confidence on positioning these films on the same release strategy. Also speaking of venom the sequel has green light and set for a release date of October 2020, 3 months after those films release that could mean it could do better than the first one.
Definitely those are all the films you have to look forward to in July 2020 (unless any of them change their dates), but that's still over a year away! For everything set to hit theaters in 2019.
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2019.01.26 04:26 trump182AVA Ghostbusters (3?) gets an official release date!!!

July 10th, 2020. Still unsure how it'll be done in like 16 months, but I'm on board!!!
Jason Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Gets July 2020 Date!
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2019.01.26 03:14 Zachyice21 [NA] Strap on your proton packs--slime time is officially dated July 10, 2020. Who ya gonna call? Jason Reitman. His UNTITLED GHOSTBUSTERS picks up where GHOSTBUSTERS II left off.

[NA] Strap on your proton packs--slime time is officially dated July 10, 2020. Who ya gonna call? Jason Reitman. His UNTITLED GHOSTBUSTERS picks up where GHOSTBUSTERS II left off. submitted by Zachyice21 to boxoffice [link] [comments]

2019.01.17 23:40 MarcGroman We are a former Obama tech adviser and an adolescent medicine doctor, and we have a new podcast about the struggle to parent teenagers in the digital age. Ask us anything!

Hi reddit! We are Marc Groman (lawyer, former White House Senior Advisor for Privacy and Chief Privacy Officer of the Federal Trade Commission ) and Dr. David Reitman (adolescent medicine specialist who works with teens on physical and mental health issues). We love technology, but we constantly hear from parents who are concerned about the grip that screens have on their kids, both from a mental health perspective, and from a privacy, data security, and online identity perspective. There are some great parenting resources online about how to cope with this, but many are very dry and dated. We decided it was time to start a conversation with kids, parents, and experts about the potential impact of technology and digital content on our kids. On our podcast, we explore the myriad challenges facing a generation of kids who carry the entire Internet in their pocket 24/7: anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, online harassment, sexting, invasions of privacy, data security, and problematic media use, to name a few. Our goal is simple, to help kids have a healthy, productive, beneficial, and safe relationship with technology and the digital world.
The 24/7 digital world can present some extremely sensitive issues for our kids, and parents are not always equipped to tackle them -- especially because tech is moving so fast. It's nearly impossible to keep up, even for experts. We know, because we have a 13-year-old son ourselves, and the heated debates around devices, social media use, and the PS4 are some of the most contentious we've ever had -- and Marc worked in the White House for 2 years!
Ask us anything about: Tech/privacy law, parenting, personal teen health issues (including mental health), teen health trends, working in the Obama White House, horror stories from the clinical exam room, tips for helping your child develop a healthy relationship with technology, and anything else! And we hope you'll check out our new podcast called Their Own Devices, which publishes every Thursday in all podcast apps.
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2018.11.08 05:12 Fuckoff555 A list about feminism misandry for anyone who thinks that feminism fights for men’s rights, for anyone who thinks that feminism was only a sexist movement starting from the third wave and for anyone who accuse the MRM of being a sexist movement, while still defending feminism.

"The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race." — Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future - If There Is One - Is Female.
"To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo." _Valerie Solanas, Authoress of the SCUM Manifesto
1st wave feminists: Two examples of first wave feminists demanding and getting men's rights without men's responsibilities. Two of them actively involve zero sum situations such as income and property rights, or custody rights to children, and in both cases feminists managed to arrange things such that women got all the rights while men were still burdened with all the responsibility: 1) Won the right for married women to own their own property and income, and hold it separate from their husband's control. Yet maintained the legal entitlement of married women to be supported financially by their husband. Their entitlement to their husbands support even extended to the tax burden on their property and income--property and income their husbands were legally prohibited from touching. There were men sent to prison in the UK for tax evasion for being unable to pay the taxes owing on the property/income of their wealthier wives. One suffragette, Dr. Elizabeth Wilks even refused (as was her right under the law) to provide her husband with the necessary documentation so he could calculate the taxes, and given that he was a schoolteacher and responsible for paying for everything else, he couldn't have afforded to pay it regardless. While he was in prison, she urged other suffragettes to do what she had. He was released from prison on humanitarian grounds due to his failing health, and died a few months later. 2) Won default mother custody of young children upon divorce or separation thanks to the tender years doctrine. Previously, the assumption was of paternal custody since the father was solely burdened with financial responsibility for their care. Of course, it was only custody that was changed, financial responsibility still fell 100% to the father to maintain the household of his minor children.
first wave: A) In the years leading up to the First World War, the suffragettes were responsible of many incidents of bombing and arson in the United Kingdom, The targets for their attacks ranged from St Paul's Cathedral and the Bank of England in London to theatres and churches in Ireland. The violence, which included several attempted assassinations, culminated in June 1914 with an explosion in Westminster Abbey., [1], [2] B) There were also many suffragettes who were racists and white supremacists, for example Susan B. Anthony who said ''I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ask for the ballot for the Negro and not for the woman.” and Carrie Chapman Catt, the Founder of the League of Women Voters who said ''White supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by women’s suffrage.” C) After the titanic disaster, on April 21, 1912 the New York Times reported a story from London, England, headlined “Suffragettes Deny Chivalry on the Titanic.” in which Sylvia Pankhurst, a militant suffragette said that the men of the Titanic had not really displayed exceptional gallantry as ''women first is the universal rule''.
Domestic violence: 1) 2nd wave: Erin Pizzey, who became internationally famous for having started the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world, Chiswick Women's Aid, in 1971, the organisation known today as Refuge. She has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men. Pizzey has said that the threats were from militant feminists. 2) 2nd wave: She wrote an article in which she talk about male domestic violence, how feminist journalists and radical feminist editors in publishing houses controlled the flow of information to the public, and how the feminists in America, their strangle hold over the shelters and access to government and state resources was almost absolute. She talked to about how the feminists shot her dog to threaten her. 3) 2nd wave: Richard J. Gelles, along with, Murray A. Straus, and Suzanne K. Steinmetz formed the team at the Univ. of New Hampshire that first researched family violence in the early 1970s. He is today one of the nation's foremost researchers into family violence. After finding out that the rate of female-to-male family violence was almost equal to the rate of male-to-female violence all three of them received death threats. Bomb threats were phoned in to conference centers and buildings where they were scheduled to present. Suzanne received the brunt of the attacks - individuals wrote and called her university urging that she be denied tenure; calls were made and letters were written to government agencies urging that her grant funding be rescinded.. 4) 2nd wave: At the University of Delaware professor Suzanne Steinmetz published an article called the "The Battered Husband Syndrome." After culling the findings from five surveys on domestic violence, Steinmetz reached the conclusion: wives were just as likely as their husbands to kick, punch, stab, and otherwise physically aggress against their spouses. So the feminists leveled threats against Steinmetz and her children. Sponsors of her speaking engagements started to receive threatening phone calls. Finally, a bomb threat was called in to a meeting where Steinmetz was scheduled to speak. 5) An article about how feminists abused and distorted statistics and data on female victimization so that we believe that domestic violence is the most common cause of injury to women, or how battered-women's advocates claim that those women who kill their husbands do so only out of self-defense. 6) The Justice Department has known now for years since the publication of Christina Hoff Sommers’s USAToday op-ed that two of Eric Holder’s speeches in 2009 contained erroneous and false information about intimate partner homicide being the leading cause of death for black women ages 15-45. They promised Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post that the false information on the DOJ websites would be corrected “in the coming days.” It has not been corrected. 7) the Feminist Majority Foundation and editor of Ms. Magazine, Katherine Spillar, said about domestic violence: "Well, that's just a clean-up word for wife-beating," and went on to add that regarding male victims of dating violence, "we know it's not girls beating up boys, it's boys beating up girls.", [2] 8) Feminists Disrupt a Forum About Battered Husbands 9) Feminist and american sociologist Dr Michael Kimmel, who runs the Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities. NOMAS, the organization that he founded and leads, claims that men are not victims of domestic violence or abuse.., and even though he's one of the most prominent feminists that talk about ''toxic masculinity'', In 2018 he was publicly accused of sexual harassment by professor Bethany coston 10) The duluth model which is the most common batterer intervention program used in the United States. It completely neglecte male victims and female perpetrators of abuse. The program insisted that men are perpetrators who are violent because they have been socialized in a patriarchy that condones male violence, and that women are victims who are violent only in self-defense. 11) Before the VAWA(violence against women act) There was Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, it was replaced in 1984 by the VAWA, in which until now they didn't bother to include men as victims in the title. And even though the language that they used in the VAWA is gender neutral in addressing victims of domestic violence, the domestic violence programs discriminate against male victims. 12) Feminist and University of Ottawa law professor Elizabeth Sheehy, wants to place battered women above the law. Professor Sheehy’s thesis is that battered women should have the right to kill their husbands pre-emptively — in their sleep, say, or when they least expect it — without fear of being charged with murder., [2] 13) The Canadian federal government’s The Transition Home Survey (THS) “identified 627 shelters for abused women that were operating across Canada on April 16, 2014”. There was one for men and it closed due to lack of funds and support which led to his suicide, [2] 14) Feminists Disrupt a Forum About Battered Husbands
Rape and statutory rape: 1) Feminists in India oppose making rape laws gender neutral 2) Feminists in Israel are against charging women with rape because then according to them, women would be afraid to charge men with rape. 3) Influential rape researcher Mary Koss claims male victims of female rapists aren’t real rape victims in radio interview 4) Michele Elliott OBE is an author, psychologist, teacher and the founder and director of child protection charity Kidscape. Due to her work in exposing the issue of child sexual abuse committed by women, she was subject to a lot of hate and hostility from feminists 5) The feminist and journalist Barbara Ellen said in an article in the Guardian that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is not on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil, and that the female teacher doesn't deserve prison. 6) Feminist Avital Ronell, a world-renowned female professor of German and Comparative Literature at New York University, was found responsible for sexually harassing a male former graduate student, Nimrod Reitman. So a group of scholars from around the world, including prominent feminists, sent a letter to N.Y.U. in defense of Professor Ronell. One of them even was disturbed cause according to her and her colleagues Mr. Reitman was using Title IX, a feminist tool, to take down a feminist.
Father’s rights: 1) NOW fighting against joint custody in Michigan 2) NOW oppose joint custody in new york 3) NOW, the National Organization for Women oppose joint custody of the children and alimony reform bill in Florida., [2] 4) Propaganda by Michigan NOW against Father’s rights groups, because they proposed a bill for joint custody which NOW oppose 5) In 2005, Michigan's chapter of NOW opposed Bill SB 436 ("The Paternity Act") which aimed to increase putative ("unmarried") fathers rights and redefined "child born out of wedlock".
Rights of accused men of rape in the courts of law and public opinion, and false accusations: 1) Feminist Emily Lindin, Founder of Unslut Project, said that she's not all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations. 2) Feminists in Canada proposed a bill that compromises an accused's rights in sexual assault cases, so now, if the defence has a record that shows the complainant is lying or misrepresenting the evidence, that record must be disclosed in advance. A lawyer is then appointed for the complainant who is granted standing to argue for suppression of the defence evidence,[2]; And even though this bill compromises an accused's rights In sexual assault cases, Pamela Cross, a Canadian feminist lawyer and feminist advocate said that even though Bill C-51 is a good start, it's still not enough. 3) London Feminist Network objecting to granting anonymity to rape defendants 4) Campaign group Women Against Rape said they were glad the government dropped the rape charge anonymity pledge 5) Men now who are accused of rape are presumed guilty under the gender equity law known as Title IX, which addresses sexual harassment and sexual violence in campus. The burden of proof, say several lawyers representing students who have been found responsible for sexual assault, is too low, letting colleges rule against alleged perpetrators on very slim, sometimes conflicting evidence. Ms Judith Grossman, a feminist who said that she would have expressed unqualified support for Title IX and for the Violence Against Women Act, until the time came when her son was falsely accused of rape in campus. 6) Feminist Jon Krakauersaid that we shouldn't weaken Title IX campus sex assault policies, even though it ignored due process, abused and discriminated against many men by expelling them and destroying their future when they were actually falsely accused.
Sexism and double standard in the justice system: 1) Feminist and associate professor at the Jane Addams College of Social Work at University of Illinois at Chicago, Patricia O'Brien said that we should stop putting women in jail, for anything. 2) Feminist and Judicial College chief Lady Justice Dame Anne Rafferty, said that courts should be slow to send women to prison because jail terms are more damaging to them than men and the new guidance for judges and magistrates says real equality means favouring women and minorities to make up for the disadvantage they suffer. 3) Feminist and member of the Labour Party from the House of Lords Baroness Corston wanted to close U.K. Women’s prisons or to convert them into jails for men. 4) Women's justice taskforce says that women's prison should close 5) Judges have been told to deal less severely with female criminals than men when determining how to sentence them. And that thanks to Dame Laura Cox, a high court judge who led the team writing the rules, and the Supreme Court judge Baroness Hale who said: "It is now well recognised that a misplaced conception of equality has resulted in some very unequal treatment for women and girls." 6) In an HuffPost article, feminist Deborah Coles wants to end female imprisonment because she thinks that prisons are evidently ill-equipped to respond to the complex needs of women 7) Feminist and journalist Lydia Smith wrote an article in which she says It is equality to treat female offenders differently to men and by differently, she means more leniently 8) An other feminist wrote an article titled 'How can we mitigate the crime that is female over-imprisonment?' in which he's justifying why female criminals should have lighyer sentences than men.; and another article in which he says that we should close women's prisons 9) A feminist wrote an article in buzzfeednews complaining how women are imprisoned for false rape claims In the UK 10) An all-female task force wants to cut Illinois’ female prison population in half because they think that 'Prison is not where women need to be' and that many of them are mothers so they shouldn't be in prison 11) In Brooklyn, the Women’s Prison Association and the attorney Charles Hynes decided to launch a program allowing female felons to serve sentences at home.
education and economics: 1) The Swedish government said to be the first feminist government in the world that it would abolish affirmative action at universities since the practice has resulted in male students being given admissions priority for several popular programmes. Hypocrites has no problem helping women when they are disadvantaged, but will quickly cut any help to men when they are the ones who are disadvantaged. 2) The same thig happened in Norway, where the Ministry of Education has concluded, after advice from the Ministry of Children and Equality, that the current equality law is not gender neutral and does not allow for men to benefit from the same forms of affirmative actions as women., thread link 3) After the financial crisis of 2008, feminist groups skewed the Obama stimulus plan towards women's jobs even though the recession was considered a downturn for women but a catastrophe for men
Male genital mutilation: 1) Female Feminist Danish Health Minister, Ellen Trane Nørby says that Denmark will continue to circumcisie Danish boys. Previously she was "Minister for Children, Education & Equality". Male Genital Mutilation continues, with the direct collaboration of Feminists. 2) Feminist and journalist Janice Turner, say that banning circumcision is a win for the far right and that wanting to ban circumcision may seems rational and progressive but it undermines tradition and risks making migrants feel unwelcome so according to her we still need to mutilate little boys because the feelings of the migrants, Jews and Muslims. 3) Feminist and writer Jia tolentino wrote an article in Jezebel making fun of men who want to regrow their foreskin because they were circumcised without consent, comparing them to a lizard with a tale 4) Jezebel making fun of inactivists who are trying to ban circumcision and saying that being anti-circumcision is just another way of blaming your mommy.
sex negative feminism: 1) first wave: the suffragette slogan was ''Votes for Women and Chastity for Men'', Edwardian feminists, such as Christabel Pankhurst, took up the social purity cause and demanded that men improve their moral code by remaining chaste outside marriage. For some suffrage campaigners such as Millicent Fawcett and Christabel Pankhurst the vote was as much about improving men’s sexual morality as it was about improving women’s working conditions. 2) 2nd wave: Feminist Kate Millett, who has been described as "a seminal influence on second-wave feminism", was against psychiatry and also was a pedo apologist. In an interview with Mark Blasius, she said that she was sympathetic to the concept of intergenerational sex, describing age of consent laws as "very oppressive" especially to gay male youth. 3) 2nd wave: In 1970, in her book Sexual Politics, known as the ‘bible of women’s liberation,’ Millett was vehemently against prostitution in which she said: ''Prostitution, when unmotivated by economic need, might well be defined as a species of psychological addiction, built on self-hatred through repetitions of the act of sale by which a whore is defined.''. The book Sexual Politics was especially very celebrated by Andrea Dworkin, a feminist who is known especially for being anti prostitution and anti pornography. She characterized pornography as an industry of damaging objectification and abuse, not merely a fantasy realm. She worked with Catharine MacKinnon, developed a legislative approach based on civil rights rather than obscenity to outlaw pornography and allow lawsuits against pornographers for damages. 4) These sex negative feminists, who are denying women's agency and choice in what they can do with their bodies, has actually succeeded in banning prostitution, and in particular criminalizing bying sex and not selling it.They banned it first in Sweden because they said that prostitution constitutes a form of violence against women, then in other countries like Norway, Canada,France, Northern Ireland and Iceland. 5) Also in 2010, Iceland banned strip clubs and any business that profit off the nudity of employees, a year after banning bying sex following the Swedish model. Why? Because they deemed those jobs to be derogatory to women and even considered prostitution to be a form of violence against women., 1 6) Even though the sex negative feminists, has succeeded in criminalizing bying sex and therefore in a way banning prostitution, denying women's agency about their own bodies, telling them what they can and can't do with it and prosecuting innocent men who only agreed to have consensual sex between two adults. Sex workers are actually against this law, for example a sex worker in northern Ireland has said that ‘It’s now far more difficult to stay safe’. Sex workers in America too oppose the feminists who want prostitution to stay criminalized, feminist Lena Dunham and a slew of other celebrities—including Girls co-star Allison Williams, Academy Award winners Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep have lent their fame to a campaign opposing Amnesty International’s draft proposal on the protection of the rights of sex workers. This proposal includes “decriminalizing all aspects of sex work,” Amnesty International Director of Media Susanna Flood told the Daily Beast., also the ICRSE, 1100 organizations and individuals ask Amnesty International to support decriminalization of sex work 7) Even sex dolls, a freaking object made with plastic and silicone, feminists want them to be banned. Feminist Katie Parker, who founded the School's Consent Project, a charity that teaches pupils about consent, said robot sex dolls that let men simulate rape should be outlawed, because these robots normalize sexual violence. 8) Elijah Rising, a Houston-based non-profit organization aimed at ending sex trafficking, are fighting to keep the country's first 'robot sex brothel' out of Houston because according to them this will increase the demand for the prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and children 9 Feminists in Paris want to close France's first ever sex dolls brothel, because they think that it is encouraging a culture of rape. 10) Even in Botswana, sex dolls are banned because women have continued to express their continued hate and disapproval for sex dolls as they believe that the potential competition will cause a surge in the rise of divorce rates and tamper human relationships as well. 11) Ring Girls arguing against feminist and british television and radio presenter Beverley Turner because feminists just banned Formula 1 Grid Girls and they want to ban Ring girls, Dart girls and any type of walk-on-girls next, denying women's agency or choice in choosing what they want to do with their body and what job they wanna have.
Reproductive rights and forced fatherhood: 1) Feminist Cristy Clark, a legal academic and chair of the Feminist Writers Festival, said that we shouldn't accept financial abortion and give men reproductive rights and a choice to decide to be a parent like it is for women, cause according to her if we accept financial abortion for men, we would be punishing women for not having an abortion when a man wanted them to, and that reeks of the kind of coercive control that has no place in the feminist movement. 2) Feminist and New York Times best selling author Gabrielle Blair has put the whole blame of unwanted pregnancies on men and propose either castration as a punishment or get men to be required by law to get a vasectomy as prevention 3) An article in Jezebel trivializing forced fatherhood, saying that what's only required from fathers is to pay money and that forced fatherhood is not as unfair as forced motherhood, forgetting that women at least have the chance to abort and to opt out of parenthood 4) another feminist against financial abortion said in an article in SALON that there's no such thing as forced fatherhood, and that men nowadays don't have less reproductive autonomy than women
Toxic masculinity: 1) Feminist professor at Occidental College Lisa Wade rejects the notion of "toxic masculinity," saying it is time to recognize that "it is masculinity itself that has become the problem and argue that men must renounce their masculinity and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it. 2) Feminist Jenna Price one of the co-founders of the feminist action group, Destroy the Joint , said in an article that she wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald that all masculinity is toxic and not just parts of it, and that men need to be chaperoned. 3) Feminist professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada, Erin Dej published a book where she Slams ''Hegemonic Masculinity'' of Homeless Men. This feminist was awarded at least $185,000 by the Canadian government to research homelessness since 2009 (which could have been instead invested to actually help homeless men by giving them food or building more shelters), interviewed 27 homeless men and spent and additional 296 hours spying on them in homeless shelters. Instead of looking for ways to help these vulnerable men to have a better life, a house or a career, she explains that the goal of her research was to assess the ways hypermasculinity is performed among men experiencing homelessness.
Sexism, misandry and other examples of some feminists being absolute cunts: 1) Convicted felon Donna Hylton, who once was a member of a group that kidnapped, raped and tortured an elderly man to the point of death, was a featured speaker at Saturday's pro-abortion and anti-Trump Women's March on Washington 2) A campaign started by the Labour MP Stella Creasy to consider misogyny as a form of hate crime has resulted in the Law Commission deciding to consider whether misandry should be categorised as a hate crime, too. So feminist, founder of VictimFocus, researcher and speaker in the psychology of sexual violence Jessica Eaton wrote an article in the Guardian saying that misandry shouldn't be a hate crime like misogyny, cause it will embolden abusive men; another feminist named Victoria Smith also wrote an article in the independent UK complaining that misandry shouldn't be a hate crime like misogyny and saying that even considering making misandry a hate crime should concern everyone who believes in equality 3) A feminist aborts her baby because It's a boy and Is surprised by backlash 4) Militant feminist, writer, journalist and novelist Julie Burchill who contributed to newspapers such as The Sunday Times and The Guardian, and whose 2004 novel Sugar Rush was adapted for television, said that it's quite nice that men succeed in suicide more often than girls because finally they found something that they're better at than girls, and that prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women 5) Feminist Julie bindel who is a regular columnist for the Guardian newspaper, having written hundreds of article for the publication, who's also a patron for charities such as “For our daughters”, the founder of Justice for Women and a research fellow at Lincoln University, in an interview with the “Rad-fem Collective” website, she proposed that all men should be put in some sort of concentration camps until they behave and that she hopes heterosexuality doesn't survive because according to her, under ''patriarchy'' heterosexuality is shit.; She also wrote an article in the Guardian, titled Obama’s right, women are superior to men. Let me count the ways … in which she said that women are superior than men because they are better than them in a lot of fields. 6) For the past year three scholars rewrote Mein Kampf to use intersectional language and submitted it to a feminist journal. It was accepted and published.
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2018.07.12 16:46 MrBeardRetroTV Mr Beard's top 10 80's Movies!

Mr Beard's top 10 80's Movies!
Ok so this list is not a list of the best movies with the greatest actors, or the best special effects. This is a list of movies that are my top 10. These are movies I can watch all day every day. Yes some of them have horrible acting, bad special effects, and even worse story lines, but for me that is what makes them great. So before you go posting nonsense just enjoy the list for what it is. I don't judge other people that way so please don't do it here. After you see my top 5 please let me know your top 10 in the comments below.
#10 Robot Jox
In the distant future, mankind has forsaken global wars for battles of single combat. The world has been divided into two opposing super powers, with each side represented by trained champions. Their weapons are huge robotic machines, capable of battle on land, sea and in the air.
Release date: November 21, 1990 (USA)
Director: Stuart Gordon
Budget: 10 million USD
Screenplay: Joe Haldeman
Producers: Charles Band, Albert Band
Yes I know it was released in 1990, but it started in 1989. So yes it is an 80's movie to me. :P Ok this is one of those classics that had a huge effect on why I love huge robots so much. Seeing people operate giant robots to resolve issues between countries was something that amazed me as a child.This movie was the reason I got into drawing mechs, and playing the Mechwarrior game series. I had just recently found out that there are several movies in this series. I have yet to see them, but as soon as I can find them I will. I still believe this was the movie that paved the way for movies like Real Steel, and Pacific Rim. If you were a fan of these newer movies, or the mech style games then you might want to give these movies a watch.
#9 Masters of the Universe
When the evil Skeletor (Frank Langella) finds a mysterious power called the Cosmic Key, he becomes nearly invincible. However, courageous warrior He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) locates inventor Gwildor (Billy Barty), who created the Key and has another version of it. During a battle, one of the Keys is transported to Earth, where it is found by teenagers Julie (Courteney Cox) and Kevin (Robert Duncan McNeill). Now both He-Man and Skeletor's forces arrive on Earth searching for the potent weapon.
Release date: August 7, 1987 (USA)
Director: Gary Goddard
Budget: 22 million USD
Box office: 17.3 million USD
Screenplay: Gary Goddard, David Odell, Stephen Tolkin
Ok I know I'm going to get a lot for posting this as one of my favorites. Yeah I have heard it all. I have heard the complaints about the bad acting, the horribly butchered story line, the craptastic visual effects. Yeah I heard it all, but you know what? I still loved the movie and will continue watching it ever chance I get. I thought the movie was funny, packed with action, and I also think it's great for kids of all ages. How can anyone argue about the story? Or the characters that were not even in the He-Man universe? Well the story was never a story to begin with. If you remember He-Man started out as a set of toys, not cartoons. As for characters, at one point they were making up characters with names that made no sense at all. I personally think Dolph Lundgren did a great job. The only thing I wish that could have been different was the ending, and that they continued that story line.
#8 Weird Science
Teen misfits Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) design their ideal woman on a computer, and a freak electrical accident brings her to life in the form of the lovely, superhuman Lisa (Kelly LeBrock). She outfits Gary and Wyatt in cool clothes, surprises them with a Porsche and helps them stand up to jerks Ian (Robert Downey Jr.) and Max (Robert Rusler). But, all the while, the boys must hide Lisa's existence from Chet (Bill Paxton), Wyatt's nightmare of a big brother.
Release date: August 2, 1985 (USA)
Director: John Hughes
Based on: Weird Science; 1950–1953 comics; by EC Comics
Screenplay: John Hughes
Box office: 38.9 million USD
Well this movie was just something I could always watch and laugh at no matter how many times I see it. Yeah as a kid I wandered if it was possible to make my own girlfriend. Yeah it's not even possible. I thought the acting was great, and the story line was funny. To me this movie pretty much sums up the 80's in a nutshell. Yeah I can't say I still wouldn't wear those clothes. To me that style is still in. I still think we should all wear bras on our heads and start a picture trend. ;)
#7 Real Genius
When science whiz Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarret) arrives at Pacific Tech as a freshman, he's paired up with genius senior Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) to work on a laser project. Mitch initially doesn't care for Knight's slacker attitude, but is eventually won over, and their friendship allows them to make new progress on the laser project. It's only when the boys learn that the government intends to use the laser as a weapon that they start to question what they've actually been working for.
Release date: August 7, 1985 (USA)
Director: Martha Coolidge
Music composed by: Tomas Newman
Box office: 12.95 million USD (North America)
Screenplay: Neal Israel, Pat Proft, PJ Torokvei
Ok so Real Genius was one of those movies I had hoped I would grow up as.I always dreamed of being that super smart kid to build lasers and robots. Yup I even wanted my own science lab. This movie was packed with tons of great comedy, at least for me anyway. This is one of few movies i thought Val Kilmer did great in. I thought that the story line was pretty dang awesome as well. Again this is just my opinion.
#6 The Flight of the Navigator
This 1978 Disney adventure tells the story of 12-year-old David (Joey Cramer) who lives with his family in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. When he awakens from being accidentally knocked out in the forest near his home, he finds that eight years have passed. His family is overjoyed to have him back, but just as perplexed as he is by the fact that he hasn't aged. When a NASA scientist (Howard Hesseman) discovers a UFO nearby, David gets the chance to unravel the mystery and recover the life he lost.
Release date: July 30, 1986 (USA)
Director: Randal Kleiser
Box office: 18.56 million USD
Production companies: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Pictures, Producers Sales Organization
Music composed by: Alan Silvestri, John Farrar This for me is one of those movies I always use to watch when I just wanted to escape from the harsh life of being a kid. Yup I was an alien loving, robot building wannabe nerdy child. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to take an adventure with an alien spaceship like that? Between this movie, Explorers, and Space Camp I was always the child looking to the stars and waiting on my chance. The story was great, the special effects for it's time was amazing. I have recently thought about finding some detailed drawings of the navigator and building a prop for my studio. If anyone knows a place to find them please let me know in the comments!
#5 The NeverEnding Story
On his way to school, Bastian (Barret Oliver) ducks into a bookstore to avoid bullies. Sneaking away with a book called "The Neverending Story," Bastian begins reading it in the school attic. The novel is about Fantasia, a fantasy land threatened by "The Nothing," a darkness that destroys everything it touches. The kingdom needs the help of a human child to survive. When Bastian reads a description of himself in the book, he begins to wonder if Fantasia is real and needs him to survive.
Release date: July 20, 1984 (USA)
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Featured song: The NeverEnding Story
Publisher: Thienemann Verlag
Publication date: September 1, 1979
I honestly can not think of enough to say for this movie. I was a nerdy kid, I loved books. This is one of those movies I would watch over and over again while I sat around and read my books.Besides always day dreaming about having my own alien spacecraft, or building my own robot. I would love to get lost in a book. Yes there were 3 of these movies made, but sadly those others did not hold up to the original. I hate bashing movies, and I always love movies for what they are, but come on really? Did they even try?
#4 Ghostbusters
After the members of a team of scientists (Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray) lose their cushy positions at a university in New York City, they decide to become "ghostbusters" to wage a high-tech battle with the supernatural for money. They stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, a doorway that will release evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters must now save New York from complete destruction.
Release date: June 8, 1984 (USA)
Director: Ivan Reitman
Featured song: Ghostbusters
Box office: 295.2 million USD
Screenplay: Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis
As a kid I was also into some fairly scary horror movies for a child. I still remember the first time I snuck downstairs as a child and watched Hellraiser. Ghostbusters was the movie that always made the scary shadows in the night disappear for me. Whenever I got nervous about dark places I would just start humming the ghostbusters theme song in my head. The acting was great, the music was awesome, even the story was good. For me Ghostbusters had a winning team, and a great combination. Not to mention the freaking awesome saturday morning cartoons it spawned! But that's a list for another time!
#3 Howard the Duck
In this film based on the comic book character, Howard the Duck is suddenly beamed from Duckworld, a planet of intelligent ducks with arms and legs, to Earth, where he lands in Cleveland. There he saves rocker Beverly (Lea Thompson) from thugs and forms a friendship with her. She introduces him to Phil (Tim Robbins), who works at a lab with scientist Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). When the doctor attempts to return Howard to his world, Jenning instead transfers an evil spirit into his own body.
Release date: August 1, 1986 (USA
)Director: Willard Huyck
Featured song: Howard the Duck (feat. Cherry Bomb)
Box office: 38 million USD
Producer: Gloria Katz
Ok so Howard the Duck was one of those weird movies I loved that everyone hated. Howard the Duck started for me as a comic. It was the first comic I officially bought for myself. Man did I ever wear that poor comic out. I always kept it folded up in my backpack or with my books. When I found out that there was an actual movie for it, that just made my excitement for comics even stronger. I mean come on? Alien spaceships, giant robots, feathered heroes? See the trend I had growing up as a kid? My wife and I have very different views on this movie, she hates it cause it's not her style, and I love it for the simple fact that Howard was a pretty awesome man's man. Or man's duck? Either way to me the movie was pretty awesome, and well done.This is another one of those movies I can sit here and watch on repeat while I work.
#2 Goonies
Old-fashioned yarn about a band of adventurous kids who take on the might of a property developing company which plans to destroy their home to build a country club. When the children discover an old pirate map in the attic, they follow it into an underground cavern in search of lost treasure but come up against plenty of dangerous obstacles along the way.
Release date: June 7, 1985 (USA)
Director: Richard Donner
Featured song: The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
Screenplay: Chris Columbus
Producers: Richard Donner, Harvey BernhardWow.
All I can say is wow. This movie gave me my huge obsession with wanting my own pirate ship and living on the sea. Who wouldn't want to go on an adventure searching for lost treasures on pirate ships and navigating through booby traps? I still remember exactly how I tried to recreate Data's oil slick shoes. The only issue i had was the leaking oil on my feet and out through the canvas. Heck I still have the soundtrack saved on my phone. Goonies never say die!
#1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Down-on-his-luck private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) gets hired by cartoon producer R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern) to investigate an adultery scandal involving Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner), the sultry wife of Maroon's biggest star, Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer). But when Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye), Jessica's alleged paramour and the owner of Toontown, is found murdered, the villainous Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) vows to catch and destroy Roger.
Release date: June 22, 1988 (USA)
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Featured song: Why Don't You Do Right?
Production companies: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Producers: Robert Watts, Frank Marshall
This movie was my theme for my 7th birthday party. I remember it fairly well because it literally came out that summer. This movie got me good as a child. I always believed cartoons were real and I'm still looking for the gate to take me there. Yeah that's right I said it. For me this movie was amazing, it was so very funny, and full of laughs, and I think at one point I was convinced I could take Jessica from Roger. This is easily a movie I can sit and watch and instantly be brought back to my childhood.
Well that is my list and I hope all of these movies either introduced you to something new, or reminded you of your past and childhood. I hope to one day have my entire studio setup with all the 80's movies, toys, posters and cool stuff. In time I know it will work. I also hope to get my broadcast to the point where all broadcasts are of show quality and retro style. Who knows maybe I can even bring real Saturday morning cartoons back! Well thanks for readying and have a blessed evening!
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2018.06.28 18:54 LukeWilsonStupidNose Directors, actors and actresses share who they want to work with in the future.

Amy Adams: “Patty Jenkins.” (Vanity Fair, 2017)
Paul Thomas Anderson: “[Tiffany Haddish is] a really thrilling performer. It’s the same way I felt when I saw Adam — there’s so much there.” (LA Times, 2018)
Jack Black: “There’s plenty of directors that I’d love to work with that I never will. Paul Thomas Anderson. Quentin Tarantino comes to mind – yeah, not going to happen. Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, these are guys that I love, that I’d love to work with. But you’ve got to be careful what you wish for. All of a sudden, you can be, like, naked running through the street in a David Lynch film.” (CBR, 2015)
Emily Blunt: “Walter Salles, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese. Oh, and Andrea Arnold.” (The Times, 2012)
Jim Carrey: “I’ve been wanting to do something with Spike [Jonze] forever. I was stupid enough to turn him down to direct Ace 2, cause I had no idea who he was.” (TIFF, 2017)
George Clooney: “I’ve never worked with Kate Winslet and I’d love to work with her. There are a million more out there. Pretty much any actress – I love working with actresses in general.” (BAFTA, 2012)
Ryan Coogler: “Keith Stanfield.” (Hollywood Reporter, 2015)
Sofia Coppola: “Eddie Murphy. I’ve always been such a fan of his, and I wish he would do something interesting.” (The Guardian, 2017)
Benedict Cumberbatch: “Soderbergh’s a genius, I’ve always wanted to work with him.” (LA Times, 2013)
Matt Damon: “David Fincher and Paul Thomas Anderson.” (ShortList, 2013)
Guillermo del Toro: “I like Hugh Jackman very much. He has a lot of charisma, he’s a very good actor with a lot of energy.” (Metro, 2010)
Leonardo DiCaprio: “Paul Thomas Anderson is someone I’d love to work with . . . Ang Lee is very talented.” (The Talks, 2011)
Idris Elba: “Denzel Washington would be a good actor to make a movie with as he’s a legend – as is Meryl Streep, who I’d really love to work with too.” (The Sun, 2017)
Michael Fassbender: “I’ve always been a huge Scorsese fan, and I’d love to work with him. Or, more recently, Paul Thomas Anderson, or the Coen brothers.” (7x7, 2010)
Will Ferrell: “Bill Murray.” (IndieLondon, 2010)
Jeff Goldblum: “Oh boy oh boy. Mmmm. Plenty. For starters, let’s say Paul Thomas Anderson, and the Coen brothers.” (Reddit, 2014)
Ryan Gosling: “I’d like to work with Kristen Wiig, she rules.” (Moviefone, 2012)
Jake Gyllenhaal: “Denzel Washington.” (Deadline, 2014)
Anne Hathaway: “Guillermo del Toro, Tarantino, Gus Van Sant, Sarah Polley, and Sofia Coppola.” (Elle, 2008)
Ethan Hawke: “Is it okay if I say Leonardo DiCaprio? Because I know he’s crazy famous and everyone wants to work with him, but I admire tremendously the way he has handled his celebrity. After the success of Titanic, it would have been very easy for him to wind up another drug-addled casualty on the Hollywood Strip; but instead he’s dedicated himself to making great films, and doesn’t he need an older brother? Or a bad guy?” (Reddit, 2013)
Samuel L. Jackson: “Maggie Smith. Maggie’s one of my favorite people.” (People, 2017)
Allison Janney: “I want to work with Judd Apatow, I’ll tell you that. I like things messy, I like things that aren’t just comedy and aren't just drama.” (Larry King Now, 2018)
Scarlett Johansson: “Tim Burton.” (MTV, 2009)
Michael B. Jordan: “Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell I’d love to work with. I wouldn’t mind rocking out Quentin Tarantino. But you know what? I’m going to go with the best. Martin Scorsese. I want to work with Marty.” (The Daily Beast, 2013)
Brie Larson: “I love Charlie Kaufman, and I love Spike Jonze, and I love P.T. Anderson.” (BirthMoviesDeath, 2013)
David Lowery: “It can range from Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton to Janelle Monáe who I loved in Hidden Figures and Moonlight. Actually the entire cast of Moonlight I’d love to work with! Paul Dano is someone who I hope to find a project to work with, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain. I love Kristen Stewart and what she’s doing now, the choices she’s making are really exciting and I’d love one of my movies to be one of those choices. I had a meeting with Selena Gomez a few years ago and the project didn’t work out, but I’d love to make a movie with her as strange as that may seem.” (The Young Folks, 2017)
Rooney Mara: “Paul Thomas Anderson and Michael Haneke.” (TimeOut, 2015)
Jennifer Lawrence: “The Coen brothers, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Ferrell, and Cate Blanchett.” (Vanity Fair, 2015)
Liam Neeson: “I’d love to work with Denzel. I have such admiration for him as an actor.” (GQ, 2014)
Jeff Nichols: “I’m pretty blown away by Matt Damon and Christian Bale’s work, if we are talking about people I haven’t worked with. Also, I’m a fan of Kate Mara and Mia Wasikowska.” (Reddit, 2016)
Elizabeth Olsen: “Yorgos [Lanthimos] — I really wanted to be in The Lobster, but there was a time problem. I want to work with Alexander Payne, the Coen brothers, P.T. Anderson, Quentin Tarantino. I like things that are a little off-center. Noah Baumbach.” (Village Voice, 2017)
David Oyelowo: “Kathryn Bigelow.” (Reddit, 2018)
Natalie Portman: “Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Isabelle Huppert — there’s a lot!” (BuzzFeed, 2018)
Chris Pratt: “I would love to work with John Lithgow. I think I would really like to work with Bill Murray at some point, he’s amazing.” (The Morning Mash Up, 2014)
Keanu Reeves: “David Lynch and Paul Verhoeven.” (Giovanna Grassi, 2017)
Ivan Reitman: “I’d love to work with some of the young women who are just so great, like Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway. I think they have such skill. I’d love to find some way to do a different kind of comedy with them.” (Collider, 2014)
Margot Robbie: “Ever since I saw The Assassination of Jesse James, I’ve being dying to work with Andrew Dominik. He’s just a brilliant Aussie director. And Cate Blanchett has always been my absolute acting idol. Ben Mendelsohn... I would chop off my right hand to work with him. Baz Luhrmann would be one of those bucket list sort of things. Rebel Wilson. I actually can’t think of an Aussie actor that I wouldn’t be thrilled to work with.” (FilmInk, 2016)
Chris Rock: “[I want to] direct Denzel Washington in a comedy. He hasn’t done it. I’ve seen him: He can turn a phrase and be kind of charming and kind of funny. He can kind of do everything.” (Tribeca Film Festival, 2016)
Saoirse Ronan: “I’d love to work with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone because they are fantastic. I think it is a good time to be in the company of other people who don’t want to sexualise themselves or objectify themselves.” (Telegraph, 2013)
Martin Scorsese: “Johnny Depp is one. I like him. He’s unique. I don’t know how he does it. George Clooney. Brad Pitt is interesting. And Tobey Maguire. There’s a lot of good people.” (The Playlist, 2010)
Michael Shannon: “I’ve always wanted to work with David Lynch . . . Paul Thomas Anderson? I’m desperate to work with him. He’s at the top. And I’d love to work with Michael Haneke.” (PORT Magazine, 2013)
Steven Spielberg: “Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.” (Inquirer, 2012)
Jason Statham: “Will Ferrell. I want to do, like, an action-comedy with him.” (Entertainment Weekly, 2013)
Kristen Stewart: “I love Jacques Audiard. A Prophet transported me. I would kill to work with him. I also really like Andrea Arnold. I love Fish Tank . . . I loved Mustang, Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s movie.” (Les Inrockuptible, 2015)
Emma Stone: “If I don’t do something with Diane Keaton before the end of time, I don’t know what I’ll do.” (Hollywood Reporter, 2017)
Meryl Streep: “I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don't know if I’ll live that long.” (The Talks, 2011)
Quentin Tarantino: “Kate Winslet, she is one of the greatest actresses of our time.” (The Young Folks, 2016)
Charlize Theron: “I am stalking Lynne Ramsay.” (San Francisco Chronicle, 2018)
Alicia Vikander: “Denis Villeneuve, the Coen brothers, or Charlie Kaufman.” (Santa Barbara Independent, 2016)
Denzel Washington: “There are obvious ones - Scorsese, or Tarantino, but they haven’t called.” (Den of Geek, 2010)
Edgar Wright: “Clint Eastwood.” (Den of Geek, 2013)
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2018.06.20 14:59 4rollingstock [NA] Sony Dates Jason Reitman’s ‘The Front Runner’, Untitled James Gunn Horror Pic & ‘Escape Room’

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