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Fast zwei Wochen lang platziert ein GPT-3-Bot im Minutentakt Antworten im beliebten Subreddit “askreddit”. Rund 30 Millionen Menschen – und eine unbekannte Anzahl Maschinen – treffen sich dort, stellen Fragen, geben Antworten, diskutieren. Viele von den Hunderten von GPT-3 generierten Antworten sind harm- oder belanglos, aber sie sind ... r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. OPEN IN APP. Posted in r/AskReddit · 5y. Join [Mod Post] A statement on yesterday's Chooting ... den take a nap. Mehrere Tage lang beteiligte sich ein User namens 'thegentlemetre' ausgiebig an Diskussionen auf der sozialen News-Plattform Reddit.Im AskReddit-Forum sinnierte er etwa über die Vorzüge von Radiohead versus den Beatles, schrieb über seine Lieblingsromane und erklärte, dass die Menschheit seit Anbeginn der Zeit von Illuminaten kontrolliert werde. . Ja, richtig gelesen: Nach kurzer Zeit ... Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. 3m members in the AskReddit community Intending work for as people as possible find love through online dating profile: RAskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions Never go thru a phenomenon locals who Data Breaches: and results should do: In May: the young stars will be spending a lot more time together 18.8k votes, 5.1k comments. 30.1m members in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. 30.1m members in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Back story. He was a VN vet with PTSD and very violent. He had been in a drug rage for several days. I had been out at the grocery store with the baby and had just come home. I put my little girl down in the den and went to check on him. When I opened the door, he was crouched on the floor pointing the rifle at me. Howdy, folks! We’re halfway through the 70s, and I thought I’d celebrate with a time capsule house stuck weirdly enough, in the 80s. Our house this time comes to us from Fairfield County, Connecticut, and while it may not be an obvious contender on the exterior, I promise you won’t be disappointed once we head through that door. Askreddit deutsch Kredit ohne Vorkosten - Jetzt online beantragen . In wenigen Sekunden online beantragt und in 24 Stunden ausgezahlt ; Das Sammelbecken für alle Deutschsprachler, hauptsächlich auf Deutsch, manchmal auch auf Englisch. Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz,.. Vgl. AskReddit - hier in der deutschsprachigen Version.

Frag Reddit - auf Deutsch

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2012.11.25 15:51 Denludde Fråga Sweddit

1) Din fråga måste vara med i titeln 2) Din fråga måste vara på kretsa kring Sverige/norden om den är relevant för hela värden för den antagligen hemma på /askreddit 3) Asksweddit är till för diskussions startande frågor. Om din fråga kan besvaras med en googling, eller i ett ord. Då är den inte rätt här. 4) Asksweddit är inte en plattform för reklam eller opinionsskapande utan för diskussion och eftertanke.

2011.04.11 22:15 Shitty AMA: because not all of us are special.

We know how it is, you want to share your experience as Sir Isaac Newton, but the dumb fucks at IAmA demand so-called proof. We aren't bothered by such details, so if you have an "interesting" story to share, welcome to ShittyAMA.

2020.09.27 14:55 THE_REAL_KIMBUSIK Soruyu askreddit den caldim ancak cidden cevabinizi merak ettim

Fani oldugunuz cidden severek takip ettiginiz ancak fan kitlesinin genel toxicliği yüzünden birine soylemekten cekindiginiz bir sey var mi?
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2020.08.27 04:41 SingularIgnorance Welche günstig/kostenfrei absolvierbaren Online-Zertifikate werten den Lebenslauf merklich auf?

Hallo Leute,
ihr kennt vielleicht den periodisch wiederkehrenden Post in askreddit über die Frage, welche Online-Ressourcen für Zertifikate und Kurse kostengünstig zu absolvieren sind und dafür auf dem Lebenslauf Eindruck schinden und die eigenen Chancen auf eine Anstellung verbessern können. Seien es MOOCs auf Portalen wie Coursera, Google Fortbildungen oder etwas ganz anderes.
Das Problem, das ich daran sehe, ist dass die dort genannten Empfehlungen häufig US-geprägt sind und mir mangels Erfahrung die Einschätzung schwierig fällt, welche Qualifikationen auch hierzulande gefragt bzw. angesehen sind. Vielleicht herrschen auch kategorische Unterschiede zum deutschen Arbeitsmarkt und derartige Zertifikate sind bei uns allgemein deutlich weniger wert.
Ich würde gerne das Wissen des deutschen Reddit-Hiveminds nutzen, um einen Überblick über die erfahrungsgemäß gefragten und sinnvollen Quellen zu sammeln. Meine Frage bezieht sich insbesondere auf einen Einstieg in den digitalen / IT-Sektor, aber natürlich sind Hinweise jedweder Art willkommen.
Vielen Dank für eure Beiträge!
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2020.07.18 03:11 Bob_the_peasant Anything meaningful gets auto moderates by most of the popular subs and I’m sick of it.

Edit: auto moderated (in title)
This website has a real issue with trying to keep the conversations “civil” while filtering out posts based off of key words that are not inflammatory on their own. I expect to be moderated in echo chamber niche subs like thedonald (rip) when speaking out against their opinions, but not being muzzled in general subs for no reason.
Trying to post an interesting thought involving vaccines that has nothing to do with anything political on showerthoughts is rejected.
Posts that start with “we all know that” are rejected on askreddit, even though the whole sentence is “we all know we need water to survive, but...” and leads to an interesting question.
I could go on and on but most of you have probably had to deal with this and know exactly what I’m talking about. basically reddit is just a series of echo chambers and meme dens, and I need to stop thinking I can post anything real here.
Let’s see if this post even goes up
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2020.05.21 18:53 Beetz_Don I received a $750.00 and $1,200.00 USD fine for lockdown infringement, what?

Hello Reddit!
I tried asking this question in CoronaVirus sub, but you can ONLY post videos and links. Then I tried posting it in Askreddit sub, but they are only about jokes and stuff and nothing serious, so everytime I posted my question it got immediately removed, because it was deemed “too serious”. So hopefully I can get some answers on THIS sub.
I live in Virginia Beach, on the beach and the beach is in a lockdown currently. So two weeks ago me and a few of my family members was out in the back yard barbecuing some food. A cop came and knocked on the back gate because the back gate is part of the beach and the sand and stuff. So he knocks on the back gate and gives us a “warning” about social distancing..... IN OUR OWN BACK YARD??!? I was cool with it and offered him a cheeseburger, he thanked me and went on his way....
Then two days later me and three of my family members as well as one female friend were outside in the backyard cleaning up and moving some stuff from the shed and attic to the truck to give to the local churches to help people (mostly old clothes, board games, blankets and sheets). A cop came and met us at the truck and asked us some questions about if we all live in the same house and asked us for ID’s. Gave him the ID’s and told him we all live there except for one person who is over helping us move stuff from our shed and attic to our truck. The cop then issued us a $750 ticket for lockdown infringement?!?!?
A week later a cop comes and knocks on our door. It’s around 09:00pm EST at night. He starts asking me if I’m having a party and how many people are over. I told him it was me and my three family members that all live here with me and a family friend over. Each of us was in our own separate rooms and the family friend was hanging in the den playing PlayStation 4 with the sound really loud. The cop asked for ID’s yet again and we all gave him our ID’s. He went with his partner back to his car and then about 10 minutes later two more cop car showed up. They said someone had reported me having a “house party”, which I clearly wasn’t. After that the “cops” then gave me a $1,200 fine again for Lockdown Infringement.
We are all black. We are all over the age of 25.
Is this legal what they are doing to us?
Can we fight this?
My white friends claim that it is illegal what they are doing to us and that it’s against our constitutional rights.
I am at a complete lost. A $750 fine and a $1,200 fine one behind another.... WHAT?!?!?
(Side note: we live in an extremely nice neighborhood and most of our neighbors are Caucasian. They don’t like us being here. We’ve had issues with the neighbors “accidentally knocking over our trash bens when they were full” somehow. We’ve had a few incidents where we leave the house in the morning and there is dog poop on our front lawn and NOBODY else ever has that issue that we can see... We’ve even had a neighbor sit outside our property on the street and write stuff down, like legit in his car, directly in front of our property. One time someone threw a whole entire vodka bottle on our driveway and it shattered sending glass everywhere, this happened when nobody was home. We were forced to get cameras around the house after that incident)
I’ve come to the understanding that our neighbors are more than likely calling the police on us for no reason and they might even possibly know the police. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but these fines and all those stuff that’s been happening since we moved here is pretty crazy.
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2019.11.06 18:05 Distorticon Thanks for the Reddit gold, stranger!

Edit: Wow! Thanks for the Reddit gold, stranger! I never knew that could have climbed the social ranks of the Internet like this. I came from a family of 6 and lived in a small apartment in downtown Minneapolis. Life got hard after my parents divorced. My mother took me and my 3 sisters, as well as the cat, Horacio, with her to Canada. We didn’t even get passports! We lived from shelter to shelter with little to no money, since my foolish father decided not to pay child support every month. My mother took to drugs to cope with her issues. She would make me smuggle cough syrup and painkillers from the local CVS, just so whenever we got home she would overdose and crash. That’s how she would fall asleep. One day, she pushed her limits, and never woke up. I went rogue after this incident. I was only 12, but I knew what I had to do. I ran out through the packed snow and became one with nature. The crisp, clean air glided past my jacket as I pursued a pack of wolves. They took me in as one of them. Eventually, I developed a computer composed only of recycling and scrap metal. By whoring a hotel lobby’s WiFi, I discovered, and created an account. And here I am, receiving Reddit gold after defying all of these odds! I truly do applaud you, stranger. I hope I can meet you one day and show you the den.
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2019.07.28 12:07 thatguykian Wie würdet ihr die 2010er Jahre beschreiben?

Inspiriert von einem Askreddit faden.
Wie würdet ihr die 2010er Jahre charakterisieren? Was unterscheidet es von den Jahrzehnten vorher? Woran werden wir denken wenn wir in 20 oder 30 Jahren auf diese (bald) zehn Jahre zurückdenken?
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2019.07.08 19:23 Im_Zackie Was gonna post this on an AskReddit post, but I had a better story for that post. Still wanna share this tho.

AskReddit asked me "Who is a stranger you still remember and why?" This was going to be my answer:
This literally happened 3 days ago, but still.
I went to Anthrocon (a furry convention) on Friday, and while I was there I ran into someone. Told me his name was Beethoven (We usually use our character names rather than real names). He was a really cool dude, we chatted it up for like, 25 minutes, but the Dealers Den was about to open so everyone was trying to funnel into the line to get in and I ended up loosing him in the crowd.
Didn't get any of his socials either. We talked about twitter and telegram, but he didn't have a telegram and I don't use twitter as often as I used to. Hopefully one day.
Wherever you are, Beethoven. I hope you're still killin' it✌️✌️✌️
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2019.01.16 22:58 KaiF1SCH Help translating a family heirloom?

Hello! A recent askReddit thread brought up interesting family ancestors. My answer involved my great great great great grandfather, Dr. Hille, who lived in the Netherlands. We have a letter from King Willem III, thanking Dr. Hille for vaccinating the less fortunate for free. We know that is the general gist of it, but I was curious to know if anyone here could help me figure out a more exact translation. Here is a link to the letter and a picture of Dr. Hille. I know the lighting is not ideal, so below is my best attempt at transcription. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Op de voordragt van Onzen Minister van Binnenlandsche Zaken, van den 17 August ad 1865 No. 189 9 de Afdeeling;
Gezien Ons besluit van den 19 den January 1861, No. 80;
Hebben goedgevonden en verstaan:
Den by Ons besluit van 7 April 1861, No. 76, ingestelden EEREPENNING, voor gratis vaccinatie van minvermogenden in het jaar 1864, toe te kennen aan den heer
K. Hille, te Texel (Oosterend)
Onze Minister van Binnenlandsche Zaken is belast met de uitvoering van dit besluit.
Lucerne, den 21 Aug. 1865
De Minister van Binnenlandsche Zaken,
(geteekend) THORBECKE.
(geteehend) WILLEM.
Accordeert met het origineel,
De Secretaris Generaal bij het Ministerie van Binnenlandsche Zaken,

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2018.12.22 22:02 Fleecimton Redditoren und ihre Geschichten

Hallo erstmal! Mir ist demletzt mal wieder aufgefallen, wie schön sich manche User hier auf Reddit (nicht In de) Vor allem auf solchen Subs wie askreddit ihre Geschichten ausdenken können, um an Karma und Imaginäre Zuwendung zu kommen.
Kommt nur Mir das so vor, oder sind manche Leute einfach völlig weltfremd und naiv und erzählen sowie glauben jeden Scheiß, den sich manch einer da hingedönst hat?!
Hatte gestern den Fall, dass sich jemand über "child abuse" ausgelassen hat, dass seine Mutter ihn nicht mit nach Florida mitgenommen hat als sogenanntes im Thread gefragtes "unique punishment". Dieser Unbekannte hat doch tatsächlich sein ganzes Leben daran aufgehangen, So wie es scheint. Er musste in Therapie, hat 20 Jahre lang keinen Kontakt zu seiner ach So schlimmen Mutter gehabt usw und So fort... meine Güte... Das ist Ja fast So, als wenn ich mich erhängen müsste, weil ich Mir mal ein Spielzeugauto gewünscht habe, mein Bruder es aber bekommen hat. wtf?! Ja da wäre ich auch angepisst für drei Minuten. habe natürlich mal meinen Senf dazu abgelassen, dass ich nicht glaube, dass man da So ein Trara draus machen muss und der Verfasser wohl ein wenig übertreibt, im Sinne von "ich wurde Opfer eines Kindesmissbrauchs". Was die logische Reaktion der Redditoren In diesem Thread dazu natürlich war: Dislikes ohne Ende. was zum Teufel ist denn bitte Mit den Leuten los?! da wird man dann noch beschimpft von wegen, man sei jemand, der Victim blaming betreibt...
oh Gott, kann man solche subreddits nicht einfach blockieren oder So?
was kann man dagegen tun? solche Taugenichtse werden gefühlt immer mehr In der Onlinewelt... oder seh ich Das falsch? Beweise? ach soo.. ne sorry, heute ausverkauft, aber ich glaub dir trotzdem, du armes dutzie duuu! hä?!
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2018.12.07 11:18 universe_from_above Wer glaubt an den Weihnachtsmann?

Ich bin in askreddit auf eine Diskussion zum Thema „Lehrer, was macht ihr, wenn Kinder, die noch an Santa glauben, auf Kinder treffen, die das nicht mehr tun?". Da scheint es normal zu sein, dass selbst zehnjährige noch an den Weihnachtsmann glauben. Das finde ich zumindest irritierend, da ich damit aufgewachsen bin, dass halt offenbar niemand das wirklich geglaubt hat. Das scheint für mich ein neueres Phänomen zu sein, dem ich erst begegnet bin, als ich das erste Kind hatte und dessen Freunde halt fest von der Existenz von Weihnachtsmann und Co. überzeugt wurden.
Wie ist/war das bei euch? Was denkt ihr über sowas? Und seit wann bekommen Kinder Geschenke von der Zahnfee?!
Und wenn es jemand schafft, den anderen Thread zu verlinken, wäre ich dankbar; ich schaffe das bei der App nicht.
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2018.09.28 10:01 KwesatzHaderach An open letter to the individual who broke into my truck on the corner of Van Ness and Pine a couple of hours ago:

(Note: I am neither surprised nor appalled at this event given my long tenure with this city, but I need to vent, so please spare me the ‘well what do you expect for not paying $45 to park your oversized truck in the city for two hours’, and let me rant please?)
Dear [gender-appropriate descriptor],
I am torn. Yes truly torn. On one hand, I truly pity the circumstances in your life that have led to the desperation it must have taken to crack my windshield and drivers side window before smashing the back window in a vehicle with an alarm system parked on a busy street just after sundown.
On the other hand, I hope you get a fucking abscess from injecting drugs into your taint like those fucks in the RN AskReddit from a few days ago.
I haven’t led a perfect life. And I don’t doubt for a second that you are some hellspawn agent of karma sent to collect part of the cosmic debt I owe for years of being a fucktard. However, as long as we are settling debts, I want to make damn sure I am getting credit for every fucking inch I’m taking - because let me tell you - I can feel it.
You see, you snatched my briefcase from under that blanket stuffed under the backseat (congratulations - you did manage to take the most valuable item you could carry out of the cab) which contained virtually every valuable piece of electronics I currently (edit: USED TO) own.
Normally losing your laptop, external HD, all your chargers and cords is bad enough, but you happened to take these items on the eve before I give my first presentation to the CEO of the company I just started working for. I guess that’s not happening anymore. Now instead I get to explain to my new boss how I will have to recreate significant portions of an extensive analysis project as well as reassure him that the sensitive company information that was on that laptop is safe. Did I mentioned I have nowhere enough saved to replace the laptop, let alone any of the other stuff that was in there? Yeah. Thanks.
But here’s the kicker - even given all that, the only loss that really stings is tucked into the left pocket of the folder in the center compartment. See that red envelope? Yeah that’s it. It’s been there for the last 6 years. It’s my acceptance letter to grad school. The one I got at one of the toughest points of my life. The first letter of its kind in my family. The one to my dream school. The letter I pulled out when things got tough to remind myself of what I could do when I worked hard and knuckled under. The reminder that even when the whole world was closing in around me I never gave up.
Ill never get that back. I mean, Ill be fine. Maybe I’ll put a copy of my diploma in my next folder. But that letter got me through some tough days when I was really down on myself. So for that - fuck you.
Next. This has been a rough couple of months. I’ve been in tougher spots to be sure, and again, I know i’ll get through, but I just want you to fully appreciate the gravity of what you did to me tonight when you smashed my windows. You see, I just climbed my way back into this job after working for shit pay on the other side of the country for the last three months to make ends meet. I saved just enough money to drive myself back across the country to the west coast - my saving grace - and start a new job. I haven’t been paid yet. I don’t have anywhere to stay. I’m camping out of my truck until I get my first paycheck, so I guess it’s gonna be a drafty fucking night. So for that - fuck you.
But finally, I need you to understand that there is a silver lining. And it’s that shoebox. Yeaaahhhhh motherfucker. That one. That beat up asics box that I assume you slung under your other arm as you carried off my briefcase due to its heft - it must have contained something valuable with all that weight, no?
Hahaha. Well. I’d like to think that you didn’t realize how easily the center compartment of that particular box slides out from the rest of the casing. And that in this particular instance that would mean that sometime as you beat a hasty retreat to whatever god forsaken hell hole you use as a crack den the contents of that box spilled all over the sidewalk, displaying for all to see your new collection of sex toys and BDSM accoutrements. Please. PLEASE tell me - if you ever have the chance to respond - I need to know how much garbage mexican black tar can you buy in the tenderloin for two well used purple buttplugs?!? Seriously. I must know. I hope you are right now self flagellating with that beautiful rosewood paddle I got on Etsy a couple of years ago for picking up that box.
Yeah, that collection took a while to build up to. And there are some seriously good memories associated with several of the items in that box. So for that as well - fuck you.
And there are worse places than SF to have your kinks exposed, but for the rest of my life, when I think of how terrible this incident has been, the corner of my mouth will curl in a mean smile as I think of how you thought you had snatched more valuable merchandise and ended up with nipple clamps and a clitoral suction cup.
Go fuck yourself, KH
PS - you missed 200 in cash tucked into the center console I had accidentally left there like an idiot. Small miracles right??? So one more time - FUCK YOU!
TL;DR - TIFU because I wouldn’t pay to park in SF, failed to back up work. truck got broken into and laptop stolen the night before a big presentation. Silver lining: only other thing thief absconded with was actually a box of sex toys ;)
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2018.08.15 20:33 Stummi Was waren eure teuersten Fehler?

Ahoi, Der gleichnamige AskReddit Thread hat mich neugierig gemacht, und ich dachte mir, so ein Thema mit Fokus auf die Deutsche Finanzwelt wäre vielleicht auch nicht schlecht. Vielleicht kann der eine oder andere ja auch was aus den Fehlern Anderer lernen und es besser machen.
Ich mache den Anfang:
Noch eine Kurze Klarstellung: Mir geht es nicht um Verluste z.B in Investitionen, die ihr bewusst mit einem Risiko gemacht habt, sondern wirklich um das Geld, dass ihr durch Unwissenheit oder Fehlende Erfahrung verloren habt.
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2018.06.11 12:02 eltrow Frage an alle die auf der SAE Wien studiert haben.

Erstmal guten Morgen und nen hoffentlich net so bescheidenen Montag. Ich hätte Interesse "Games Programming" an der SAE Wien im März 2019 zu studieren. Ich dachte mir alles perfekt geplant, doch dann hörte ich, dass manche "reviews" sehr wenig von der SAE halten. Gegenargumente waren: "Bachelor von der SAE wird nicht überall anerkannt und viele Arbeitgeber ignorieren sofort Bewerber wenn sie einen SAE abschluss haben. Deshalb hätte ich ein paar Fragen an ehemalige Studenten oder Leute die sich auskennen. (Games Programming studenten preferabel aber auch die anderen Erfahrungen würden mir sehr helfen)
  1. Welchen abschluss machtet ihr und wie ging die Arbeitssuche danach?
  2. Wo habt ihr nach Arbeit gesucht? Nur Österreich oder auch Auslands und wie sahen die Angebote aus?
  3. Wie sehen eure Gehälter im groben aus?
  4. Wie würdets ihr die SAE selbst bewerten? (Blöd jetzt über das Gebäude zu reden da sie in 1-2 Monaten in den 1.Bezirk ziehen)
  5. Was sind eure Gegenargumente gegen die SAE abgesehen von den Kosten
Ist das erste Mal, dass ich so ein askreddit mache vlt würde ich noch Fragen hinzufügen falls mir noch mehr einfällt.
Vielen Dank schonmal
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2018.05.11 11:32 Stale_meme_boy Vilken är den bästa pizzan du ätit i Sverige, och var åt du den? (rippat från tråden på askreddit)

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2018.04.20 22:12 EmmaSilja Hvem har egentlig påvist, at et forbud mod omskæring af raske drenge kan udløse en international krise?

Okay, før var Socialdemokratiet mod et forbud og nu også den siddende regering.
Argumentet er, at man ikke vil udløse en international krise.
Jeg spurgte AskReddit I dag, hvad de syntes - og nu ved jeg godt, at 200 anonyme respondenter er en temmelig uvidenskabelig kilde - men topkommentarerne var enige om, at det var fornuftigt at gennemtvinge et forbud.
Så hvad er det for en kilde, politikerne henviser til, når de taler om, at det kan udløse en krise? Er der en eneste højtstående embedsmand eller kvinde i et eller andet land derude, som har ytret, at de agter at boykotte danske varer, hvis dette borgerforslag stemmes igennem?
Rettelse: link til AskReddit
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2018.04.13 19:36 alfu30b Dürfen Frauen in Deutschland oberkörperfrei in der Öffentlichkeit herumlaufen?

Bin in einem AskReddit Thread auf diese Website gestoßen: In der Mehrheit der US Staaten scheint es also legal zu sein, als Frau beispielsweise oberkörperfrei joggen zu gehen. Wenn man den kulturellen Aspekt (Catcalling, Angewidertheit etc.) außer Acht lässt, wäre das in Deutschland legal oder fällt das unter Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisses?
inb4 "huehue OP will boobies sehen", nicht mehr als jeder andere; ich bin tatsächlich neugierig wie das bei uns geregelt ist
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2018.03.12 14:34 nullweegee 4x10 statt 5x8 Stunden Arbeit pro Woche?

Vorhin habe ich einen Thread auf AskReddit gefunden, in welchem darüber diskutiert wurde, ob man - ausgehend von einer 40h-Woche - lieber 4 mal die Woche 10 Stunden arbeiten wollen würde statt 5 mal die Woche für 8 Stunden. Was man hauptsächlich an Begründungen so liest lässt sich unter dem Motto "für den einen Tag mehr Freizeit lohnt es sich, zwei Stunden mehr pro Tag zu arbeiten" zusammenfassen.
Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass die 40-Stunden-Woche meiner Meinung nach sowieso reduziert/abgeschafft werden sollte, würde mich interessieren, was de von dieser Idee hält. Die Arbeitsmoral/-kultur in den USA ist ja hier (glücklicherweise) oftmals nicht übertragbar, weswegen man Kommentare von unseren amerikanischen Freunden bei arbeitsspezifischen Themen mit etwas Vorsicht genießen sollte - darum auch der extra Thread auf diesem Unterlases Ü
Ich persönlich weiß nicht so recht, wie ich zu dieser Idee stehen soll. Einerseits ist ein zusätzlicher freier Tag natürlich eine feine Sache, andererseits habe ich bereits jetzt manchmal das Gefühl, dass die Freizeit nach Feierabend einfach viel zu schnell vorbeizieht. Wenn ich davon dann nochmal ein oder gar zwei Stunden wegnehmen müsste, käme ich wohl wirklich nur noch von der Arbeit nach Hause um zu essen, ein wenig im Haushalt zu machen und dann zu schlafen. Ob mir der freie Freitag oder Montag das dann tatsächlich an Lebensqualität zurückgeben könnten, wage ich irgendwie zu bezweifeln. Zumal ich aufgrund einer 41h-Woche sowieso mindestens ein mal pro Monat auch am fünften Tag bei der Arbeit erscheinen müsste, da das Zeitkonto im Rahmen des Arbeitsrechts nach 10 Stunden aufhört zu zählen.
Tja. Und ihr so?
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2018.02.09 03:06 Il3rg1cl034nc Today my shrink told me I might be a hoarder. [NAW]

I'm sorry this is so long. I just needed to get it off my chest (haha). This is a throwaway because I want to distance myself from the reality of my situation and who I am.
A few days ago, I saved this AskReddit thread and was reading through it. I noticed that there was a common theme among the stories: the homes these Redditors went into were often hoarder dens, packed to the brim with garbage and shit – literal and figurative – and with residents that were portrayed as equally disgusting.
While reading this thread, I glanced around my apartment. I took note of the piles of dirty clothes on the floor, clothes that have been accumulating since early December, the last time I had done laundry, had really even cleaned at all. I looked down at the side of my bed, looked at the pile of empty beer bottles, cans, chip bags. Felt under my pillows and grabbed wrappers. I took stock of my bedding: unchanged, horrible, stained with food and in one spot, blood from when I had picked a scab on my foot and bled into the sheets. My pillows, covered in cat hair or shoved between the wall and the mattress. I remembered that in my pile of dirty clothes was a shirt I had used to clean up the residue of a hairball my cat had coughed up weeks ago. I could smell the lingering, offensive stench of his litter box – a self-cleaning machine with a disposable litter tray. The tray is full, and I hadn't taken it out yet. I looked up at the kitchen, looking at the empty pizza boxes stacked on my stove, the empty containers spilling out of my trash, the sink piled with dishes, some of them moldy. I thought of my fridge, and the pumpkin blintzes that I took home from work in October. I had intended to give them to my boyfriend, but I kept forgetting to bring them. They are disgusting now, they're black, they're unrecognizable, and they're still fucking sitting there. Just like the sour coffee, the old noodles. I thought of my couch, with the tattered old bed sheet draped halfway over it as a makeshift cover, piled to my chest with clothes and items, shipping boxes, books, two ocarinas, pills, pens, pencils, so much god damn paper, and far too many wires and chargers and adapters, stuff that didn't even fucking work anymore or at all.
I thought of my car. The trunk, filled with crap. Dirty clothes. My Halloween costume. Cotton balls. Card games. A bike rack. A bag of trash from the last time I hurriedly and ashamedly cleaned out my car so my brother and his girlfriend wouldn't have to wade through it all to sit in the back seat – a bag that I keep saying I'll throw out once I get a chance to sort it all, a bag that's been in there since November. I thought of my backseat, ankle deep in empty coffee cups and empty cans and empty coffee cups, a pile of clothes left on the backseat from all my back-and-forth trips. I thought of the cute miniature tree the school secretary had given me for Christmas, still in my cupholder, dessicated and dry, her handwritten note wishing me a happy holiday still tied to it with a jingle bell.
I thought about it all and I began to feel the anxiety rising in me like bubbles. I felt shame flood me, hot and burning. I could hear it all whispering in my ear: What's wrong with you, what's wrong with you, you live like this, you live this way, what's wrong with you, aren't you supposed to be an adult? What kind of adult are you, what kind of adult lets themselves get to this point? I thought of how only two months ago the apartment had been in shambles, a mess accumulated over months, and I'd had to ask my mom to help me because staring at it all sent me into an overwhelmed panic and I couldn't just get it done because the sheer scope of it all dwarfed me and my energy and my motivation. It had taken all day. I spent most of it sitting on my bed crying because there was too much stuff and no where to put it, but it was all stuff I wanted... it was all stuff I needed. I didn't know where to start, so I never started at all.
Only two months ago, and I'm back. It's just as bad. Maybe worse. Worse now because I don't want to ask for help, because I already asked once and I'd promised to maintain it all, and then I had gone and fucked it up and let it go again, because I am a miserable, shitty, garbage person. I don't want to ask for help because then everyone will know about how mommy had to bail me out again because I never learned how to be a grown up. They'll know and they'll shame me. They won't say it, not directly to me, but they'll say it to each other and it will make its way back to me in some way. They'll say it to each other and they won't trust me anymore, because I'll always be a child. I'll always be incompetent and inept. The worst thing is, they'll be right.
Only it's more than that. It's possessions. Stuff I know I don't need, stuff I'm not even sure I want, but I buy it for convenience, or out of impulse. Because I want to try something, an experiment, or want to craft something and inevitably it all comes back to gathering dust in my room, hidden under all that trash. And if it's not stuff I buy, it's stuff I keep. Scraps of paper, empty cardboard boxes, bottles and containers – I tell myself they can all be repurposed or reused. I can doodle on the scratch paper, I can use the cardboard boxes to store my stuff in so it's out of the way and bundled up in my closet where I can pretend it's organized, I can store all my supplies and doo-dads in the containers to keep stuff neater. I have so many plans, so many ideas. I can't throw it out. I can't just toss it all, not when I can think of how it can be useful someday, so I just keep it for that day, to be prepared.
And now it's come to this. I'm sitting here and I'm realizing just how much stuff I have. How much stuff I continue to acquire. Like I black out and when I come to, I've purchased a home laminating machine, a new binder and filler paper even though I haven't filled my other one, new pens and highlighters because I keep losing them in the mess, so many fucking markers and colored pencils because I like the shades or I want to try a different medium when I'm doing "art". So much stuff that it scares me, I can't even begin to figure out how I want to organize it, I wonder if it can be organized, how do I know what fits in what category, what if one thing can go in two places, what if I forget where I put it, do I have any room, I have to have room, but I need containers, I don't know what size or kind of containers but I need them, can't organize without them, can't organize with them, where do I put all this stuff? I can't throw it away, it's new, it still works, I'll use it someday, I'm trying a new hobby, I have an idea, a project in the works, this is a treasured memory I'm afraid to lose, but if you took it and didn't tell me I wouldn't even know it's gone. Look at all these clothes, I can't fit anything more in my closet, I haven't even looked at some of these shirts for a year or longer, but I can't just donate them, I like these shirts, I might wear them again some day, I need them. I need all of it. I don't need all of it. I just can't part with it. I can part with it. I can't, I can't bear to, it's too overwhelming, there's so much. There's so much that I am lost in it, I'm swimming through it all and I'm drowning, and for some reason, I can't seem to stop myself. I'm watching my finances dwindle away and I'm trying to curb my spending, I'm trying to consume less, buy less, but... why can't I, why can't I stop? It makes me so unhappy. Why can't I stop it?
So I've isolated myself. No one can come over. It's embarrassing. What will they think when they see how I live? I can't even remember the last time I let my boyfriend come over. I don't want him to know. It's just me and my cat, and I hate it here, but where do I go? I can't escape it, but I hate it. I hate it but I can't fix it and I don't know why. I don't understand why. I hate it here. I used to love it. Now I can't open the blinds because people will see. Now this place is crammed full and I'm trying to live in it and it's horrible.
I came home today and I picked up my clothes. Threw away trash. I'm doing laundry. I'm out of clean underwear. Two hours, I worked, non-stop, hands and knees with my broom swinging it under the bed and couch to get all the crap out from under it. I did this all, but I'm still overwhelmed. There's so much left to do. I made a list. I made a list like last time, only last time the list didn't help, it sat on the whiteboard for two months and stared at me and I stared back and not one fucking thing got checked off. I made another list, but I know that come tomorrow, I'll find some reason to avoid touching it all. It's too much. I can't do it. I can't stand it.
So my shrink tells me I might be a hoarder. I'm reading about it now. I don't believe in self-diagnosis, and he didn't formally assess me, so who knows if the diagnosis actually applies. All I know is the symptoms describe me. The self-rating scale claimed it's clinically severe. I know that when I read those stories of those people in their houses filled with possessions and trash, I stared into a mirror. I stared into a crystal ball and into my future. I saw me. It's me. That's me.
Thanks for reading. I don't want advice because I'm a fucking child and I can't bear to hear the truth. I know. I'm sorry. I don't want someone else to say what I already know because it hurts more that way, and I don't want to hurt anymore.
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2017.12.25 11:18 bortkastat2017 [Seriös] Mina "vänner" bryr sig inte om mig

Har länge haft detta problem och jag förstår verkligen inte vad jag gör för fel. Jag känner mig ofta bortglömd av mina så kallade vänner, på flera olika sätt. Det kan vara att jag blir avbruten eller att folk inte verkar höra när jag försöker säga något, att jag sakta trängs ut ur "ringen" när folk står och pratar eller att jag alltid blir den som får gå bakom när vi går någonstans och det är för trångt för att gå alla i bredd. Folk jag umgås med på skolan och som verkar uppskatta mig där bjuder heller aldrig in mig till saker utanför skolan, och det händer även relativt ofta att de planerar saker de ska göra senare medan jag är där, så får jag sitta där som en idiot och lyssna på det. Ska jag hitta på något med någon så är det alltid jag som kommer med förslaget, men åter igen så verkar de uppskatta det när de väl är där.
Det har varit likadant på både gymnasiet och nu på universitetet, och jag förstår verkligen inte vad jag gör fel. Jag har ju börjat inse att det är något med hur jag är eller vad jag gör som ligger bakom eftersom det nu har skett på två olika orter.
Jag vet att jag brukar kunna vara lite blyg i större grupper där jag inte känner alla, men alla som jag ser som "vänner" kan jag vara vanlig med både enskilt och alla tillsammans.
Tidigare trodde jag att mitt utanförskap kunnat bero på att jag under en tid i grundskolan la väldigt mycket tid på träning och därför sällan hade tid att träffa folk från klassen och att folk helt enkelt hade fått inpräntat att "han är ändå alltid upptagen", men sedan gymnasiet har jag skrotat den teorin då det inte längre stämmer - jag hörde ofta av mig till folk för att ses men det var aldrig någon som hörde av sig till mig.
Jag har läst flera trådar på AskReddit och liknande där folk kommit med tips till blyga eller folk utan riktiga vänner, och ofta står i stort sett samma saker - våga prata och "göra bort dig", lyssna istället för att själv försöka stå i centrum. Jag tycker dock att jag försökt göra detta, men jag får aldrig chansen att prova prata och göra bort mig eftersom jag antingen blir avbruten eller att ingen hör, och när jag väl sitter med och lyssnar på ett samtal så får jag aldrig chansen att delta eftersom någon annan pratar så fort jag tänkt säga något, och jag vill ju inte själv vara den som avbryter. Skulle jag dock göra det och helt enkelt börja prata samtidigt som någon annan så kan jag lova att ingen skulle märka att jagens öppnat käften.
Vet egentligen inte vad ett gäng anonyma personer på ett internetforum kan göra, men jag hoppas att någon har varit i något liknande och tagit sig ur det som kanske kan hjälpa mig! Tack!
Edit 171226 01.30: För en och en halv timme sedan satte jag mig och började åter igen att svara på allt ni skrivit! Stort tack för alla svar, jag har verkligen fått en hel del hjälp! Har ni mer att säga är det självklart bara roligt och verkligen uppskattat! Nu ska jag sova, imorgon tänkte jag återuppta att svara om det kommit in fler saker, och om inte tänkte jag skumma igenom tråden igen och skriva ner "mina viktigaste lärdomar". Någon fick mig att skriva ner saker om mig själv och det fick mig verkligen att tänka på hans frågor på ett annat sätt, så att kolla igenom igen och fakiskt skriva ned vad jag ska ta med mig tror jag kommer hjälpa, om inte annat blir det väl en liten TL;DR ifall någon annan med liknande problem hittar denna tråd i ett senare skede! Åter igen, stort tack till alla som bidragit, stort som litet!
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2017.12.20 01:20 NipponPanda Framtidsutsikter civilingenjör?

Jag läste den där millenial tråden på askreddit och många av amerikanarna sa att de inte får jobb efter examen. Detta fick mig att nojja över min egen pågående utbildning (industriell ekonomi).
Jag förstår att man inte direkt blir serverat ett jobb på ett silverfat efter utbildningen men så svårt kan det väl inte vara att landa ett skapligt jobb med en masterexamen, eller? Många talar om att nätverka och sånt, jag vet dock inte hur man gör det eller var man ska börja, några tips? Vet någon hur vart man vänder sig om man vill hitta företag för jobb utomlands, typ USA, Japan, någon mässa kanske?
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2017.12.17 21:18 _Niroc_ Jemand ne Ahnung von Bachelor(genrell Studiengang) in Psychologie?

Bin da gerade in so nem askreddit thread auf ziemlich viel hate auf den Psychologie Studiengang getroffen, da der ja so nutzlos sei und sich den nur pseudo-Intellektuelle geben würden. Weiß da jemand wie die Situation so in Deutschland is, entweder weil er selbst einen hat oder jemand kennt. Das man mit Psychologie allein noch nix anfangen kann is mir zwar klar, aber dann hat man ja eigentlich eine menge an weiteren Studienmöglichkeiten offen.
Edit: Lebe in Berlin, falls wichtig
Sorry wenn ich das hier ins falsche sub pfostiere aber ich kenn leider nicht wirklich viel andere deutsche Subs.
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2017.09.17 03:45 white_lake Was ist der beste Name den ihr für ein WLAN gesehen habt? [x-übersetzt von askreddit]

Finde diesen thread ganz lustig, aber vermisse die deutschen Namen...
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