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2020.09.01 02:32 Thedon977 Sexuality confused

It’s 1:17 in England, I can’t go to sleep. Stopped smkokng weed and still getting to use to going to bed sober.. but what I wanted to talk about Is sexuality. Today, actually let me take it back to year 8. Wait just give you a description of myself am a black oh let’s just say under 24 in shape, sporty love football and attend the gym quiet a lot. My family are jamican.
Okay as I was stating sexuality. For all I can remember iv always loved girls but I remember one time in year 8 I found this guy attractive but i had no urge to Persue especially back in the day beofre 2015 it would of been a catasphory for me ( which it shouldn’t but uno SOCIETY) tAnd I shrugged it off, this only occurred once & from year 8 to year 1st of college I’ve been dating girls HAPPILY !
Okay 1at year of college there was a a boy called let’s say J when I mean handsome proper handsome & I knew he liked me the way our eyes meet. Still I didn’t Persue & still was with girls throughout college
Okay so a after clllege go we started talking and he hit me up long story short after multiple links we kissed & I kinda liked it... we stopped talking I won’t diverge into to much.
today I was in the gym and saw this man ! Handsome and had a lovley peach on him & I felt myself drawn... and the way he looked at me my Heart sank . lol I had the same feeling that I had in year 8 & first year of college. I still look at girls and think 😍 and I know I want to be married with a wife one day but am confused. Should I Persue and see how I actually feel... Am just confused. It dosnt bother me I can still put to the back of my mind but times Like these I just think am I being true to myself. I
And not to gas myself but am pretty in shape, so I attract a lot for guys and tbh I kind of like it even though I try not to ...
Has anyone been through this ! Would love for you reply or we can even talk on Snapchat. I’d say am quiet lonely. Am very focused on my work and career so maybe it’s just attention am craving ? Pffff LoL well I hope you guys enjoy your day #Sexuality
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2018.05.11 05:27 GallopingGidean Ancient Wisdom: The Terra: Terrans' (Humans') Long Lost History and Emporium of Self Educating Knowledge. GallopingGidean© copyrighted Cc, May 8th-9th, published on May 10th 2018.

©Copyrighted cc. GallopingGidean© 2018 May 10th original posted on Reddit, Created, recorded and written May 8th-9h 2018, published May 10th 2018 ©Copyrighted cc. GallopingGidean©
Weaving facts through our technological, scientific, mathematical, eye-witness(es) and researched areas of psychology and social sciences, physics, astrophysics, cosmology and more, inspired from diversity, one love, and ideas and stories from all corners and sides of the world, I present to you, my first work. Some commedic relief from the darkness naturally entailed. It is neither fiction, non-fiction, nor maple-leaf. It could be, up to your imagination ;) To inspire, and empower those lost and or looking for answers to fill their deserving big hearts.
Part A
Allegation: Species of terrorizers. Classical western terminology. Hose who try to steal and or sabotage the inhabitants of The Terra; through seperation and segregation. Aka the alleged criminals throughout all of human history. Main technique used; blending faces and names through deception and illusions in attempt for native inhabitants to destroy one another bc we are too awesome. Other more common names given the Allegations are the sand traitors, Asyrians, Aasyrion, servants/descendants of the first of the Khans, and their sub-descendants; the Gorillan-aroused/Indians (sand traitor interbred with gorilla).
Jaggin/jag: to jag to troll to joke to juke. To poke fun of. First modernly stolen from one of the seemingly so traitors throuh personal-loud mouthing. Probably future friend in the modern silver age, who knows.
New Pangea: The world as a community towards the growth of health and wealth through prosperity and peace. Regulating commerce in a friendly family manner. Creating the utopia of no finite endings of goods and happiness. Safe haven from the universe. Terran stronghold. Global village to global villas everywhere.
T'amour: the main mutual understanding between each soul on terra; the main understood driving force of hope and true progress. (Love).
Fogface: the unforseen plays of The Terrans. Advanced pokerface.
Silvercadium: the last stand of humanity vs its traitors. Where victory is inevitably on The Terran's field. Occurence: silver age.
Absolutepowerforce: Jack Wong. Jack Wong: See absolutepowerforce. 2. Self empowering warriors cry that trancends the dimensions upwards towards ascension of vibrations little by little. Terra's self assured victory chant. Alchemic effects to follow. One word.
Absolute KingJackBack: The returning king in true name and form. Least to say a warrior princess, externally damned into the body of a man durig the events of the sands of time. Does not want the throne. Dislikes it a lot. Where True human history is stabilized and revealed. Light father pays a visit, and light mother through first, arbitiary means.
Castleintheskai: The last city of the gold age who got away from the traitorous assholes. New name still in process. Its pretty cool. Its a floating platform in the heavens. (Copper, Gold, Bronze, Silver; modern existence)
Hyperion/ Hyperean: The grand superteched spaceship of the returning king. Who will not be king, because he is a fantastic douche. Although the best. Manufactureres will be delighted to further prosper the model for further innovation and human prosperity in the heavens. King doesnt give a shit if they do so.
Babylone: The traitorous nickname given to a seemingly so lonely childish king (the first and retuening king) by he traitors. The king is a girl cursed into damnation externally from the traitors' opening of Pandoras Box in search of ultimate power and immortality to enslave the titans from another galactic sector and achieve greater status than their king ("Babylone") who seemingly doesnt give a shit.
Pandora's Box: A "tesserac" like looking black box from a robotically dominated species of anoher sector. Originally mistaken for a refined version of obsidian. He/she the first child king is internally unaffected somehow. Others are internally damned. Warned by the ever wise first sun manipulator through natural biotech advancements; the mu counsellor.
Titans: Beautiful friends of the first and returning king. Abundant of nutrients on their planet. Native to the galaxy of sacred grounds. Not be be mistaken for the Giants, another species of humanoids, the largests; almost half the size of a titan.
Broseidon: Modern name given to the returning king; they think he may be a mermaid. But who knows. He rejects the king status now forever more. What a rainworker. Boohoo.
Terrorists: Enemies (traitors) who try to confuse themselves with The Terra (Terrans) in last attempt to sabotage and get everyone to loose thier shits on each-other for a last nuclear winter. Main enemies of the "Babylone".
Part B
Love: In addition to the modern official definitions; it is his/her mantra still. It will work this time.
The sands of time: Event in which was humanity's saddess. Time is lost in eternity and each soul gets the joy of being reborned and dying in despair no matter their momentary reality of their current timeline. The traitors open Pandora's Box. The earth begun to turn inside out in the middle east, Freya/Feiya sacrifices body and soul into eternal darkness to stabilize the pillars; lover of the Mu counsellor. Although rectified, the damage will never be remedied untill history repeats itself the same times as times Freya's soul reincarnated into the same darkness needed to stabilize it. "Babylone" will triumph and bring his people to see his father and friends, the sands of time will be conquered at this time, of overcoming the destructive effects. The Mu counsellor levitates his city with his people in heartbreak and great despair, to the heavens. All cities begin to destroy each-other.
Blueprint: The genetic coding of each native species, and ability to remember their past lives, to prosper humanity. Last gift of the Mu counsellor. To the hehim (first and returning king) modernly, it is one of "Jay-Z"'s (Sean Carter) albums also. "Babylone" hopes Mr. Carter hasn't given himself the traitors of the sands of time (members continuing the terrorist regime agaisnt evolution), in extension, aka futurely called mongrels; India; imposters and of history stealing to bolster self reputation with no real work or inventions.
Indians (mongrels): Creativity "dementors" pathological imposters, later they shifted the name in attempt to destroy interbred species who dominated them in all natural fronts of progress and in fear. Hair of thick and coarse, straight or wavy. Usually skin of dark brown, variations of brown, gorillan hair growth, gorillan-black-eye circles and or iris, skin quickly degenerating with age, not to be mistaken with variations of black or yellow/coppegold, faisilver 2. Indians were called mongrels when they first invaded the baby city of Mu's primal descendants; (current) China. Name shift was also apllied by the Indians to avoid retalliation from future generations and to strangle Mu counsellors' primal descendants.
Europe: Freyas primal descendants.
Americas: Oppourtunity for the childrens (descendants) of both Freya and Mu to evolve and grow in attempt to speed the process of recovery, away from the traitors who throughout history predominated the games of illusion and inhuman sabotages within Eurasia.
Naive: Innocent forebearing derived from love; first coined by the traitors' assesment of natives who were prone to illusions for their assaults.
Illumanati: First coined by Francis Bacon few hundred years just before modern times in attempt at better world organization, during Elizabeth I's Golden Age. Main fear of the terrorists (modern name of the traitors from the sands of time).
Francis Bacon: Queen Elizabeth I's right hand man who were both instilled with great vigor in accordance to their blueprints' activation. The couple who understood humanity's end goal in modern history; in order for "babylone" to bring humanity to victory and self sustainig health, wealth, prosperity and peace. Well rounded and prospered the furthering of astronomy and analysis of the cosmos.
Kevin bacon: Modern day king of dance and 80s pop. Original lead of footloose, personal favourite of triumpant "Babylone".
Africa: Home of the lushest jungle on The Terra, vast amounts of resources, least hostile environment compared to the Siberian terrain and jungles. Abundance was eveywhere. First evolution of Lemurs to human form by touching one of the Atlantean relics. Colour variations of dark black, were the initial recgonition of the first Lemurians after the discovery of activating the said relic on selves through curiousity.
Part C
Mumu: Lover of the counsellor of Mu; Freya (Fei-ya). Ultimate healer and nature's genius. Ability to heal and transfer energy. Skin of tough, mature, shine and fair; European. Later descendants lost their sharp ears and vibratory assets (healing abilities) through generations after the lost of Freya. Alchemic descendence. Later known as the light mother by the first wave of traitors. Pure Pleiadian.
Mu counsellor: Later known as light father through the first wave of traitors, as his invented sceptor seemingly made him immortal and with seemingly great will to manipulate the heavenly bodies. Best tech genius ever. Also a formidable warrior and strategist in his prime. Sharp wide eyes. Skin of youth, shine of gold, regeneration and blood flow; China. Ability to see through souls and reincarnate them. Later descendants' astral sight and vibratory assets lost after the city of mu was forced to quarantine itself from its home. Alchemic descendence. Pure Arcturian.
The Holy Invasion: Taught by lies and invaded by the traitors after their king's departure, the Lemurians learn of their kings existence in Jeruselum. The traitors convince the newly bred and soiled Lemurians that illusion and lies was first "Babylone"'s idea, in order to invade and claim the new built city by "Babylone"s peoples' and his hands. In anger and hurt the "Babylone" mocks the traitors' technique once more though of course to perfection, to current India. And repeat he/she and his people one last time to China, after similar events. This is where they built the Great Wall together and "Babylone" dubbed his name after four of his closest titan friends who helped him and his people; intercepted a massive invasion attempt by the traitors; the indians; current india. "Huang di"=little brother of huang=big yellow. Also, later "Buddha" because of his love for marijuana and "Confucius" because his later people were never able to pinpoint his facial recgonition.
Big Yellow: The event in which the Mu counsellor's eternally and externally trapped daughter and his friends from another galactic sector, vanquished the coming invasion of the traitors. With one swoop, one blinding flash of light, just as the skies darkened to darkness once they came and engulfed the skies with their wings, and left again back to their sector due to the rules of their planet after their kin were abused just before the events of the sands of time. 2. The effect in which "Babylone" and his friends intercepted the traitors' invasion when they (traitors) were at their prime and the Mu counsellor's descendants and daughter (in man's body) had not many. All four opened their mouths and the traitors dessapeared in a blinding solar light. No trace of any remains. The traitors take time to build illusionary allusions and illusions to further attempt at mu counsellor and his lover, freya's descendants in the future. They stay away from the great wall that divides them.
Mongrels: First dubbed by the Chinese, labelling the invading wave of sand traitors; India. The indians.
The Ultimate Beastmaster: Name given to "Babylone" (First and returning king) by his people as the greatest hunter and gatherer, and his ability to apparently even tame "mythical" beasts alike. "Babylone" never tames anything. Daughter of counsellor Mu and Freya externally damned for eternity by their enemies' actions and inactions. As his/her godmother; Lillian.
Domestication: The ideological corruption by the traitors in attempt to conquer their own jungles into a similar like civilization. The ideological infection soon was adopted by some of his/her descendants through no proper eduction and soon ran rampant on all sides. The later "Babylone"s descendants began domesticating their own surroundings. Using cruelty to dominate all souls and vessels a like, just like the rest of the plagued world.
Domesticated Pressence: "Babylone"s last desparture from civilazation, and goes rogue from disbelief and heartache and fear of attack from his own peoples. Later dubbed "quarantine" by western hemisphere's development and evolution.
Part D
Animals: Dubbed by traitors to vessels that do not look and or act like the corrupted Lemurians nor themselves. Later adopted by later Lemurians.
Atlanteans: Inhabitants of Atlantis, tech manufactureres and handy-labour lovers. Mu counsellor and Freya's descendants and children as well. Chose to stay to ward off the corrupting and attacking Lemurians. Parallel trade partners of Mu. Mutually created. Due to its location, it was called Atlantis, by the inhabitants.
City of Mu: Named by the construction workers and chosen by the people of both cities in honour of the hard work and heartache of their current leader; Mu counsellor. City of polishing and alchemic refining manufacturing. Later dubbed enchantments by later lost generations.
Asgarrdd: City of Mu after its activation of its advanced electromagnetic field in defense from corruption of Atlantean attackers and ransack from the infected Lemurians with help of sand traitors themselves. On the last assault from all sides, Freya sacrifices herself to eternal darkness to stop the void created by the traitors' actions. Swiftly following, under the order of Mu counsellor; the city applied its advanced anti-gravity propulsion through use of solar power to lift itself and its people into the heavens (space), away from the conflict.
Asgard: To gaurd away from the Asyrians; the most known name of the sand traitors at the time. Revamped name of the city of Mu, after its escape from destruction.
The Rainbow Bridge: Though many interpretations; it is humanity's end result of blending in harmony and honour regardless of colour, for the first and returning king's and humanity's curse to be lifted so that the last remaining surviving city may again see and do loving, and business with its people in its former glory and prosperity and peace without strife. The day Freya is reborned whole and pure form again, and the parents may see their daughter happy also, in true form. Ultimately it is up to the humanity on Earth (Terra) to save both sides. A breach Asgard cannot perform, due to the actions of the sand peoples; most prominently the opening of the cyber cube, aka Pandora's Box. While its people of ground level must still face internal damnation and the "Babylone" external damnation, must also still face the still existing traitors (sand traitors/India) to victory.
Hyperboreans: Interbred in Siberia, both Freya and Mu counsellor descendants attempt to strengthen its hunting and gathering techniques to create another city of Mu and Atlantis to over throw the terrorist regime. Exibit both qualities of Freya and counsellor Mu, may look more like one parental descendant than the other through cross genetics. However through the discovery of their existence and plans, the terrorists rampantly searched all corners of the world for any relic (tech left by Atlantis, Mu, and or Lemuria) to foil their plans. They detonated the desperately found relic seperating now Europe and Asia from now Canada and south America. The remaining Hyperboreans created different breds with different nations away from traitors, only a sacred few remained akinned; knowingst, he/she "babylone" can only be reincarnated through such genetic combination, to salvage what was long lost before their time. It is known to fact that as long as she is reborn (in a man's body of course until curse is lifted), the aurora borealis can be seen.
Jamaicans: Africans who met the native Chinese on a Carribean island now dubbed Jamaica. Chased away by their inhabitants in Africa by genocide. First recorded Interbred race between the evolved Lemurs and a descendant of the Mu cousellor. Eyes partially mimick Mu descendants and in turn Lemurian, skin ranges in variations of copper and black, usually hair of Lemurian (curly) of fair and straight (Mu descendant genetic) not to be mistaken for thick and course. Later would meet corrupted (infected by terrorist regime), Africans (Lemurians) of terrorism in america, where they will attempt to strip them of thier love of music, history and rewrite their name in their history as well put the responsibility of slavery on the Jamicans, after driving the to be Jamaican- Africans out of thier own jungle through genocide because of artistic, and anti-myso beliefs.Slavery was directly pressured on the genocidal causing inhabitants of the then african region, not the interbred species with counsellor Mu's descendants, in Jamaica.
Part E
Athens: Originally the name given to a manuscripted form as final request of Freya in documented and encrypted tech essence, to her lover, to reincarnate her, though knowingst the pain they both must endure to prevent the literal terra from turning inside out from the traitors. Freya must avoid demonic lusts and inability to heal herself and her people, the Mu counsellor must by will reincarnate her against his will for her last will and watch her soul and body in full be destroyed malevolently for eternity, untill their jailed daughter and people below have built the bridge themselves through individual self will and overthrow the traitors (terrorists) and overcome the curse of the box created and encrypted by a cybernetically dominant race from another sector 2. Later adopted by the last descendants of counsellor Mu and Freya who inhibited revealing abilities like thier ancestors over thier premature surrounding relatives. Though interpretations was not fully understood by them, they knew the relative importance that surround their current powers. And named their land they called home, after a piece of the manuscript.
Pandora's Box: The rampant sand traitors original traded tech from a cyber being, trading a single stargazing equipment from the city of Mu, intercepting it before it reached Atlantis again, during Atlantis' development. The intention was as proposed by the sand terrorists at the time, to help the hardworking counsellor Mu and nurturing Freya's developing nations against unwanted and vicious carnivourous invasions from power hungry sectors. And in return in the future the terrorists would also help the cyber beings defeat the advanced carnivourous beings, trading a stargazer for a cube each time. However after the first and only box was intentionally opened on its own people and home, the cyber beings never answered the sand traitors signals and calls again, nor anyone from earth. Much of the cyber beings are left in mystery. However one fact is for certain, the cube was requested as an anhilation device by the terrorists, to do good for both its surrounding inhabitants and the cyber beings against growing threats as two growing civilizations.
Cyber Beings: Much of their origin is not know to the terrans, even to this date. However at the time of the exchange it is said, their technology rivals any civilization on most galactic sectors. First befriended by counsellor Mu and Freya and 2 other cyber beings.
Part F written May 9th 2018 2: 13 pm- 3: 20 pm
Obsidian: Once in abundance, the element was the main source in part diet for the friends' of the "Babylone", consumption. It reinforced their natural abilities, and of the creation of, primarily fire elements within their glands in which production was in of occurence; biologically, alchemically, and scientifically.
Draconians: The aforementioned friends/titans of the first and returning king, from another sector. Originally migrated a few offsprings to Terra with the intentions of protecting the fragile race from the inhabiting carnivourous dinosaurs which could not be befriended by any means, at the time. However fear from the traitors eventually led to the intentional depletion of obsidian, and weakening of the migrated Draconians and their young. Through mistrade and deception, the sand traitors were able to aquire most Draconians through cruelty. On the following night, they were terribly muzzled and taken to the skies by the sand traitors and crashed them into both Atlantis and city of Mu, ending both the theives' and titans' lives in tragic and unspeakable, inhumane manners. The remaining were rescued by the "Babylone" and his/her lover, and sent back to their native planet and sector of sacred grounds, also home to the Pleadians. Some titans (draconians) required other than or more than obsidian, were the main survivors of the tragic aftermath. Under their gaurd, the Pleadians never allowed migration to Terra after the aforementioned events.
The Invitation: In the following aftermath, the Pleadians asked for 2 of thier natives (counsellor Mu and Freya) to also return, along with their peoples, in turn allow for the sand traitors to deal with their own issues; the carnivourous dinosaurs. During around the same time, the terrorists had just intercepted one of their polished stargazers, and prepared to make a trade with one of the cyber beings.
The Enuma: The Pandora's Box. In seeing some of the returning Terrans back to their native home of sacred grounds, they announced their play of desparation and aquired the cybernectic cube as fast as possible, from the cyber being, in which (cyber beings) they called an Enuma.
The Play of Desperation: In despair and rumours that Freya and counsellor Mu had mutually conversed to move its citites and people back to their native planet, the traitors forged a last resort play in attempt to further descredit and abduct their (Terrans') self developed technological advances, and alchemy. This play was also known by the survivors as, the Hole of Time.
The Hole of Time: Through deception and no knowledge of an Enuma created by the cyber beings, the Terrans were told it was a gift of apology in the aftermath destruction of their titans and with deep regret. The truth could not of been any more far off. Invited to the temples in the sand land which the terrans' built for them, a comemoration event was held to formally in delivery of their apology and gift to the most powerful terrans. Being told it was "advanced infinite obsidian" to forgive the damage done to the titans' migrated youngs, it was presented to the first and returning king who was defensive about either of her parents getting near the cube. Counsellor Mu and Freya's power could not stop the over defensive and stubborn girl from stepping in instead. Not a spell nor chain worked, on the rare occasion. Much to her suprise as well, she continued walking up to the king of traitors (first of the khans), and accepted. Upon receiving the cube in honour with both hands, servants of the king traitor took a stolen stargazing sceptor and smashed open the box in her hands. This immediately led to the event known as the Sands of Time.
Part G
Orrichalum/Orrichalus: At the height of the Terrans' destruction, by the traitors, it was the main element used in the Terrans' scribing, manufacturing, and construction archetechture, and technological advances. Other common elements included obsidian, gold, and hydroannametals. Most of the elements eradicated by the traitors in fear the terrans' ability to ever reach the same height as before when the city of Mu left Terra.
The Cyber Raid: Immediately following the event of the Sands of Time, 2 recorded beings, closely resembling the ones Counsellor Mu and Freya befriended, went into triangular shapes and destroyed all structures built for the traitors by the Terrans, especially ones where they (traitors) have aquired stargazers from the Terrans. The 2 cyber beings were never seen again in the aftermath.
Stardust: Derived from the modern Japanese franchise "Yugioh", only its importance and mystery is understood by the modern "Babylone", as well the references of 5D's, and Yugi/Atem; after activation of modern first and returning king's blueprints. The modern Japanese are brilliant peoples and language has interbred with generations of variations of Chineses (Korean being a variable) with modern old French.
Pyramids of Egypt: Built by the "Babylone" to stargaze and by his descendants of his father; the Mu counsellor. The Lemurians often made fun of the native shape of thier king's eyes. Called it "chinky". "Babylone" begins to wear eyeliner. And enjoys it. Babylone finds mistress, activates blueprint. He ("Babylone") is a she, though betrayed before any physical happenings with help of his lover and also mistress, in ever crticism by the corrupted Lemurians. "Babylone" peaces out and creates a new place called Jeruselum, with the help of his choosing following people (Mu descendants) close to where his mother fell into the never ending void many lifetimes ago.
Hakka (Ke Jia): First native tongue of the baby city of Mu's descendants. Though through, many attempted invasions of the sand traitors and their descendants, the language and peoples of its time itself had to re-create it a few times with the purpose of encryption, to thwart invasion, espionage from the traitors, until the city was able to prosper enough and give birth to more universal versions of the native tongue, for future generations. Mandarin, cantonese and many variations inbetween, that are now considered other asian languages that feature eyes simillar to that of counsellor Mu.
Part H (a)
Holy Relics and the Holy Grail: Remnants of the tools Freya's and counsellor Mu's initial peoples, and or descendants, left behind in embrace of self survival, they did not finish regathering their inventions. Most made of the predominant used elements of their time, hand crafted and polished to perfection by both cities. In addition, all were genetically encrypted to enforce protection of getting it to the wrong hands without an astral sight performance by a Mu descendant, and vibratory inspection of a Freya descendant. Most sand traitors showed much fear of getting near the tools made by the advanced cities of Mu and Atlantis, only faked contempt of interest and aw.
Holy Curse: In the aftermath of the sands of time, due to the damnation curse, all relics would turn a holder to ash. In later reincarnations, and blueprint DNA activation, the first and returning king concluded those externally damned may still weild his past tools in neutral stance. Though the darkness of the curse of a relic from his time is in essence, felt through the atmosphere when having found one.
The Holy Grail: In great attempt to create a civilation on Terra that also reciprocated his father's (Mu counsellor) and mother's (Freya's) vision of infinite health and wealth, peace prosperity for its people, the "Babylone" ("Pendragon", "First and Returning King", "First in His Name", the "Once and Future", "the Wizard", "the Gambit", "the werewolf", "the Dracula") perfected hehis alchemy around this time. Although only able to bring an individual civillian to such status one by one, his plans were soon known through roars of the entire land (current Britain). He was able to prosper the idea to reality to only a few peoples on his side before the inhabitants went on an all out war against him in fear, and no proactive-self education. The begginings of the "Witch Hunt". The idea was to bring Britain (his followers of the time) to a greater civilization staus than hehis parents to cut the time lost.
Kardashev Scale: Refers to the modern Russian genius astrophysicist, mathmatician, and astronomer; Nikolai Kardashev. Through re-evolution of Terra's technological, and scientific advances in combination with his own aquired skill-sets, he was able to properly determine the reality of possibilties in a civilization's evolution and development. Type 0,1,2,3,4,5. Although modern civilization of Terra (Earth) in the silver age is close to type 1 again, the first and returning king's goal was to achieve for his land at the time, a similar fashion to that of either type 2 or 3, hail- marying past 0 and 1. Though now it is ever more clear, the sand traitor's descendants plan to only carry out their initial regime before occurence of the sands of time. There is no way to out-loop hole the curse of the cybernetically encrypted box broken and unleashed by the sand traitors, and Indians (those initially interbred with gorilla and sand traitor who relocated to current India in attempt to first anihalate the then baby city of Mu's last descendants (current China) and conquer Eurasia, under the first of the Khans).
Safe Landing Zone. Aka first clearence to "utopia" ( type 0-1). The technical and common sense understanding that utilizes the initial development of anti-gravitational vehicles in the modern silver age to explore the heavens on a international and safe scale. With terrorist regime (left by the sand traitors) on our own Terra, it is impossible to have safe clearence on landings.
Stabilization: The technical and common sense underatanding that we have alternated our bioshpere and enviornment to some uninhabitable areas on Terra, and our current scientific and technological advances in the silver age may still neutralize and normalize these areas.
Conversion: The second process after Stabilization to not only normalize the polluted prefixes of the enviornment on Earth by inhabitants, but to also create self sustaining energy, and over compensating nutrients infusing it with terrain.
Part H (b)
The Holy Grail Wars/ Holy Relic Raids:
The Push: In continuation of the sand traitors' selfish vigour and infiltration through their chameleon decptions of truths and distorted facts, the last of Agamemnon's forces pushed for the rest of history, through further illusions and deceptions by the terrorist regime the search of the Holy Relics well into modern days, in desperation for immortality with no actual labour or knowledge of their own deceptive history or native inhabitants.
Stalemate: Comes from the Push where the Roman forces were to accept their inabilty to penetrate the Trojan Wall, built by the inhabitants of Troy with the help of the "Babylone" (secret Trojan warrior at the time). Facaded and having its armies motivated by a private issue between Priam's little brother and Helena of Greece (both descendants of Freya), Maximus knew not of the Holy Relics nor the sand council, and Agamemnon's true ambitions.
Fall of Troy/Saving of Troy's Libraries: Being promised immortality as Achilles had been given apparently, through the tongue of the Pope of the time, Maximus planned the invasion which included the Trojan horse, with the sand traitors, and conversing with his army. On the night of the Roman's petty invasion, which consisted of mostly setting the city a blaze with oil and torches, Maximus and his entire army stood before a man in a hooded cloth, asking "Maximus, a brother, a man, who was forged through slavery, do you wish to destroy yourself and the vast emporium in which is knowledge by our forefathers and in turn your forefather and mother?"
One Trojan, and an Entire Fleet: Maximus chuckled and waved for his army to attack the man and destroy the last building being the Library of Troy. "My fleet is much larger than yours" responded the secret warrior. With one motion, a plethroa of Holy Relics appeared through golden portals behind the secret warrior. Many of the weapons larger than Maximus' grand stature himself, some equaling a few large men. When the smoke cleared, Maximus was pinned in a cross by 4 Holy Relics. Maximus sees that the hooded man was who they called Achilles, the "Babylone". "I've seen the Rainbow Bridge, I had a feeling yet I did not know...please forgive me..from warrior to warrior...from sister to sister..." muttered Maximus, who is then unpinned by the secret Trojan warrior, and freed to live the rest of his life, who supplied him with one of his/her holy Relics, 2 daggers used to pin him, before the two warriors go seperate ways. The rest of the Roman invaders were unrecgonizable, with Relic like spears, swords and daggers, some greater than that of mammoths sticking from the ground.
Reformation of Roman: A servant of the pope peared over the corner and using his own weapons recreated what he saw with his estranged wife and son, using a hammer and stakes. He told the Romans, his son staked unrecognizably, was Priam of Troy, his wife; Helena, and that he killed all of them for his people. This led to the belief of magical powers of the grand pope and order, who accumulated the library of Troy, for themselves and rewrite history with favouritism on their side. The events following prepared the later descendants of Romans to enter the Holy Crusade wars, cruising into modern recorded history and carbondation of recorded further burning of ancient important libraries in fear, the "Babylone" or any descendants of the light mother and light father (counsellor Mu, and Freya respectively) to achieve reconciliation with themselves or parenthood cities, and halt education of what they themselves cannot understand, yet refuse for any higher order than themselves, who can, has, does or surpasses them.
Part I (i)
Global Villa: The third stage after Stabilization, in where the works of step 2 (conversion/convergence) see prominent effect on all universal organisms on Terra. Effects induced beig self sustaining health, hyper-healing, hyper thoughts (knesthetic and neurological to vibratory nerves) activate. Some will call it telepathy or super-telepathy, super-human strength, meticulous- hyper-energy sight, in which some will call auras. Amongst other physical developments due to the vast natural energy restored to Terra.
Global Village: The general and basic understanding that through our scientific and technological rediscoveries in the silver age, interconnect us and reveal just how vast, as it is small, our Terra is in relation to our current knowledge and closing gap in the Aspect Ratio.
Global Shift: The fourth or fifth stage after Stabilization in which the technical and common sense understanding of our achievement in sustaining a Type 2 civilization, and need to locate a safe sector within the heavens with a sun(s) that meet our requirements. Before the solar clock in our current galaxy runs out, and using our advancements then to shift current Terra there.
The Fourth stage: Refers to the possibility, for Terrans' need to peacefully adjust to newly developed skills, internally and externally and in application of further advances so step 5 (Global Shift) may occur with no reprocussions on the then successful descendants of Freya, and counsellor Mu, under Sifynnwyn (Shi Fa An Ren) "the First and Returning King" in her true form. Rumours suggest the "Babylone" will never reveal him/herself in full on Terra. The plan is to help her then-restored mother, and awaiting- father, and their people achieve the same status with the old city of Mu when the time has come.
Pendragon: The age in which the "Babylone" did most his works for his people through the flick on the quill. A well told story of legends. His/her personal favourite method. Mostly known as Emrys during the time. His method was used predominantly again during Queen Elizabeth I's and Francis' Golden Age.
Part J
The Meixicans (Mexicans): Also called the Angels falling from the sky by the sand traitors. Originally Martians, who inhabited the planet Mars in the Milky Way Galaxy in our universal sector. Their first appearance occurs during the Cyber Raid. Skin variations of hueish coppeyellow, eyes of Martian (round, full yet, abit Arcturish (Chinese/Mu descended)). After the Departure of the Castleintheskai (formerly named city of Mu), whilst the cyber beings destroyed cities built by the Terrans for the sand traitors, to slow the Allegations' destruction of converting the remaining advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria throuh their deception. Whilst a few of the sand traitors (Allegations), used the stolen stargazers from counsellor Mu's and mother Freya's peoples to launch an assault on what they deemed was their relocated planet; Mars. By using the stolen stargazers' defensive abilities to wipe out all planets on surrounding sides, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Martians barely survived in a last minute warning as they used their own astronomical visual equipment to ackowledge the incoming blast, were able to shift their planet just enough to divert complete decimation, by just mere seconds. The damage was catastrophic, most who fell to Terra was by complete hope and luck, after using advanced Martian survival packages. The beam triggered by the Allegations, using stolen equipment, obliterated the planet Maldek, between Mars and Jupiter leaving the asteroid belt witnessed today by current modern stargazing equipment. Also carving the forever unstabilized spot on Jupiter, knocking Saturn sideways, during Jupiter's axis by fluke and able to divert complete destruction itself as our universe's largest planet. The 2 cyber beings were able to locate the remaining stargazers stolen and hidden, and destroy them, from the new arising descendants of all sides, where the Allegations' number were larger.
Meixian: First recorded interbred race of Terrans between counsellor Mu's surviving descendants, and a Martian. Sub-native to the tongue, Hakka (ke jia hua).
Mohicans: First recorded interbred race between Meixian and Lemurian. Though of course the terrorist regime was able to confuse information and inadvertly have the native (interbred) races to murder each other, through fear of their natural genetic dominance and understanding over them.
Agamemnon's Children: The infected Greek during the time of Athens' rule, by sand traitors (terrorists), to overthrow Europe's rule and into self destruction, from the inside. King Agamemnon was an interbred of a Meixian and sand traitor, through forced intercourse on a Meixian. During the same time, all races were targeted for their women to be chained and brought to the sands of time for interbreding by force to create thier (children of Agamemnon's) vision of the ultimate killing weapons in the form of flesh. The nations surrounding the sands of time (currently middle east) were, and are a product of this period, and later name became; Romans. If it were not for the outside Scottish/Irish bred warrior, Maximus going on the inside of the Roman Empire through forced slavery, the Romans would cease its existence in current times.
Part K
The Forbidden Terran Knowledge of Jurrasic periods (Siblings, Friends, Family, and the Warriors' Three): ©Copyrighted cc. GallopingGidean©
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