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The Cabin Part II

2020.09.03 23:39 SS17LX_Nostradamus The Cabin Part II

Part 2 of 2
* * *
The next morning, I jolted awake from a half-lucid dream. I was still on the couch; the clock read 8:26 AM. The dream hung in my mind like a memory. I willed it to float away into the ether like most dreams, but it stuck to me, playing over and over. The cabin – I was at the cabin, the old woman beckoned me in, and I followed. Inside, the woman pointed toward a mirror on the far wall and again I followed. I looked into the mirror, but my reflection did not look back. Suddenly I was outside standing over a clear mountain river, and in the sky were three moons all sinking below the horizon one after another. Three moons... then two moons... the one... then none. Shadow overtook me.
“Three moons...” I whispered to myself. Three moons – the old hermit had mentioned something about three moons, and on the pack last night, it said one moon. “One moon!” I yelled.
I leapt off the couch and shuffled to the kitchen table, grabbing my laptop and snapping it open. I navigated to the internet search bar and typed:
Moon phases by date
Google returned a slew of astrology results, but halfway down the page it listed a simple moon phase calendar. I clicked the link.
I first met the woman on my birthday, September 16, and there was no moon that night. The calendar confirmed it. I revisited the cabin - saw the barn owl - at the end of September and walked home to the light of a full moon. The calendar confirmed that too. And last night, Halloween, there had been a full moon. According to the calendar the next full moon would come at the end of November. She’s counting down the moon phases. The November full moon would mark the third full moon since our first encounter.
Three moons!” I shouted. “I got you, you creepy fuckin’ psycho.”
But what had I really discovered? She was counting the full moons – so what? What was she going to do at the third moon? Slasher movie tropes and visions of human sacrifice invaded my brain. I pictured the weird old hermit scalping me or roasting me over a fire or sacrificing me to a pagan god. None of it was rational, none of it based on any evidence at all. None of my fear or fixation was justified at all. She was unusual – yes – her presence was entirely unsettling, and I didn’t like that she knew where I lived, and what the hell was the deal with the message on my backpack, but she had done me no harm whatsoever. For god’s sake, I instigated this by bringing her supplies! I argued with myself going back and forth over what all this meant, if anything.
I cracked open the front door and peeked out. The morning air was crisp and pure, my breath freezing and floating away in the breeze. The pack was still resting under the porch light. I picked it up and brought it inside, examining the cuts again. The words were still there, clearly painstakingly cut with a sharp knife over hours and hours. I rubbed my thumbs over the nylon fabric. The whole ordeal might have been my imagination - I might have completely lost my mind – but something at my core told me I should not be at home, or anywhere near here, during the next full moon. I shut the door and made my way to the kitchen for coffee. Perhaps it was time to fly back east for a while.
* * *
November of 2020 was the month that hell finally came to Earth, or at least to the United States. A contentiously held election boiled over into the streets. Election night results dictated a new regime would commence in January, but for the first time in the history of the country it seemed a sitting president would have to be violently removed from office. Millions of protestors and rioters descended on virtually every major metropolitan area like flies to the corpse of a once-great nation. Streets burned as ideologies clashed and neighbors spilled each other’s blood on a scale unseen since the Civil War. Amidst the chaos, coronavirus festered.
The supposedly life-saving vaccine was proven to be little more than a public relations scam forced through the FDA to calm the fury and angst surrounding the pandemic. A Washington Post exposé alleged that early phase testing was half hazard and all complications were quickly buried, literally and metaphorically. It instantly became the conspiracy of the millennium. Third-party medical research teams concluded the vaccine was, at best, ten to twenty percent effective, and even worse, the long-term side effects were far worse than the coronavirus itself. Cities across the country rushed to construct impromptu medical facilities, but ventilators, medicine, and skilled medical workers were becoming scarcer by the day. Doctors, nurses, and first responders were the first inoculated with the vaccine, and many suffered the debilitating effects. Organ failure was common, as was an autoimmune response wherein the body began to consume helpings of itself – skin, eyes, brain, vital organs - it differed from person to person. Doctors stated that survivors were often left in a quasi-catatonic delirium from which they would never recover. Those vaccine recipients who avoided hospitals were often found crawling through the streets half-dead and babbling incoherently. Though they posed little danger to their fellow man, the news began referring to these unfortunates as ‘zombies’. Teams of hazmat vans, or ‘trash trucks’ as social media labeled them, were seen scooping up the suffering vaccinated and carrying them off to unmarked camps. Rumors spread that the government was euthanizing and burning these people after one such camp caught fire.
The fallout reached far and wide, even altering my quiet life in the Utah wilderness. Workdays came to a halt as fewer and fewer of my colleagues returned phone calls or logged into their workstations. Some I hadn’t heard from in weeks, and I feared the worst. I started a group-text with friends back east to check-in on everyone. Many responded that they were safely unvaccinated. Some had fled the riots and anarchy of the city for a more rural location, hoping the madness would blow over soon. Still others were ominously silent.
I had booked a flight into Miami after my Halloween night encounter, but within a week the FAA grounded all planes until further notice. My parents decided to leave the city after they had a horrifying encounter in Publix. My father cried as he recounted it over the phone. He described a young woman stumbling into the store, skin melting from her face, hair and eyes missing. The woman appeared to be holding an infant in her arms, but its body was green and black, empty of life. She was shrieking hysterically until she tripped over a Thanksgiving turkey display, splattering blood across the ground as her body smacked the floor. Rioters burned the store to its foundation later the same week.
The chaos left me feeling utterly stranded. I was grateful for my own health, and that the local towns appeared relatively unaffected, but I felt helpless in the face of overwhelming devastation. Every horrifying image on the news, every story of carnage totally consumed me, and I wondered if the country could ever recover. And then there was the old woman and her cabin in the woods. Part of me wondered if she was one of the zombies, an unsuspecting participant of early round vaccine trials who escaped the shackles of a sterile testing facility. Now, more than ever before, I wanted to avoid her. I decided I would camp in Zion National Park from Thanksgiving through the first of December, placing myself about fifty miles away during the next full moon.
The park was technically closed, but I knew of a remote service road that stayed open year-round. I would park along the road and hike in, bringing enough food and water for a week, with backup supplies in my truck. I told myself the trip was going to be good for me – I needed an escape from the constant stream of dreadful news in the outside world, and Zion was the perfect getaway. The park is, perhaps, the most breathtaking place on earth. Its immense canyons stand guard like titans over rolling valleys painted in brilliant reds, blues, and patches of green. Wildlife flourishes there like it would in a land untouched by time and human intervention. It is the Garden of Eden, broken off from heaven and given to us so that we might have a notion of paradise. Little did I know at the time, it would also be the place I spent my final days on this earth.
* * *
Weather reports Thanksgiving morning were surprisingly warm, but I packed for cold, nonetheless. Sixty-degree days can drop into single digit nights within a few hours in the winter as storms and weather patterns push their way over the mountains. I parked my truck in a small side lot off the isolated service road and hiked three miles east to a secluded cliffside overlooking a rocky, shallow stream. The campsite was a patch of grass under an outcropping that would protect against rain, snow, and high winds.
The first few days in Zion were uneventful. I enjoyed turkey slices and pre-made stuffing warmed over a fire on Thanksgiving night. A fat, puffy grey squirrel tried to join me for dinner until I shooed him off. I made a few trips back to the truck for supplies, but mostly I explored the surrounding cliffsides and took in the sweeping views. This place was totally isolated from the outside world, never once hinting at the impossible turmoil that gripped the country.
I awoke the morning of November thirty to a dusting of snow on the ground. The weather dropped into the twenties overnight and the park became muffled and still, perfectly encapsulated under a thin white blanket. The stream had overflown its banks, probably the result of melting snow or distant rainfall, encroaching on my small settlement. I worked through the morning to move all my gear further from the rising water. That evening I rolled a dead log to the campsite so I could sit and warm my hands over the fire. I sat shivering with a parka draped over me, rubbing my hands together over the crackling flames. My breath blended with smoke, wafting into the night sky. Overhead, millions of stars lazily danced around the full moon, scattered in waves across the horizon.
Suddenly I heard the faint snap of a branch, followed by the muffled padding of paws, or maybe hooves, in the grass beside me. My body froze as I realized an animal – a large animal – had joined my campsite. I rotated slowly toward the sound, praying that a bear was not about to turn my head into a late-night snack, but as I turned, I came face to face with nothing at all. I pulled a flashlight from my coat and shined it into the darkness. Still nothing. Whatever it was, it had left. The sound of a loud pop and spent wood collapsing in the campfire drew my attention and I turned back toward the fire. My eyes caught something poking out of the fire: a twisted tree branch stoking the flames, sending bellows of fire and spark into the air. A leathery hand gripped the far end of the branch. Through the clouds of smoke, I saw the glowing reflection of two dark eyes set within a weathered face – the same face that had haunted my thoughts for months. The old woman materialized from the darkness. She had found me.
I sat completely stiff, eyes fixated on hers, far too panicked to speak. Her eyes darted from me to the campfire. She crouched barefoot next to the fire, seemingly unbothered by the numbing temperature, and continued to tend to the flames. Her shabby red dress, her black hair, her shadowy eyes – it was all exactly as I remembered it. My heartbeat punched its way into my ears until I was deafened by my own terror, but the woman looked completely calm. She opened her mouth to speak, still fixated on the fire.
“Now is your time. We must go...”
“How did you find me?” I cut in, barely able to whisper the question.
“I always watch you,” she said, still toying with the fire. “Now is your time,” she repeated sternly. Her voice was low and forceful. I paused before answering.
“What do you want?”
The hermit’s face darkened. Her eyes met mine with a cruel stare. She reminded me of an ailing old wolf just desperate enough for one last kill.
“To go,” she said. “The others wait for you.”
“Okay look, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you need to go,” I replied, summoning a modicum of courage.
“Yes!” she hissed. “We go now!”
The woman pulled a small leather pouch from her dress and reached into it, removing a handful of dark powder. She whispered under her breath and threw the powder into the campfire. It to roared and spit into a furious blaze. Red smoke poured out of the fire and blanketed the campsite in a low rolling haze. I stumbled backward off the log and pushed myself up on my hands. Smoke crept into my lungs. I sputtered and coughed, trying to desperately to push myself to my feet. In my peripheral I could see the old hermit walking toward me. Red smoke engulfed my vision. My lungs burned. Tears began to drip from my eyes. I could not get up; I could not keep my eyes open. I felt an icy hand grip my forearm as I collapsed into the grass. Darkness.
* * *
My eyes wrenched open and I wiped the fog from my vision. The world came into focus; I was not at my campsite. My mind raced to make sense of the surroundings: it was night, the moon was full, I was sitting upright, and I was still in the woods – just not where I had been before. Sitting upright. I felt the hard, wooden slats and stiff bottom of a chair supporting my weight. I looked down and saw my feet resting on evenly cut planks, maybe oakwood or ash. Confusion and dread inundated me as my circumstance revealed itself. I was sitting on an old Windsor chair on the porch of the cabin near mile marker four, nearly sixty miles from my campsite in Zion. I began to sob.
“What the fuck is happening to me?” I sniveled. “I’m losing my mind. This isn’t possible.”
Reality had abandoned me. How much time had passed since I blacked out? How did I end up here, of all the godforsaken places on earth? I willed myself to wake up, praying that this was just a nightmare, but as I rubbed my hands along the armrests, I knew they felt far too real. This was no nightmare. Reality had not abandoned me; it had merely warped into something my mind could not understand.
My distress heightened as I examined the cabin. It had remade itself. Most of the wooden beams looked brand new, sanded smooth and lacking any apparent damage. The door was back on its frame, and for the first time since I had found the place, glass panes filled the windows. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking this was a different place altogether, but its form was identical. And the Windsor chair – it had to be the same cabin.
I heard a tapping at the window and my head swung around. I saw a young woman waving to me from within the cabin. She was strikingly fair. Long black hair hung gently beside a warm face. Her eyes were a shade of deep olive, and she smiled at me as if seeing an old friend after a long separation. She beckoned me in, and, in a trance, I followed. The cabin comprised a single room, sparsely furnished with a tall cupboard, a table, and two benches. The woman stood near the table. She was tall and wore a radiant burgundy dress, hand stained and embellished with blue and white beadwork around the collar. Her face exhibited none of the feral nature of the old hermit woman, yet in at my core I knew they were somehow the same.
“You are worried,” she spoke in a comforting tone. “There is nothing to fear. You are going home.”
I stared at her in confusion, my initial fear giving way to bewilderment.
“Please – I don’t understand what’s going on,” I pleaded. “Can you just tell me what you want?”
“That is not for me to say. The others will be your guide. It is time for you to go to them.”
“Wh- what others?” I protested. “There’s no one else here! Just help me. Please.”
The woman did not answer. Instead she smiled, opened the large wooden cupboard, and removed a birdcage from inside. I saw the fluttering of white and brown wings inside the cage – a young barn owl gazed out nervously.
“Come,” she said. “It is time to go.”
She walked to the back of the cabin and opened a narrow door to the outside. It was still dark, but I could distinguish the outlines of a few pine trees in the moonlight. The woman opened the cage and the owl fled through the door, alighting on one of the pines. It turned and looked back through the doorway, curiously bobbing its head.
“Follow,” the woman said, pointing out the doorway.
I stepped toward the center of the cabin. The woman continued to point out the back door.
“You want me to go out there?”
The woman smiled and nodded.
“Okay...” I paused. “You want me to follow the owl?”
She nodded again. I rubbed my eyes and laughed to myself. I was panicky and I was confused and teetering on delirium, but I couldn’t ignore the absurdity of the situation. What was happening? Did this lady just want me to play with her pet owl? Couldn’t she have just left me a note or written me a fucking email? I wanted to question everything but stopped short of hurling inquiries at this strange woman. I was too tired, too done for that. If walking out that door meant this whole bizarre series of events would end, then I would take that walk. I stepped toward the doorway pausing next to the woman. She said nothing, just continued to smile and gesture out the door. Her behavior felt so static, almost like she was programmed to perform certain tasks and remain ignorant of all else. I looked up; the owl sat on a nearby branch, watching and waiting for me to follow.
I stepped out the door, lurching down from the cabin onto a small patch of dirt carved from the underbrush. All went quiet and still. The air instantly warmed around me, thick and full in my lungs. It was so warm, in fact, that I removed my parka and tied it around my waist. Moonlight illuminated the tree line, but I saw shades of pink and red peaking over the horizon. It was dawn. The barn owl spread its wings and took flight overhead, and as I turned to watch it go, I realized I was standing alone in a clearing. The cabin was gone. I stood in silent disbelief, panning back and forth over the empty land before me. The owl perched on a tall rock formation on the far side of the clearing, and not so much as single plank of wood stood between us.
I started to panic. This couldn’t be real, could it? I must be in a coma. Or strapped to a hospital while a foreign parasite turns my brain to mush. This is what death is like, the last of our neurons firing chaotically while we cling to life. Still, it felt so real that I couldn’t accept that this was a wild fever dream. The owl flitted into the distance, and all I could think to do was follow as the woman had commanded. I stumbled through the underbrush negotiating with myself: Maybe I completely lost my mind. I should make an appointment, get an MRI. But what about the hospitals? Probably packed to the gills with vaccine patients. In my state of lunacy I began to entertain the possibility that every occurrence of the last few months had been real, and maybe, since I had done what the woman asked, it was over. The cabin disappeared, after all. But if all this was real, then what was the point?
The owl screeched in the distance, and I followed its call. After a short walk I came upon a familiar path. It was my home trail, the one I had walked dozens of times before, the same damn trail that took me past the cabin in the first place. I breathed a sigh of relief – I could go home. The sun inched over the horizon, bathing the hills in shades of gold. I followed the trail through the scrublands and Pinyon pines, past the old silver mine, until I saw my house in the distance. The owl darted from tree to tree, then circled my house before landing on the rooftop. As I approached, I noticed light in the windows and my truck in the driveway. How did my truck get back here? Did she drive it? It was the latest in a long line of impossible questions that I was too exhausted to contemplate. I was just glad to see my home. I reached the front door and felt my side pocket for my keys. Nothing. They were back at the campsite in Zion.
“SHIT!” I screamed, completely breaking down. “Goddammit, cut me a fucking break!”
I must have looked completely deranged screaming and collapsing to my knees. I didn’t care. My grasp on reality was gone and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed cry. I punched the ground trying to rally myself to break in through the kitchen window, but as I started to rise, I heard the unmistakable sound of a squeaky door opening. I looked up and saw a man in my doorway. He was tall with shaggy brown hair and a thin beard. Horn-rimmed glasses sat atop a crooked nose, healed poorly from a childhood accident. He looked thin but strong, like the kind of man who spent his weekends camping and hiking in the wilderness of Utah. He looked just like me. He was me. I scrambled back into the yard, but the man put a hand up as if to stop me.
“Hey, hey calm down man – it’s okay,” the man said in a very familiar voice.
He turned and looked back into the house.
“Guys, Four is here! Again...”
I heard voices and footsteps from inside my house. A second face poked through the door. This face was younger, clean shaven, but with the same horn-rimmed glasses and crooked nose. It was me, again.
“Right,” said the younger man. “Your turn to handle this one.”
He returned to the house. I could smell fresh coffee wafting out the door.
“Wh- what the hell man?” I asked, utterly exasperated. “Please, what is going on?”
“It’s alright,” said the first man. “Everything is going to be okay. I know this is weird, but you just have to trust me on this one.”
“Bullshit it’s okay,” I shouted.
“Yeah, that’s fair. How about we go inside? Get some coffee in you and I’ll explain what’s going on here.”
I stood in the yard, gawking at the man – at myself. How was I supposed to respond to this clone? He quickly lost patience.
“Look, I’m going inside, you should come too,” the man insisted. “We’re not going to hurt you, and you’re not crazy. Come in when you want, and I’ll explain everything.”
With that, he walked into the house, leaving the door slightly ajar. I stood completely baffled, my mouth hanging limp. I had no brothers, no long lost twins – I was an only child. There were clones in my house, and they wanted me to come inside. I considered my options. I was hungry, exhausted, and certain I had died and gone to purgatory. My nearest neighbor was over a mile away. What choice did I have? I walked toward my house and opened the door.
Three men sat around my kitchen table. The first two I had seen outside, but the third man was older. He had a greying beard and sun spots on his cheeks. His face was hollow, but he had the same crooked nose and glasses.
“Christ, they really did a number on you,” said the older man. “What did you get? A floating snow globe? Sentient laptop?”
“Ignore him,” said the younger man. “There’s coffee and scrambled eggs in the kitchen. Help yourself.”
I poured myself a coffee and sat on the couch, keeping some distance between myself and the others. Two of them were pecking away on laptops, the third scrolled through his phone.
“I guess it’s time we explain ourselves,” said the older man.
I snorted. You think?
“You can call me One,” said the older man.
“I’m Two,” said the younger man.
“And I guess that makes me Three,” said the man I had met at the door. “You’re Four. We realized pretty quickly that names were going to be an issue, so we decided on numbers.”
“Okay...” I whispered. “So, what the hell are you doing in my house?”
My house,” said One, correcting me. “You boys came to my house. Though I guess technically it’s our house.”
“What day do you think it is?” interrupted Two.
“December first,” I replied.
“Interesting. Incorrect, but interesting.” He paused, his gaze returning to his phone. “It’s September first.”
“Of course it is,” I said with a tired eye roll. “Can someone please just tell me what’s going on?”
The others were quiet for a moment. They eyed each other, seemingly unsure what to say next. Then Three spoke.
“This is going to sound crazy, but just stay with me. The short version is this: we’re all here because something terrible happened - or was happening - in our worlds, and no one could fix it,” he said hesitantly. “Each of our worlds ended, and something brought us here to this world to...”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked flatly.
“Okay look, right before you came home, everything was going to shit, right? What was going on in the world?” asked Three.
“What is this, a pop quiz?” I rebuked. The others stared blankly, waiting for my response. “Coronavirus. The vaccine didn’t work, people were dying, rioters burned down half the country, the president refused to step down...”
“Exactly,” interrupted Two. “Mine was similar – norovirus. They were experimenting with it in a lab, it mutated, it got out, before you knew it a few hundred million people shit themselves to death with no end in sight. It was an absolute disaster.”
Three nodded in agreement.
“For me it was nuclear winter,” said Three. “Six nuclear blasts went off in the Soviet Union in June. They blamed the Chinese, the Chinese blamed us, it was chaos. In the span of a week, half the major cities on earth were gone. I moved way the hell out here to be safe. Then out of nowhere this creep in a business suit shows up at my door and tells me he wants to show me something out in the woods. I told him to piss off, but he kept coming back every single day. So after he left I followed him out to this old farm house. I went inside, and the guy was gone. Completely vanished. Then I went to leave and this trap door opened and I fell through, but I landed on the roof of this house.
I stared blankly at the group, weighing their stories against my purgatory theory.
“Think about it,” said Two. “Tell me some weird shit hasn’t happened to you in the last few weeks. It happened to all of us, and we all wound up here.”
The whole thing sounded outrageous, but I couldn’t refute it – the last few months had been the strangest of my life, and none of it was remotely explicable. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
“We’re not in our own times – our own universes – anymore,” Two continued. “Humanity didn’t make it in ours, and somebody, or something, decided to show us the emergency exit. Me, you, and Two – we were all brought here to prevent something horrible from happening in this time.”
I decided to voice my own theory.
“Have you guys considered the possibility that I’m dead, and my brain is in its death throes? This can’t be real...”
“Don’t go there,” said One, rising from his chair. The others became noticeably tense.
“You’re not the first Four,” Three interjected. “The last guy said the same thing. Then he put a flare gun in his mouth to prove it. We buried him out back.”
“Jesus Christ,” I said.
All of us sat in silence. I considered everything they had told me. Things had been grim on the news lately, but humanity had a toughness about it. History has shown countless examples of our ability to endure unthinkable suffering. How could the world just end like that? I didn’t want to believe it, but in the present company, I had little choice.
“Let’s say I believe you. Let’s say the world ended and I’ve time traveled to wherever we are. Why me – us, I mean? What are we supposed to prevent, exactly?”
“Well, for starters, it wasn’t time travel,” said One. “And you’re in my universe. I haven’t gone anywhere, you all came to me. The nearest we can figure, all of our times are very similar, sparing some relatively minor differences. We think that’s one of the reasons ‘it’ chose us.”
“What is ‘it’?” I questioned.
“I’m not sure,” One replied. “A while back I started getting emails from an unknown source – a sender labeled ‘SS17-LX’. No return address. I ignored them at first, but then they starting predicting stuff, impossible stuff: when a bird was going to fly by, the license plate of the guy parked next to me tomorrow. It was uncanny. So I responded one day, and whatever is on the other end starting talking back. I thought it was the government, the CIA or the NSA. But the things it knew – it was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It told me you boys were coming. It told me we had a job to do. I didn’t believe it, but, well, here you are.”
“We think it’s some kind of A.I.,” said Three. “It can’t be a single person, it knows too much. And it’s highly advanced – decades beyond anything else in the field. Advanced enough to move us from one reality to the next, but not without its own limitations...”
“Let me ask you something,” said One, interrupting. “What do you do for work?”
“Software programing,” I answered.
“What kind of software?”
“Machine learning. Deep learning algorithms and implementation, mostly,” I replied.
“That’s it! It’s got to be an A.I.,” said Two.
The others looked at each other in agreement, while I just looked confused, as had become my role within the group. They all chimed in with their respective careers - each was involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The threat, they theorized, would be a rogue A.I., perhaps a perversion of the one already in communication. Why else would a handful of software engineers be called on to save the world? I tried to make sense of their conversation, but it had been over a day since I’d slept. My mind felt like it was wading through a dense fog, blindly grasping at words and phrases but retaining nothing. I needed sleep, and I prayed that when I awoke this would all prove to be a bad dream.
“So what am I supposed to do now?” I asked.
“Well you look like shit,” said Two. “I’m guessing you had a rough night. Get some rest and hang tight. We’re waiting on one more.”
“One more?” I asked.
“Yep – our mysterious friend said it would take five of us. He should be here in a few days.”
“Can’t wait to meet him,” I said, rolling my eyes.
I laid back on the couch and drifted into darkness, lulled by the sound of clicking keyboards. I slept for hours, too exhausted to dream or care about the clones in my living room. It was dark out when I woke. I laid on the couch and gazed at the ceiling while I collected my thoughts. I heard voices coming from the kitchen – my voices. It wasn’t a dream. The others were still here.
* * *
It’s been two weeks since I arrived in a different universe, one that I have come to accept as real. I have learned that we are just one in an infinite set of realities, some wildly different and some very similar. For the most part, everything here feels very familiar. The towns and roads are the same, most of the people are the same, entertainment is similar but some of the personalities different. The most jarring difference is the 26 hour day, but once you get used to it, the extra hours are amazing for productivity. I had to get a new watch, phone, and laptop – a considerable challenge considering I don’t technically exist. For now we are all living off One’s generosity, but at some point I suspect we will all have to build our own lives. Five arrived three days ago. He was, of course, terrified when he met us, but he’s slowly warming to the group. As it turns out, I am good company.
The others brought me up to speed on their efforts to track known A.I. projects. Thus far we have identified three possible threats and are drawing up containment plans for each. We have started calling our A.I. friend Nostradamus. Like the infamous seer, the information it gives us is often vague and limited. It seems to be very adept at predicting small, contained systems, but lacks a clear grasp on the big picture. Thus, it is unable to tell us exactly where to focus our efforts. Two thinks this problem is due to lack of synthesizable data. One believes that Nostradamus is merely a partition of a larger system, programmed to focus on certain tasks. We have no way to confirm either theory. For now, we can only hope that we are on the right path.
I’ve spoken to Nostradamus twice since arriving. The first communication was an introduction, and the second, a request: to be sent back to my own time. Or an earlier time, to try to warn people before it’s too late to change course. My request was denied. According to our mysterious friend, 71% of all timelines face a cataclysmic event at the end of the year 2020. Of those, 22,659,120,525,901,411,112 timelines were identified as “salvageable”, and of those, 19,622,150 were given a high probability of success with outside intervention. My own universe – your universe – is not among them. We were, however, able to reach a compromise. Nostradamus agreed to divert resources toward sending a single message to a point in time where recipients may still have time to react. Successful transmission, nor reception, is not guaranteed. On the off chance the transmission was successful and you have read my story, I leave you with this:
It is entirely up to you to take to action. This year has been difficult, as you well know, but harder times are coming. Prepare yourselves. When they offer you the vaccine, do not take it. It will be the end of everything you know.
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2020.07.29 17:50 canadianD A House Divided: An overview of my headcanon's 1932 Election

Welcome back everyone! Here we have my overview for the 1932 Presidential Election. Be ready, this one's a doozy of a post. If this is your first time here, welcome, and if you've been following these for a while--welcome back.
Need a refresher before the 1932 overview? Catch up below:
Unstable Ground
Hoover had managed to make it through the 1930 Midterms with a comfortable majority in both houses of Congress. His agricultural protectionism appealed to many a conservative Republican and Democrat, while his dovish, isolationist foreign policy served to reassure a nation watching events across the Atlantic and Pacific fearfully. “The oceans are our walls and Hooverite protectionism will be our gates” wrote one pro-Hoover newspaper in the autumn of 1931.
Despite this, the optimism that Hoover had ridden into the White House in 1928 was quickly fading. Hoover staked his presidency and the revival of the flailing US economy on agrarianism, a series of droughts were beginning to appear out west. The devastation in Europe brought on by the Great War, Russian Civil War, and subsequent Syndicalist revolutions had driven agricultural prices up and encouraged more farmers to cultivate the land. Their drive to cultivate and increase production, as well as certain contemporary farming practices, harmed the topsoil depriving it of organic nutrients and surface vegetation. Strong winds out west were beginning to pick up the loose, dry topsoil left in the wake of farming. These winds turned into large dust storms that began to consume entire farms. Soon, they would begin to consume entire families and even reach the industrial cities of the east. Slowly, small family farms and farming cooperatives that had been the focus of Hoover’s hands-off agrarian policies were losing land and crops to poor topsoil--that same poor topsoil that was now being carried across the plains. Sprawling farms that had covered acres of plains were now reduced bit by bit or all at once, drastically decreasing production and driving up the prices of goods.
Much as he had hoped that business leaders would maintain wages to combat the crash of 25, President Hoover pleaded with farming boards, rural chamber of commerces, and representatives from farming organizations to maintain crop prices as they had been in 1929. But without relief, farmers faced no choice but to raise their prices. Most farmers could barely afford the clothes on their back with this setback, let alone pay off their now defaulted (and continually defaulting) loans for mechanized farm equipment that they couldn’t use. Those states that had established relief programs quickly exhausted their coffers and found little help from the federal government and a laissez-faire president who’d slashed any monetary relief and put policies in place to reduce the federal government’s intervention.
In response to this, farmers and workers all over the plains states were forced to leave their homes with their families in tow, heading for urban states. Factories were inundated with hungry farmers looking for any job on the line. They fared little better here as farmers competed with industrial workers who were desperate to maintain the jobs they’d kept since 1925. Hoover was paralyzed in office and many Republicans in Congress began to turn on him, begging for help for their beleaguered constituents. Even hard-money conservatives began to break from Hoover, though this was much slower. Hoover’s rivals in the Democratic Party, still licking their wounds from the catastrophic defeat in ‘28, saw this as their chance to return to power. Upstart parties like the Socialist Party and Progressives decried this as shameful. William Z. Foster called for the nationalizing of all farms and immediate relief to come from the nationalization of all companies. The Progressives, now little more than prairie populists, saw the devastation first hand and advocated for nationalizing agricultural infrastructure and for an expanded relief program paid for by protectionist tariffs and higher wealth taxes.
The Coming Dust Storm
As 1932 rolled around, most Republicans and President Hoover believed that much like the economic woes caused by the crash, this “Dust Storm” would pass. As the Republicans rallied around the “status quo”, the Democratic Party was preparing for war.
Al Smith, a leading opponent of William G. McAdoo and former Secr. of Commerce, set himself as the frontrunner and built a campaign that sought to “bury the hatchet between labor and commerce and help the American people out the best way we can”. His warm, magnanimous personality was a welcome change of pace from the cold and highbrow attitude of Herbert Hoover. As leader of the Northern Democratic faction, he was a liberal and modern candidate, opposing segregation (he had spearheaded anti-segregation efforts as Governor of New York) and supporting modernized utilities for people. With a foot in both the Wilsonian camp and the classical liberal camp of vaunted New York Democrat Grover Cleveland, many party bosses felt that Smith was the Democrats only real hope to beat Hoover and turn the nation around. The farming crisis and the continual failures of the Hoover Administration gave the campaign plenty of ammunition in the 1932 election. Despite this, a host of favorite son candidates emerged in the tradition of American elections. Most dropped out due to lack of funding or recognition, with only Cordell Hull remaining a token presence in the primary until the convention. All those that dropped out quickly endorsed Smith and began campaigning for him and down-ballot Democrats in key Republican districts. For a time, it looked like Representative Hull would be the only opposition to Smith and the only Southern Democrat in the race. Hull was a tepid oppositionist who never outwardly attacked Al Smith. Many party bosses felt Hull would be an effective VP candidate for Smith following the Democratic Convention. Soon enough, Al Smith’s campaign was emboldened by this early unity and at the prospect of running virtually unopposed for the nomination. Political leaders, pundits, and common folks alike all believed this would make Smith’s road to the White House. That was until a muggy July day in Louisiana...
The Kingfish
Late one July day, Governor Huey Long of Louisiana stood on the back of a truck and announced to a crowd gathered outside the Louisiana State House his campaign the Democratic Nomination. His speech was simultaneously broadcast over the radio, spreading his fiery speech to distant corners of Louisiana and even neighboring southern states thanks to his efforts as Governor to electrify and modernize the Louisiana countryside. On the surface he seemed like just another favorite son, trying to rise in state party politics with a national call, but Long very quickly set himself apart. He was a brash young politician with a penchant for playing friends and rivals alike, against each other. In Louisiana politics he’d been a fervent supporter of modernizing the South and electrifying poor neighborhoods--regardless of race. He’d been a thorn in the side of the KKK, breaking with Southern Democratic tradition, and had wielded the Louisiana State Police like a private army, breaking up KKK rallies, shuttering the clubs and meeting halls of the old Bourbon Democrats, and intimidating political opponents.
These efforts had brought him hundreds of supporters in Louisiana but his populism and overly vague policies turned off serious politicians from the north and south. Al Smith, a champion of “good relations” between workers and the wealthy, decried Long’s rabid anti-labor policies and his proposed “Wealth Tax” as Syndicalism, declaring that “Mr. Long of Louisiana isn’t fit for national office”. Long was merely the symptom of a new faction forming within the Democratic Party that was coming to a head in the 1932 election. Among Long’s populist policies was opposition to the struggling US remaining on the gold standard. Opposition to gold backed currency in the Democratic Party dates to the late 19th century and the legendary William J. Bryan, but it was the collapse of the economy in 1925 that brought renewed attention to the debate. Many countries, even neutral ones, had given up the gold standard following the Great War. France and Britain had been forced to due to losing a significant chunk of their gold reserve when both governments fled to their respective colonies. Despite the global turn away from gold-backed currencies, Hoover flatly refused to consider any anti-gold policies in 1928. Even Al Smith, who loathed Hoover, also refused to campaign against the gold standard in 1932. Long and his cadre of Southern populists held that the gold standard was a symbol of a bygone time and invoked shadowy cabals of businessmen who used their private gold reserves to control the US economy. Most serious politicians, north and south, scoffed at this idea but the crowds that lined Long’s primary campaign trail believed wholeheartedly in this conspiracy.
On the surface it seemed that the ghost of the 1896 Democratic primary had appeared--but this wasn’t a party division based solely on currency. It was north vs south, rural vs urban, main street vs Park Avenue. Long’s charismatic speeches and no-nonsense, populist appeal spread out from the Deep South states of Louisiana and captured ears across the suffering south, reaching as far as Texas, Missouri, and Virginia. He called for sweeping modernization, welfare programs to aid the out of work, the poor, and the old. Smith was at first amused with the young southern politician, for his antics at the podium. Long was known to almost sweat through his suits during his fiery speeches in the muggy southern heat. But his campaign picked up speed across the south, helped by Long’s supporters fighting against the traditional Bourbon Democratic machines that had kept poor whites politically equal to poor blacks. As reports of Long’s “militias” appearing to do battle with police spread, Smith painted Long as a dangerous radical and called him “anti-American” and “the most dangerous man in the country besides Jack Reed”. Reed on the other hand, who was campaigning for the newly re-energized and independent Socialist Party, called Long an authoritarian despot and privately said that “Governor Long is more suited to the presidency of a banana republic than a country such as ours”. It would be the one thing Smith and Reed would agree on.
Already the Democratic Primary was heating up as Smith and Long criss-crossed the country giving speeches and attracting supporters. Both men utilized radio to their advantage, relying on their respective distinct accents (Long with his southern drawl and Smith’s deep New York accent) and charisma to draw listeners. These two titanic leaders attracted so much attention that other favorite son challengers like Gilbert Hitchcock, Cordell Hull, Thomas Walsh, and Walter F. George were all forgotten. All four of them quickly threw their support behind Smith, angering Long and his supporters. Long accused Smith and fellow primary contenders of being part of a “secret pact” to force him from the race. The race began to narrow down to Smith and Long, the two dominant factions of the Democratic Party--Northern Democrats and Populist Democrats. The Northern Democrats considered themselves the heirs of Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland (William McAdoo was conveniently ignored) and promised real, honest progressive politics from the Democratic Party (hoping to shed the connection to the Confederacy). They rallied around Al Smith’s platform of business-friendly relief, modernization of utilities, expanding work programs with contracts for water and power companies, and agricultural-business cooperation, whereby business and farmers could work together towards relief of agriculture.
The opposite of this was Huey Long’s faction of populists. Most of them were Long’s personal acolytes, failed populists, hucksters, local union leaders, and colorless southern politicians who’d championed the poor whites in an area dominated by the post-Civil War Bourbon Democrats. They rejected “Wall Street Money Men and Planter Aristocracy” that had divided the south for their own gain. Long and his supporters called for nationalizing phone lines, agricultural stores (stealing a page from the Progressive Party), and utilities as well as wide ranging taxes on wealth and inheritance (including annual incomes), government-mandated production balances, social insurance, and a wide ranging makework program that would help modernize the countryside. Smith decried this as socialism and once taunted Long to “go peddle your snake oil to Mr. Reed or Senator La Follette, the American voters aren’t buying”. Long meanwhile decried Smith as a tool for robber barons and said “Governor Smith wants to sell this country to Wall Street at the highest bidder--and the cost? The dignity of every man, woman, and child that’s starving”.
As the Democratic Primary continued, the war of words heated up. Eventually brawls between Long supporters and Smith’s turned violent. However, the Bourbon machines were not entirely powerless, and Long found that he had to contend with fellow Southern Democrats in addition to Smith’s aggressive campaigning. This did not signify some alliance between the southern and northern democrats, most Bourbon bosses were growing wary of the increasingly business-friendly focus that their party was taking. But they were turned off by Long’s radicalism as a threat to their power. Above all, most feared that a divided convention would harm their chances in the election. Smith handily won his primaries and entered the convention with enough good will and delegates to emerge as the candidate. This was after engaging with noted Bourbon Democrat and power broker, John Nance Garner. Garner was a voice of calm and reason in such a divided primary and in addition to his own nature, he commanded the delegates from Texas and California, both of which were needed for the convention and for the upcoming election. Garner personally despised Smith, regarding him as a “fast-talking carpetbagger”. He also knew that Smith’s reputation and, notably, his Catholicism would be an issue in the coming campaign. Still, Garner threw his support behind Smith in exchange for promises to be elected Speaker of the House and hoped that Smith would be able to “carry through on the promise his election has made”. Garner believed that a Smith victory in 1932, and perhaps in 1936, would help him be elected in 1940. Stunned and outraged, Long and hundreds of his supporters and delegates staged a march out to little effect. Senator James A. Reed from Missouri was chosen as Smith’s running mate to balance the Democratic ticket with an “upper South” man. On the outsides again, Long considered a third party run but refused and tabled any further decision till after the 1932 election. The hope for the Democratic Party in 1932 seemed shaky but possible and all of this left the Republicans to merely grit their teeth, overwhelmingly renominate Hoover, and hope things didn’t get worse.
As the moderate parties began to arm for a momentous election, the American left was scrambling. The Progressive Party was struggling to build an honest, distinct platform that both attracted voters and defined the party outside of senate party bosses like Burton K. Wheeler. To the left of them, the Socialist Party was still coalescing around Jack Reed and his brand of Marxist-Syndicalism inspired by the revolutions in Paris and London. Norman Thomas, a respected Christian speaker and believer in Democratic Socialism emerged as the natural leader of the moderate wing that had led the SPA out of its electoral alliance with the Progressives and back to independence. Thomas had worked diligently as an organizer for the SPA and Progressives during the 20s and helped to shape and define a more moderate, democratic-style of Marxism in America. Later, after the fall of the SPA and it’s rejoining with the Progressive Party, Norman Thomas’ writings would inspire a new generation of social democrats within the post-war Progressives and the goal of anti-militarism and a true “American Welfare State”. Opposite Thomas was the so-called “Radical Wing” of the SPA. These remained the outliers who hadn’t followed the rest of the SPA into alliance with the Progressives in 1924. Some were former SPA members who’d joined the rump Socialist Labor Party or other minor socialist parties after 1924. Foster advocated for direct action and an immediate revolution on par with the Union of Britain. He also called for wide sweeping nationalization, collectivization, and the immediate seizure of all wealth. The one man who could balance these two was Jack Reed. Reed’s tales of the European revolutions and his charisma endeared him to many within both wings. In addition to this, he’d emerged as an organizational genius in the early 30s thanks to the lessons he learned from a young British functionary named Oswald Mosley. Reed utilized his organizational skills and charisma to whip the still divided SPA into shape. William Foster had become a perennial candidate for the Socialist Labor Party (folded into the SPA following its independence from the Progressives) and encouraged Foster to run as Thomas’ VP. Both men separately, and reluctantly, agreed. Despite the “Socialisty unity ticket” that both men claimed to be running, the two were rarely seen together on the campaign trail.
It was this disparity that hampered the SPA’s efforts in the 1932 election as it soon became apparent that there were three SPA campaigns. The moderate Norman Thomas, who drew crowds of students, inquisitive middle class, and peace activists who advocated for leftist policies, but also feared foreign wars would entangle America and lead to a loss of American independence. Thomas argued that the SPA should become a force for real progressive action at home and stay above “European (read: German) messes” abroad. Thomas’ peaceful, almost reverent, campaign tour was the exact opposite of Foster’s bombastic rallies. These explosive speeches drew countless supporters and detractors, forcing Foster to travel with a band of bodyguards that were rumored to have fought on the frontlines of the Russian Civil War. These street fights led to Foster and his allies organizing unions and attendees into impromptu defense squads. The most popular of all was the one in the middle of these two. Jack Reed’s campaign was part politics, part book promotion, part speaking tour. His eloquent speeches and commanding presence on stage as well as his stories of the destruction of Windsor Castle or Piccadilly Circus covered in red flags drew countless in-person listeners and even more who followed him on the radio.
The 1932 SPA platform was, by November, all over the place. Thomas called for a series of Wealth Taxes, public ownership of power companies and rail lines, a wide ranging and interventionist government welfare system, and a federally controlled national farm board that could oversee the giving of credit, monetary relief, and planting procedures (though Foster routinely called for the collectivization of farm land), and greater representation of union and farm groups in the state and federal government. Foster echoed some of these but called for the immediate disarmament of the US military (going so far as to declare that he would have the US Navy melted down), the reorganization of Congress (dissolving the Senate and replacing it with a Chamber of Unions), recognizing the Union of Britain, Commune of France, and Socialist Republic of Italy, the nationalization of all water and power companies, roads, railways, and factories as well as seizing all wealth. Reed sought to fuse these two, calling for the nationalization of most industries including mines, certain factories, and all railroads, a national farm board (with more powers devoted to them), immediate disarmament and an international conference on disarmament whereby the Syndicalist powers would be invited.
As the Socialists drew thousands on their unique campaign stops, the Progressives emerged slowly. The self-styled chairman of the Progressive Party, Burton K. Wheeler refused to enter the race and declined any and all attempts by his few supporters to enter. Once again the Progressives feared that this was their last election. In the beginning of the summer, Senator Robert M. La Follette Jr from Wisconsin announced his candidacy for the Progressive Party presidential nominee. He faced no opposition in the primary and did not seek out any comment or endorsement from his fellow Progressive Senator Burton K. Wheeler. Son of Progressive Party founder Fighting Bob La Follette, Robert began a whirlwind tour of the plains states and the Upper West. He received a boost of attention in California and the West Coast where he picked up California State Senator Raymond Haight as his running mate. Robert seemed the total opposite of his father and Burton K. Wheeler. He was young, respected (if not well known) in state and federal politics, and idealistic. He carved a platform that sought to make the Progressive Party a fusion of old style progressivism and new style thoughts inspired by socialism. “It’s time to put our country first--not our parties, our bankers, or our rabble rousers”. The Progressive Party platform was a wide ranging and interesting platform. He called for higher taxes on the wealthy, the creation of a federal insurance program for the out of work and elderly, sponsoring state-owned (but not federally owned) power and water companies, and a massive bailout to relieve, reform, and revitalize American farmers. In addition, he advocated for a national work program designed to bring urban workers from around the country to farms and rural work programs that would employ and train these young workers. Another national program was the government purchase of large rail lines and then merging them into a federally owned “National Transportation Company” that would expand and also employ people to build new rail lines and bridges. Both of these attracted a lot of criticism and only mild support among the Progressives, with many calling it half-baked collectivization. The Progressives continued their long tradition of not running on any foreign policy save demilitarization and isolation. VP Candidate Haight and some within the Progressive Party tried to capture the American disinterest in foreign affairs with a proposed “Protective Immigration Act” that would slow immigration. But despite this, La Follette refused to endorse any nativist policies.
Election Nightmare
Following Long’s defeat at the Democratic National Convention, he retreated to Louisiana where his power base remained and refused to campaign for the Democratic ticket. Down-ballot Southern Democrats were safe and Long began laying the groundwork for “saving America”. Smith continued his whirlwind campaign, seeking the limelight and covering the airwaves with his iconic American voice. As Democratic candidate, he now faced a lot of serious criticism for his business-friendly policies (some people accused him of being little better than Hoover) and others were turned off by anti-Catholic feelings. Hoover remained in Washington, giving only a few radio speeches or penning letters, while relying on personal supporters and Republican party bosses for his campaign. Hoover notably claimed that his administration was looking to “preserve law and order amidst an increasingly radical world”. The Socialists and Progressive remained in their traditional power bases--the mid and upper west for the Progressives and the industrial heartlands of the Midwest. Future historians would say that everything changed that day when America cast their ballot. But anyone paying attention could see that the long and troublesome road to 1936 began further back than the 1932 Election.
After days of counting ballots, no clear winner was found. Despite his refusal to run a third party campaign, Long picked up almost 40 delegates among the south. Following the constitution, the 1932 election was sent to the House to be chosen there. The Democrats had won a majority in the House, though this new House had yet to be sworn in and so the selection still fell to the Republican-dominated House. There was widespread discontent with Herbert Hoover as the Depression showed little sign of weakening. Smith had been barred from coming to Washington by his own allies and was forced to rely on incoming-Speaker of the House John Nance Garner to lead the Democratic negotiations. While Garner hated Hoover and his handling of the crisis, Smith had proven himself a controversial choice. His Catholicism alienated many in an already xenophobic country and, Garner felt, that he’d failed to truly utilize the momentum that his primary had picked up in the national campaign. Vindicated for his own personal dislike of Smith, Garner feared that a reform-minded liberal Democrat would shatter any hope of getting work done before the 1936 election. The 1932 election hadn’t even been called and Garner as well as other party bosses like James Farley feared for the 1934 midterms. 1932 hadn’t been the Democratic wave that Smith’s primary had promised and Garner made the choice to throw his and most of the Democratic members of the House behind reelecting Herbert Hoover, in exchange for a “free hand” from Republican bosses. This secret remained with Garner (only coming to light upon the publication of his diary in 1998) and shattered Governor Al Smith. He publicly blamed the Republican Party and privately attributed blame to John Nance Garner who he believed “Stabbed me in the back”. The two would never speak from that day forward.
Herbert Hoover looked sickly and tired when he took the stage in early 1933 to take the oath of office. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes later remarked that the President looked “like a man on his way to the chair”. The First Lady refused to attend and remained behind in a hotel suite and only a hundred or so people gathered to watch the inauguration and speech. Hoover thanked the American people for trusting in his vision of the country and urged “faith in God and faith in ourselves until happier times are here again”. One of the few supporters in the stands, Quentin Roosevelt, would wire his wife that night and inform her that “after receiving lackluster applause from the crowd, Hoover turned and said something to [Vice President Charles Curtis] Curtis. I don’t know what the President said but his downcast eyes and frown said everything I didn’t hear.” There’s been much debate over “Hoover’s real words” since this came to light. Vice President Curtis passed away soon after leaving office and Hoover refused to answer questions about that until the day he died. One popular theory holds that Hoover offhandedly mentioned “and I owe all this to that bastard Jack Garner”, while another maintains that he said “we haven’t won an election, but a coffin”. Whatever the truth, protests and riots erupted across the nation.
William Z. Foster ranted to supporters in Cleveland that this was “irrefutable proof that democracy and the revolution were completely incompatible”. Long’s supporters also rioted in New Orleans, however this devolved into racial violence before Long appeared on the radio and urged his supporters to “return home and be with your family, there’ll be a time for anger soon enough”. Smith was shaken to his core, having lost the presidency and the governorship, he would retire for some time in Albany before he returned to the private sector. Surprisingly, Quentin Roosevelt, one time Republican foreign policy aide and New York State Representative won a special gubernatorial election following the end of Smith’s term. Roosevelt would thank Smith for his years of service to America and the state of New York and called on everyone to “work together, not as politicians or simply as Americans--as honest folk who love their neighbors and their country as they love their family and their God.”
  • Republican Party - Herbert HooveCharles Curtis
  • Democratic Party - Al Smith/James A. Reed
  • Socialist Party - Norman Thomas/William Z. Foster
  • Progressive Party - Robert M. La Follette Jr./Raymond Haight
Congressional Outcome:
Senate: 96 Seats in Total
  • Republican Party: 66 seats
  • Democratic Party: 25
  • Progressive Party: 3
  • Socialist Party: 2
House: 435 Seats in Total
  • Republican Party: 180 seats
  • Democratic Party: 210 seats
  • Progressive Party: 28
  • Socialist Party: 17
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2020.07.20 11:19 Kotkijet Tuesday 12:50 Stratford - Juvenile Hurdle Preview

The third juvenile race of the season takes place at Stratford on Tuesday and is set to feature the winner of the first two in Hiconic. Now under a double penalty, the mare faces a new challenge as both Alan King and Tom George have entered their first juvenile hurdlers this term. Despite being a sharp and relative track, dosage indexes suggest that Stratford presents a more demanding test for the juvenile than either Newton Abbot or Bangor with the median DI of the past 64 winners a mere 0.93. The current ground description of good to soft may place further emphasis on stamina.
Hiconic bf A Hales f7-0-2 (57) 57 j2-2-0 105
Sixties Icon (Acclamation){1-n}(0.60) 1/0 Hi Note 2nd 4YO Hurdle, Cheltenham 2012
Hiconic made it two from two last weekend at Bangor with a performance which marked further improvement from her already satisfying debut win at Newton Abbot. She can set her own pace, jump very cleanly and respond well to instruction. The quality of her opposition has not been exceptional but the form of her latest win had a solid look to it and warranted a mark of at least 110 on account of her professionalism and ease of victory. The double penalty will naturally make matters more difficult but she still sets a decent standard and has very few questions to answer so will be a very strong contender if showing no ill effects for her third race in quick succession.
Bannister bg T George 1-0-0 (-) 66
Olympic Glory (Kendor){4-n}(1.00) .5 Ciboure 2nd Conditions Hurdle, Far Hills 2019
Bannister had his sole start on the flat last October in a mile maiden at Windsor where he looked as though the experience would do him good. The bare form of that race does not read very well with only one winner being produced from twenty-six runs. Nevertheless, those that finished around him have produced performances that justify ratings in the low seventies. Furthermore, there are several things to like about his profile with this new discipline in mind. His stallion Olympic Glory made a fine start with his first juveniles last term producing two winners from five runners and damsire Kendor has a very healthy 75% winners to runners ratio. Tom George also has a decent strike rate with his juveniles although his better ones do tend to be imported. Furthermore, his few runners this season have not been firing and those running in a hood for the yard do not fare well historically. Nevertheless, Bannister is not without potential and can be a threat if Hiconic under-performs.
Clan Spirit bg J Portman 1-0-0 (-) 0
Cable Bay (Clodovil){10-c}(0.82) .5 Foxy’s Spirit 6th Juvenile Hurdle, Market Rasen 2009
Unfancied at 100/1 when making his debut in a Kempton novice stakes last month, Clan Spirit ran no sort of race. Starting awkwardly and pulling hard, he was eased after hanging in the straight to finish over a hundred lengths behind the winner. Cable Bay is still winless with flat horses beyond a mile and his sole hurdler finished tailed off last week. While the trainer’s horses can improve for a switch from the flat, he is without a juvenile winner from his past twelve runners.
Dragon Man bg M Young 3-0-0 (47) 45
Dragon Pulse (Editor’s Note){23}(1.50) 2/1 Mad George 1st Bumper, Plumpton 2011 2-0-0 Hurdles
Max Young is due to send out his first runner as a trainer with the ex-Michael Grassick trained Dragon Man. Twice closer to last than first last August at the Curragh and Tipperary, Dragon Man was last seen at the beginning of June beaten almost thirty lengths in a Naas maiden at 300/1. Although his granddam is a half sister to Scorpion and he can find Moorcroft Boy (7/3) and Blue Charm (7/4) in the echos of his pedigree, his sire has only one winning juvenile from eight offspring.
Fiach Stoney bg M Loughnane 3-0-0 (52) 48
Urban Poet (Excellent Art){9-c}(2.08) 2/0 Randall’s Diana 1st Handicap Hurdle (88), Listowel 2008
While he may be forgiven for his well beaten ninth of nine in a Wolverhampton maiden last time, his first two starts back in January offer little encouragement. The form of those he has finished nearby is devoid of promise for this level and his keenness is also a concern. Although his granddam was a dual winner over hurdles and his damsire produced some successes in the sphere, these factors alone would not be enough to cause optimism.
Kings Creek bg A King 5-0-0 (62) 65
Elusive Quality (Indian Ridge){1-l}(3.24) 3/1 Point Of Origin 1st Handicap Chase (86), Huntingdon 2004
Alan King has had a rather barren spell with the Triumph Hurdle in recent years but he is still a force to be reckoned with in the division. From the seventy-one trainers with fifteen or more runners since the 2011/12 season, he is surpassed only by Nicky Henderson and Willie Mullins for winners/runners and has the best record from those with fifty or more juveniles for improving their charges from flat to jumps. Kings Creek, a maiden after five starts on the flat, brings a rating of 62 and while Alan King has won with lower rated juveniles (Forgiving Glance and Gimme Five), the overall profile presents vulnerabilities. The rating of 62, initially 66 at the start of the campaign, is still reasonable in the context of this race but Kings Creek has not shaped like an obvious stayer in his races and neither his tendency to run green and drift to the right, nor the fact he has already undergone a wind operation are encouraging. His pedigree is speed rather than stamina laden and while Elusive Quality has produced winning hurdlers, he has not done so with juveniles and his progeny are not given to improving for the switch to jumps. Kings Creek still has to be entitled to respect on the basis of his trainer and bare form but there will be much stronger prospects back at the yard.
Pink Jazz bg S Curran 10-1-1 (59) 62
Red Jazz (Captain Marvelous){2-f}(1.67) 2/1 Band Of Blood 147 4th Drinmore Novices Chase, Fairyhouse 2014
Pink Jazz began his career with Gordon Elliott and landed a gamble for the yard in a Wolverhampton handicap back in January. He came very close to doubling his tally on his debut for the current yard in a similar class contest at Kempton when held by just a nose. The form of the latter race has worked out better than the former and the standard of these runs puts him roughly on a par with Kings Creek. However, while his attitude seems fair enough, he did rather shirk out of the issue after being slightly hampered at Windsor last time and is another who does not look a natural stayer. His dam is a half sister to the decent Band Of Blood and Go Native is a 5/6 relative but sire Red Jazz, a son of Johannesburg, has yet to produce a winning hurdler and damsire Captain Marvelous’s useful juvenile Lindenhurst was a King’s Theatre cross. Furthermore, the yard has not sent out a winning juvenile since Prince Pippin landed a quickfire double in November 2009.
Royal Bassett bg R Dickin 4-0-1 (61) 58
Wootton Bassett (Dashing Blade){1-h}(1.40) .5 Donnadream 1st 4YO Hurdle, Enghien 2015
Royal Bassett started at 300/1 when producing his best form to date in a novices stakes at Newmarket where he led briefly before eventually finishing eighteen lengths third of five behind subsequent Bahrain Trophy winner and leading St Leger candidate Al Aasy. On the back of that effort, he was allotted a mark of 65 which was not deemed generous by the market as he started 125/1 in a two mile handicap at Ascot. The market was proven correct as he was beaten forty-eight lengths and his current mark of 61 would still appear to flatter him. His pedigree is not devoid of promise as he is a half brother to a winning hurdler, Wooton Bassett has won with two of his three hurdle runners and Dashing Blade mares have produced a couple of minor winning juveniles. However, Robin Dickin has yet to saddle a winning juvenile and has gone over a year since a winner of any nature.
Salento bg S Kittow 1-0-0 (-) 24
Olympic Glory (Street Cry){6-d}(0.82) 3/3 Penglai Pavilion 1st Novices Hurdle, Cheltenham 2015
Bruno de Montzey was the source of last season’s Scottish Triumph winner Thyme White although while that former stablemate was thought good enough to enter in a Group 3 at Longchamp, Salento was a well beaten last of six in a race for unraced colts and geldings on his sole start. Stuart Kittow, who won a Uttoxeter handicap last week, has yet to saddle a winning juvenile but there is some minor encouragement in the breeding. The aforementioned Olympic Glory has made a promising start and there are decent hurdlers on the damline including Penglai Pavilion and five-time winner Noukari. Nevertheless, there would still need to be significant improvement on the flat effort.
Swell Swilly chg C Hills 3-0-0 (48) 44
Australia (Pivotal){14-b}(1.13) 7/9 Harper Valley 3rd Anniversary Hurdle, Aintree 2008
Australia made a promising start with his first crop of jumpers, producing three winners including the useful Lord Lamington. While these three winners were rated at least a stone better than Swell Swilly on the flat, three fifths of his progeny improved for the switch from flat to jumps including the Pivotal cross Metal Man. However, Swell Swilly has shown nothing more than a modicum of ability on the flat in three starts during which he has ran green, has no jumping stock on his immediate damline and his trainer has yet to saddle a jumps winner.
Strong prospects
Reasonable prospects
3.Kings Creek
4.Pink Jazz
Feasible prospects
Moderate prospects
6.Royal Bassett
7.Swell Swilly
Negligible prospects
8.Fiach Stoney
9.Dragon Man
10.Clan Spirit
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2020.03.01 01:07 gravelcyclingbot Gravel Events for Month of March, 2020

North American

Date Title Location Link
03/01/2020 Mudcrutch Gravel Team Trial Ride High Springs, Florida Link
03/01/2020 Seminole Grind Sorrento, Florida Link
03/07/2020 Dirt-y Pecan 60, 80, 100, 150 & 200 Monticello, Florida Link
03/07/2020 Holey Roller Gravel Grinder Smithville, Texas Link
03/07/2020 Hill Country Hundy Llano, Texas Link
03/07/2020 Rage Against the Chainring Race 1: Renegades of Gravel Cheney, Kansas Link
03/07/2020 Road Apple Roubaix Garrettsville, Ohio Link
03/07/2020 Southern Cross Dahlonega, Georgia Link
03/07/2020 The Dirty South Roubaix 100K+ Alto Pass, Illinois Link
03/07/2020 Shasta Gravel Hugger Montague, California Link
03/08/2020 G2G “Gateway to the Gravel” West Palm Beach, Florida Link
03/13/2020 Mid South Stillwater, Oklahoma Link
03/14/2020 Hell of the NorFla Newberry, Florida Link
03/14/2020 Croatan BuckFifty Cape Carteret, North Carolina Link
03/14/2020 True Grit Gravel Santa Clara, Utah Link
03/15/2020 Waterloo G & G Gravel Road Race Grass Lake, Michigan Link
03/15/2020 Tour de Moooooo! Cosby, Tennessee Link
03/19/2020 Gran Gravel 500 Bryan, Texas Link
03/20/2020 Love Valley Roubaix Love Valley, North Carolina Link
03/21/2020 Fried Clay 200K & 420K Eatonton, Georgia Link
03/21/2020 International Grand Prix Of Gravel Dallas, Texas Link
03/21/2020 Rage Against the Chainring Race 2: Bulls on Parade Douglass, Kansas Link
03/21/2020 Melting Mann Vandalia, Michigan Link
03/21/2020 Redlands Strada Rossa Redlands, California Link
03/22/2020 Death by Gravel Steelville, Missouri Link
03/22/2020 The Rad Ride Westfield, Indiana Link
03/22/2020 Vermont Overland Maple Adventure Ride West Windsor, Vermont Link
03/27/2020 Dirt Road Debutante Gravel Academy Leavenworth, Kansas Link
03/28/2020 Thomasville Clay Road Classic Thomasville, Georgia Link
03/28/2020 C.O.G. 100 Iowa Gravel Single Speed Championship Grinnell, Iowa Link
03/28/2020 Dirty Dala Olsburg, Kansas Link
03/28/2020 Tour of the Hollows Prairie Grove, Arkansas Link
03/28/2020 Broken Spoke Challenge Ventura, California Link
03/28/2020 Dirty 30 Gravel Grinder Saranac, Michigan Link
03/28/2020 Scratch Ankle Gravel Race Munson, Florida Link
03/28/2020 Stockdale Gravel Roundup Stockdale, Texas Link
03/29/2020 4G (Great Gator Gravel Grinder) Homestead, Florida Link
03/29/2020 Bull Grind Gravel Race Castroville, Texas Link
03/29/2020 Pastry-Brest-Pastry Aurora, Illinois Link
03/29/2020 Saluda Roubaix 70 Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina Link
03/29/2020 Llano Estacado Endee, New Mexico Link


Date Title Location Link
03/28/2020 Brevet200 [Gravel Chile] Pichilemu, Chile Link
03/14/2020 Gippsland Gold Yarragon, Victoria, Australia Link
03/20/2020 Epic Desert Gravel Race Marrakesh, Morocco Link
03/20/2020 LTD Gravel Fest Southern Limburg, Netherlands Link
03/21/2020 Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series London, United Kingdom Link
03/29/2020 Gravel Epic Marrakesh, Morocco Link
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2020.02.09 05:38 ryu289 Transphobes are self-righetous.

What is apparent, from such first-hand accounts, is that transgender activists have created a narrative — a script — that is being promoted in the mental-health establishment, and the online transgender community then acts as Pied Pipers leading vulnerable youth toward “transition.” The Feudal Times blog offers advice to parents, e.g., “Avoid the arguments, they have rehearsed it in their head and come at you armed,” and “However much they sound authoritative they have learnt a script online. Hold on to your common sense and do not be bullied into what you do not believe to be true.” What is emerging, in these accounts from parents whose children have been recruited by the transgender cult, is an awareness of a definite pattern, and the more people become aware of what is actually happening, the more resources will be available to help common-sense parents fight back against this dangerous cult.
Funny how you guys rely on bogus research yes? https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-019-1453-2 https://web.archive.org/web/20190406012918/https://genderanalysis.net/2018/12/lisa-littman-cites-edwards-leeper-spack-2012-in-her-rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria-study-but-did-she-read-it/ https://genderanalysis.net/2018/08/rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria-and-misunderstanding-comorbidity/
Or that we can't talk to these Trans people, just their usually anyomous, biased parents... https://genderanalysis.net/2019/12/quelle-horreur-parents-of-trans-kids-attending-gender-clinics-are-overwhelmingly-satisfied/
God they are the ones who sound like a cult trying to ignore contrary evidence.
Last weekend, The Patriarch Tree unleashed a Twitter thread about this phenomenon that got a tremendous reaction. What inspired that discourse was a before-and-after photo posted to Instagram on “National Coming Out Day.” As I warn, you can’t unsee such a tragedy.
Yes, surgery leaves scars, but guess what, they heal and fade. https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5d65ff7bf6688b00012b9411/1567306028261-EFUCJFQDWWWKI53YG253/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kP-0rm5A0n2Vph5w6F0yFeh7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z5QPOohDIaIeljMHgDF5CVlOqpeNLcJ80NK65_fV7S1UTbCaVilWORBCUmP9XEDZmESeKcWH2gEKaCb8PCesklMnXMMx_GOhcYMLHDPdj1XGA/RNI-Films-IMG-3B089638-7D23-4CDA-84C6-644EA08940EA.jpg?format=1500w
It is necessary for them to pass: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4098595/
Which is important for avoiding abuse: https://kathrynhgordon.com/2018/05/14/fact-checking-5-suicide-related-statements-from-a-viral-ben-shapiro-video/
Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh feoil!
The dreaded war cry of Clan Cameron is not something I invoke lightly. You are summoned to join us in destroying the haughty foe. The battle is engaged, and our enemies shall be a feast for the hounds.
So you threaten violence on those looking to alleviate gender dysphoria?
With something that sounds like a call for an eldritch abomination?
Whatever the federal courts may decide, water will still be wet, the sky will still be blue, men will be men and women will be women. The legal abolition of male/female distinctions has obvious consequences, but biology is never going to be legislated out of existence.
Like all cultists, the man is impenetrable to the idea that his beliefs are not based in reality: https://www.reddit.com/GGdiscussion/comments/ete11k/billy_d_aka_oneangrygamer_has_returned_and_is_as/
But must accuse others as such in order to maintain his delusions.
For example: https://donotlink.it/rJEr3
Yet here in the 21st century, Rachel Andelman felt the need to “identify” as bisexual at age 14 when, in point of fact, Florida law doesn’t even consider 14-year-olds capable of consenting to sex. By the time she was a junior, she came out as a lesbian, already sufficiently fluent in radical feminist jargon to invoke “compulsory heterosexuality” as a force of patriarchal oppression. (When I was a high-school junior, heterosexuality sure as heck wasn’t “compulsory,” or else I’d have been getting some of that action.)
And here he makes his mistake, conflating sexual identity with sexual behaviors("consent") https://donotlink.it/6x1Ek
Wake up — behavior defines “sexuality.” The idea that sexual behavior is a matter of identity, an innate trait which we can somehow separate from a person’s behavior, was a fiction created by LGBT activists in order to make “civil rights” a basis for their legal and policy arguments. Only if “sexuality” was recognized as an identity, analogous to race, could a Fourteenth Amendment claim hope to get past the Supreme Court, and you can read Justice Scalia’s dissent in the relevant cases — Lawrence v. Texas (2003), Windsor v. U.S. (2013) and Obergfell v. Hodges (2015) — to find a sound rebuttal of such claims. Whatever your opinion about gay rights may be, the idea that such rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is ludicrous. The Framers had no such intention, nor was any amendment to the Constitution ever intended to make such a guarantee. However, as I say, it was for the purpose of obtaining such legal protection that the whole “born-that-way” explanation of homosexuality (as an identity, rather than as a behavior) was promoted by activists.
What is the definition of sexuality sir? https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/Sexuality-explained
Sexuality is not about who you have sex with, or how often you have it. Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviours towards other people. You can find other people physically, sexually or emotionally attractive, and all those things are a part of your sexuality.
You try to patrol people's thoughts then? What about free association? Can you explain biology sir: http://overthebrainbow.com/blog/2017/1/7/wired-this-way-sexual-orientation-and-gender-in-the-brain
This absurd theory has become the basis of the “everybody-gets-a-trophy” mentality which now prevails in schools. There can be no special reward for winners, nor any punishment for failure, because this might hurt the self-esteem of the precious little snowflakes. A similar idea underlies the “anti-bullying” interventions in schools, as well as the endless celebrations of “diversity” and “inclusion” as the highest moral ideals. These ideas derived from the Cult of Self-Esteem have influenced “social justice” ideology, which claims that any expression of thoughts that might hurt someone’s feelings are “hate” and “violence” which we are all expected to condemn. It is “hate” to speak critically of obesity or homosexuality, and this attitude of political correctness often takes the form of denouncing “stigma.” You must use slang terms when referring to the mentally ill, because phrases like “lunatic” and “nutjob” contribute to the stigma of mental illness. But doesn’t the stigma exist for a reason? Crazy People Are Dangerous, as I’ve often explained, and irrational behaviors are stigmatized because they are socially harmful.
That sort of thinking is a self fulfilling prophecy: http://homoresponse.blogspot.com/2011/06/mental-health-and-substance-abuse.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6025184/ https://www.reddit.com/BestOfOutrageCulture/comments/desdoq/someone_cant_handle_abnormal/f5vq8dp/
Likewise you think stopping harassment is the same as just giving awards for no good reason?
Likewise much of this "speaking critically" nonsense is just speaking lies and presenting incorrect facts as truth. https://www.reddit.com/skeptic/comments/byhd2l/homophobes_dont_belive_in_sourcing_their_claims/ Just because you think there is a need to be "critical" doesn't mean you are right.
Like many cultists though they are paranoid: https://donotlink.it/brEk6
The feminist blog 4th Wave Now, which has become a clearinghouse for women concerned about this issue, recently got this comment:
When traveling for business recently, I sat next to a school counselor on the plane, and as we chatted about this and that, I gently raised this topic. She said something very interesting. She said that at her school, it has been nothing less than something straight out of the pages of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” — and eerily so. Much like the mass hysteria in the 1600s of Salem girls overcome with fits and trances as they thought themselves possessed and plagued by “witchcraft,” so the sudden-onset trans phenomenon has swept through her high school.
Oh goodie, an anyomous person giving an anyomous second-hand source...
. And all the books the parents are reading are saying “affirm or die,” so if you raise a peep about any other kind of possibility of exploring alternatives to medical transition, you are threatened with the potential liability of having caused a suicide. She actually welled up in tears at one point as she spoke about her sense of helplessness at watching this spin out of control. Is this a return to the dynamics of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Salem witch trials? Or, has this kind of suggestibility been with us all along and teens are especially susceptible? The outbreak of fits related to “witchcraft” was a case of what some have called “social terror as communal contagion.” How might the forces of suggestibility be at work now? And is there any way to diffuse them? What kind of “Crucible” are we now going through and what will be the lasting impacts on these teens’ lives as they grow up? What play would Arthur Miller be composing today about the teen trans trend?
Exactly! If you know anything about psychology, you know that suggestibility varies greatly between individuals. Some people are easily persuaded by any clever pitch, and others are not. However, young people are quite generally vulnerable to suggestion, and the idea of transgenderism as a panacea for certain adolescent social problems is being pitched constantly online in blogs and YouTube videos that serve to glamorize this cult. The comparison to the Salem Witch Trials is apt.
Wrong, if that was the case, they would go in full speed! https://genderanalysis.net/2018/04/what-michael-laidlaw-gets-wrong-about-transgender-youth/
Instead they are given time to choose: https://genderanalysis.net/2017/08/do-all-trans-youth-on-puberty-blockers-go-on-to-transition/ https://genderanalysis.net/2018/04/a-new-critical-analysis-of-desistance-research/
Oh and like all cultists, they smear their opponents: https://www.reddit.com/TheBluePill/comments/9ikd9h/redpilled_pundit_thinks_he_knows_biology/e6n2vuc/
Where did Zachary Antolak get these ideas? From the Cult of Self-Esteem. For decades, our education system has been controlled by liberals who believe all childhood problems are a result of low self-esteem. Nothing is more important than teaching kids to feel good about themselves, according to the advocates of self-esteem. This dubious educational theory gets mixed in with a “progressive” egalitarian ideology which rejects ordinary social standards and value systems as invalid, because these values and standards damage the self-esteem of those who fail to succeed within such a hierarchical system. The Cult of Self-Esteem requires us to believe that it is a social injustice for the all-state linebacker to be more popular in high school than the boy who plays clarinet in the marching band. This is analogous to the feminist belief that it is wrong to admire women for their beauty. Just as there is no reason we should admire men who are tall and athletic, according to the egalitarian proponents of self-esteem theory, there is no reason why anyone should prefer supermodel Kate Upton to feminist Jaclyn Friedman.
This isn't about popularity: https://www.stanfordlawreview.org/online/the-masculinity-motivation/ Being treated as normal is not the same as being treated with praise....makes me wonder how much he is projecting?
Believe it or not, there are plenty of gay men who have had sex with women, although I am not one of them. . . . Essentially, society tells men to find a nice woman to love and have a family with. That is what’s expected of them and there’s a lot of pressure for men to participate in this heterosexual lifestyle.”
You see? The only reason any man wants “to find a nice woman to love and have a family with” is because “society” tells him to do so. Because there is no objective reason why a man might wish “to participate in this heterosexual lifestyle,” Zachary Antolak lectured the world via YouTube in 2009, therefore men only have sex with women because they are under “a lot of pressure” from society to do so. This is simply a colloquial restatement of feminist “social construction” theory. There is no such thing as human nature, according to feminist theory. No pattern of behavior can be described as “natural” or “normal,” the feminist believes, because to do so would imply that other patterns are unnatural or abnormal and, as Zachary/Zinnia elsewhere says, such “misconceptions” and “stereotypes” produce “harmful cultural messages.”
Well it is a fallacy: https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/the-normative-fallacy/ https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Appeal_to_nature
Also this is a quote mine. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IQW8BlWhKK0 Zinna says "that this was especially common in the past" and said all this as an explanation for why gay men had sex with women. She wasn't saying that all men are forced into having sex with women, just the gay ones because everyone was expected to be straight!
Let’s ask a simple question: Who is responsible for the “pressure” Zachary/Zinnia describes? Who is it that “tells men” to marry women, form families and otherwise “participate in this heterosexual lifestyle”?
Zachary/Zinnia attributes this to “society,” but who is “society”? There are 7 billion people on this planet, 320 million of whom reside in the United States, so who among us is exercising this “pressure” that Zachary/Zinnia attributes “society”?
The church? Religious conservatives? Family? Scott lively crows that he's doing it in other nations.
https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/queer-youth-religion-suicide-study_us_5ad4f7b3e4b077c89ceb9774 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4706071/ http://www.patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/2014/05/an-empirical-study-of-the-link-between-suicidal-lgbt-youth-and-religious-upbringing/
Speaking for myself personally, I would not give a damn what Zachary/Zinnia does, were it not for his/“her” habit of telling other people what we are allowed to think. The only reason I’m taking time to write about Zachary/Zinnia today is because he/“she” has arrogated to himself/“herself” the authority to tell Laci Green who she is permitted to date. How did Zachary/Zinnia obtain such power? Who is in charge of hiring the Thought Police, and where do I go to apply for that job?
Here he thinks anybody but him giving their opinion is the same as forcing him...ignoring free speech entirely on the grounds he thinks words can control him. Zinnia apparently can't give her opinion on who people should date.
Massachusetts will require that “churches must acknowledge transgender ideology or practice their doctrine on human sexuality in secret — putting Christianity in the closet” under their “Gender Identity Guidance” document.
“Thou shalt not question my pronouns! And bake me a f–king cake!”
Here is the link:
“The guidance specifically mentions churches as falling under the ‘public accommodation’ restrictions against ‘discrimination’ on the basis of gender identity: ‘Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public,’ the MCAD explained.
“The restrictions are massive. Any ‘public accommodation’ must allow patrons to use men’s or women’s restrooms — and locker rooms and changing rooms — ‘consistent with their gender identity.’ Such places must also ‘use names, pronouns, and gender-related terms appropriate to employee’s stated gender identity in communications with employee and with others.’
And this was clarified: https://www.masslive.com/politics/2016/12/churches_dismiss_lawsuit_again.html
Meanwhile, on the scientific front . . .
The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has released a position paper denouncing popular approaches to transgender, declaring that the current protocol is founded upon “unscientific gender ideology,” which lacks any basis in real evidence. The physicians argue that the assumption that gender dysphoria (GD) — a psychological condition in which people experience a marked incongruence between their experienced gender and their biological sex — is innate contradicts all relevant data and is based on ideology rather than science.
Liberals never let mere facts get in the way of their agenda.
More projection: https://thinkprogress.org/hate-group-masquerading-as-pediatricians-attacks-transgender-youth-544e755c6a20/
It's how they keep their delusions up.
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2020.02.06 13:54 A-Non-Profit DOC3 - More Facts and Questions (Part 3)

DOC3 Part 2

Paris Climate Deal

(Whoever was involved wanted to at least appear to want world temperatures to decrease soon: Me, Ob, Ma, Xi, P etc. Trump cancelled it because he does not want world temperatures to decrease soon. He knows the world is burning and is a smart man, so logically, he must want these apocalyptic conditions to continue and even worsen. No country except China is on track.)

Q: Why does Trump and those around him explicitly oppose the logical plan to decrease global temperatures, stop the melting of the ice caps and the devastation being caused?
Q: Why do other leaders who appear to want world temperatres to decrease make decisions that do the opposite?

Iran nuclear Deal

(Whoever was involved wanted Iran to become more powerful on world stage: Merkel, Obama, Macron, Xi, P etc. Trump cancelled it because he does not want Iran - Home of Shia Islam - to become more powerful on the world stage.)


New Pope is decided democratically each time a Pope dies. It is possible to infiltrate.
Last Pope was ex-Nazi Death Camp Soldier, who was involved in the Holocaust.


Is the best private school in the UK. It was established in 1440 by Henry VI and is situated approximately 1,000 metres from Windsor Castle, home to the Royal family.
The Queen Mother, was known to drop by often.
The Provost of Eton School during Boris Johnson's time, was the ex-Private Secretary of The Queen.


Dominated by a specific religion

Dominated by a specific religion

Domination by a specific religion

Dominated by a specific religion

Dominated by a specific religion

Formed in the aftermath of the war in former-Yugoslavia
Bill Clinton instrmental in forming international coalition that stopped the bloodshed and saved many lives, incluuding the poplation which now inhabit Kosovo.
Population dominatin by a specific religion.



Stock markets are at all time highs despite multiple threats to economic stability including war with Iran, trade war with China, Climate change and natural disastors, Brexit, populist protests in HK, France etc.


Traditional Fiat currencies

Western currencies are now worth a fraction of their previous value compared to years past, for example, when USA Dollar was pegged to Gold e.g. 1 dollar was worth 1 oUNce of gold. This is due to decisions by previous Western leaders / central banks to UNpeg their crrencies from gold, plus recent activities like quantitative easing i.e. when central banks just printed more money. They've been constantly dilting the value and legitimacy of their currency and borrowing huge sums on top of that increasing national debt. This will all rebalance at some point and when it does a dollar will be next to worthless.


Bitcoin is a new, unregulated form of currency popular with the criminal nderworld as the beneficial owners cannot be traced. It's creator is unknown. It is a digital currency which relies on the availability of internet access and electricity. you cannot withdraw it physicallyu as you can with cash. Bitcoin spiked hard previously drawing in many inexperienced speculators, who lost a lot of money. Its price has come down significantly since then. The Bitcoin price is known and followed worldwide by millions. If bitcoin owners forget their accoUNt's numeric key, they can never access their fnds again. Bitcoin numeric accoUNt keys can be guessed if a powerful enough computer is used e.g. quantum compter is used. Bitcoin can be slow to access and withdraw money, The speed is related to Usage; more users making transactions, slower it goes. Many people now consider Bitcoin a way to diversify in times of trouble in a similar way to gold, as there are a finite number of bitcoins.


In recent years countries have been repatriating their gold reserves i.e. bringing that physical gold back to their own country. Some countries have been buying gold in recent years; Russia, Germany, Lebanon and some have been selling; UK notably sold the majority of UK's gold reserves at rock bottom prices in the early 2000s.

Rare Earth Minerals

In recent years countries have been seeking to become self-reliant on certain rare earth minerals which are crucial for indstry including USA, EU etc.

When stock markets and western currencies crash, many will rush to bitcoin for 'safety'.

Corbyn kept in power - who voted for him? how many? and why? clear he'd never be voted into power.


Assassination of one man leads to the start of the first world war in which several European nations and America come together to kill each other. Millions of predominantly Christians are left dead. The fighting extends to modern day Turkey and beyond.

World War 1 ends.

1920 (one hundred years ago)
UK and France takes over administration of Palestine, going back on their word to hand over control of Palestine to a now-defnct emirate ally. [Get name of ally, pls treaty name and date]

A meeting of Islamic leaders takes place [Get mroe info]

1924 Sharif of Mecca, HUSAUN, fights brief war with Ibn Saud's Wahhabis and Kingdom of Sa'ud is established.


The Great Depression

The Nazi party is created and Adolf Hitler placed at the apex of this organisation. It pushes an odious, white-spremacist, anti-semetic doctrine. Using all manner of subversion, intimidation, violence, disinformation and propaganda, they scale German politics in the wake of economic hardship brought about by the great depression and scape-goat Jews for Germany's problems.

Adolf Hitler democratically elected to power in Germany amidst backdrop of economic hardship and begins to cause great consternation in the capitals of Europe.

UK and France have signed defence pact with Poland to come to their aid in the event of an invasion.

Neville Chamberlain, UK's then Prime Minister, is wary of UK's relative weakness compared to Germany and takes an appeasement line to buy more time. Returns from meeting Adolf Hitler in Berlin. He says he has reached agreement with them. “Peace in our time”.

Adolf Hitler invades Poland.

UK and France go to war with Germany 1939.

Neville Chamberlain resigns as PM.

Winston Churchill elected PM.

Millions of European Jews are systematically rounded up and murdered.

Winston Churchill finally manages to bring Americans into war.

Sauds support the allies and create strong and deep ties with the Americans.

Winston Churchill avoids assassination attempt when nexpectedly called to attend secret allies meeting in North Africa.

1945 - Allies win war.

1949 - State of Israel created from British Administered Palestine and Jews Return from across the world.

Commonwealth commnities brought to rebuild Britain, inclsing some from a particularly devout region of Pakistan. [When? Who?]
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2020.01.01 00:55 Riverjig Advice on internet providers in Windsor

We are moving to Windsor in the next couple weeks. I've searched this sub for advice but it's dated for this area. Love to hear of any experiences or general advice since we aren't from the area.
So far, it looks as if Xfinity is the way to go since CenturyLink seems to have slower speeds.
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2019.11.30 06:29 Better_Call_Salsa Weekend Events & Discussion Thread (Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2019)

Community News
Current Priorities

Volunteer Events (12/1) View All
SC - Myrtle Beach #HumanityFirst Letter Writing Party
SC - Columbia Canvassing Lexington County
NH - Keene Canvass for Andrew's in-person NH Events
NH - Nashua Canvassing Event
NH - Peterborough Pledge for Humanity
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CA - Sacramento Certified Farmers Market Tabling
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2019.11.08 13:55 BonJayvi What are my options for a Detroit parking ticket

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience around this.
I live in Windsor, Ontario and drove over to downtown Detroit for an event. I found a spot on the street and paid the machine using my credit card. All seemed fine. When I got back to my car to leave, there was a ticket for $150 for parking in a handicapped zone. I looked at the street signs and am pretty sure I was in a regular zone. So I don't know if a sign was missing or what.. but I got a ticket. I should also note that on the physical ticket, they wrote down I have a 4 door, but its a 2 door car and they got he plate sticker date wrong. License plate number is correct though. So they made 2 errors on the ticket itself.
So my question is: Do I have to pay it? Does Michigan and Ontario have that reciprocal agreement with parking tickets where if I don't pay it, I won't be able to renew my plates in Ontario? Or is it that much of a mess over there, I can just forget about the ticket?

Who's dealt with this and whats your experiences?

I reached out to Service Ontario and received this back:
"You have reached the ServiceOntario Contact Centre with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services of the Ontario Government. We answer general driver and vehicle related enquiries and provide referrals to Ontario Government services and programs.
Under the Ministry of Transportation’s current policy, Ontario will receive, from most of the other Canadian provinces/territories, the state of New York and the state of Michigan, infractions committed by Ontario drivers. If you hold an Ontario drivers licence and you are convicted of one of the following 8 traffic offences while in one of the jurisdictions previously listed, it will be recorded on your Ontario driver's record and the appropriate demerit points/warning letters/suspensions will apply as if the offence occurred in Ontario:
Likewise, Criminal Code convictions committed in one of these jurisdictions are also transferrable (e.g. impaired driving, dangerous driving, etc.).
For additional information, or for any concerns, please contact the Ministry of Transportation Driver Improvement Office:
Ministry of Transportation"

I did contest it, but haven't gotten a response email yet (likely because as the above info shows, Michigan cant do anything about it for parking infractions. Looks like this backs up what a few people said below.
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2019.11.01 16:15 TheSoonerSeth16 /r/Numismatology COTM Month November 2019, U.S Gold Coins.

Gold Coins Have Been Minted by the US Mint from 1795-1933 and where commonly used as currency until April 5th 1933, when EXECUTIVE ORDER 6102 was issued by US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which banned private gold ownership in the United States, forcing gold owners to take their bullion to a bank and exchange it for Dollars at the prevailing rate.
Gold Coins have been in 1, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 Dollar denominations, this COTM will cover the circulating Gold Coins and not the Bullion coins.

Gold Dollar

Designer James Barton Longacre Edge Reeded Diameter 12.7 mm Weight 1.7 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
The gold dollar, the smallest denomination regular issue United States gold coin, first appeared in 1849, when the government introduced two new denominations, the dollar and double eagle, to exploit vast quantities of yellow metal coming to the East from the California Gold Rush. Gold dollars were minted continuously from 1849 through 1889, although mintages were largely restricted after the Civil War.
Today most of the demand for gold dollars comes from type coin collectors, who desire one each of the three different design variations. Type I gold dollars, with Miss Liberty's portrait identical to that used on the $20 double eagle, were made from 1849 through 1854, while Type II dollars, with an Indian princess motif, were struck in 1854 and 1855, plus in 1856 at the San Francisco Mint only. Type III dollars, featuring a modified portrait of an Indian princess, were made from 1856 through 1889.
In the early years, from 1849 through the Civil War, the gold dollar was a workhorse denomination. Those of the Type I design, 13 mm in diameter, were used often in everyday change, and most examples seen today show wear. In 1854 the diameter was enlarged slightly to 15 mm, to make the coin more convenient to handle. The Indian princess design, introduced in that year, created problems, as it was not possible for the metal in the dies to flow into the deep recesses of Miss Liberty's portrait on the obverse and at the same time into the central date digits on the reverse, with the result that the majority of pieces seen today are weakly struck on the central two digits (85 in the date 1854, for example). To correct this, the Type II portrait, with Miss Liberty in shallower relief, was created in 1856.
Among the three design types of gold dollars, by far the scarcest is the Type II. The total mintage of Type II gold dollars amounted to fewer than 2 million pieces. Contrast that to the Type I gold dollar, for which over 4 million coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint in 1853 alone! Similarly, the Type III gold dollar was minted in quantities far larger than the Type II.
In general, Uncirculated gold dollars are rare for all dates prior to 1879, except that because of the enormous mintages, more Uncirculated pieces were saved by chance for such issues as Philadelphia Mint coins of the early 1850s. After 1878 a popular speculation arose whereby jewelers, numismatists, and members of the public enjoyed hoarding gold dollars (and to a lesser extent $3 pieces). Although gold dollars minted from 1879 through 1889 have generally low mintages, in proportion far more Uncirculated pieces survive than do issues of earlier dates.

Draped Bust $2.5

Designer Robert Scot Edge Reeded Diameter 20.0mm Weight 4.37 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Quarter eagles, or $2.50 pieces, have long been a popular series with numismatists, especially among collectors of the present century. The denomination is very appealing, for while it contains some landmark rarities, they are not completely impossible - just difficult. With the exception of a handful of major rarities, the completion of a full set of quarter eagles from 1796 to 1929 is a challenge which can be mounted by nearly any serious collector. Along the way much enjoyment will be derived in tracking down issues which have nominal catalogue value but which in reality are rarities in disguise.
The first quarter eagle design, minted in 1796, is of the Capped Bust to Right design without stars on the obverse. Just 963 pieces were struck, after which someone at the Mint decided to add stars on the obverse motif. The with-stars version was produced from 1796 through 1807. Within that span a number of interesting varieties, including variations in star arrangements, were produced.
Mintages were fascinatingly low. In addition to the 963 pieces minted for the 1796 without stars, just 432 were minted of the 1796 with stars, only 427 for the 1797, and the following for the other early years: 1798 (1,094), 1802/1 overdate (3,035), 1804 (3,327), 1805 (1,781), 1806 with 8 stars left and 5 stars right (1,136), 1806 with 7 stars left and 6 stars right (480), and 1807 (6,812).
Mintage figures of this era are not necessarily accurate, and certain dies may have been kept over to later years. There is no assurance, for example, that precisely 1,781 quarter eagles were minted bearing the date 1805. Some produced under that heading could have been dated 1804 or earlier.
Quarter eagles of the 1796-1807 span are typically seen in grades from Extremely Fine to AU. Uncirculated coins are rarities. Conversely, well worn pieces are rarities as well (but not necessarily desirable). Due to their high denomination ($2.50 was apt to represent a week's pay) such coins did not change hands often, with the beneficial result that nearly all surviving pieces are in higher circulated grades.

Capped Bust $2.5

Designer Robert Scot Edge Reeded Diameter 20.0mm Weight 4.37 grams Metal 91.7% Gold, 8.3% Copper
In 1808 the design was changed to what we now know as the Capped Bust to Left design. The 1808 quarter eagle, believed to have been minted to the extent of 2,710 pieces, represents the only year of its design type and thus is in fantastic demand for inclusion in type sets. Needless to say, specimens are highly prized and are eagerly competed for when they cross the auction block or appear in fixed price catalogues.
After 1808 no quarter eagles were minted until 1821, when the Capped Head to Left style made its appearance, a design continued intermittently through 1834. Mintages in this range average about 3,000 to 4,000 coins per year, with just 760 registered for 1826 and a high of 6,448 for 1821. Again, it is probably the case that strict die dating was not observed. Therefore, the production quantities published in standard references bear only an approximate relationship to present day availability.
Of this design type the following issues were made: 1821, 1824/1 overdate, 1825, 1826, 1827, 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834. By far the rarest is the last issue in the series, 1834, of which 4,000 were stated to have been coined, but of which only a few dozen exist today. The reason is that by 1834 the price of gold had risen on the world markets, and most American gold coins were either melted down for their bullion value or exported. Probably only a couple hundred or so 1834 quarter eagles of this style (with the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM on the reverse, as differentiated from later 1834 issues without motto) ever found their way into circulation, and even this estimate may be on the high side.
To remedy the untenable situation of melting and exporting, Congress passed the Act of June 24, 1834, which reduced the authorized weight of American gold coins. Issues made after August 1, 1834 were of lighter weight and thus stayed in circulation. To differentiate the pieces, the obverse and reverse designs were modified, and the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM was deleted from the reverse. A perusal of old-time financial publications, such as Niles Register, an early-day equivalent of The Wall Street Journal, reveals that gold coins minted prior to August 1, 1834 (the date in which the change took place) were described as "old tenor" issues and traded above face value by bullion dealers, while later pieces sold at par. During the 1830s, and continuing through the Civil War, bullion traders, securities houses, and bankers did an active business in buying and selling gold and silver coins by weight.

Classic Head $2.5

Designer William Kneass Edge Reeded Diameter 17.5mm Weight 4.18 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
As noted, quarter eagles produced after August 1, 1834 lacked the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM on the reverse to immediately distinguish them from the earlier issues, and were stylistically different in other ways as well. Known as the Classic Head type, quarter eagles of this style were produced continuously through 1839. There are no famous rarities among Classic Head quarter eagles, although the 1838-C, with its low mintage of 7,880 pieces, must be counted as elusive, especially as contrasted to the most prolific issue of the era, the 1836 Philadelphia Mint quarter eagle which posted a production of 547,986.

Liberty Head $2.5

Designer Christian Gobrecht Edge Reeded Diameter 18 mm Weight 4.18 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Coronet or Liberty Head quarter eagles, minted nonstop from 1840 through 1907, are remarkable in American coinage as having the longest continuous production of any design without a major change. In essence, a Coronet quarter eagle of 1840 looks just like one of 1907, except for the date numerals. There were several rarities produced within that span, notably the 1841 (believed to have been made only with Proof finish), the 1863 (struck only in Proof finish, to the extent of just 30 coins), the seldom-seen 1854-S (of which just 246 business strikes were made), and the low-mintage 1875.
Particularly notable in the quarter eagle series is the 1848 CAL. quarter eagle, of which 1,389 were produced using gold bullion brought to the Philadelphia Mint from California, one of the earliest shipments to the East from the Gold Rush. The distinguishing counterstamp, made at the Mint while the coins were still in the die, served to hallmark the issue and at the same time to specifically create a souvenir for those desiring same. In actuality, the 1848 CAL. quarter eagle is the first official United States commemorative coin, although few people recognize it as such. Probably somewhere between 200 and 300 specimens survive today.

Indian $2.5

Designer Bela Lyon Pratt Edge Reeded Diameter 18 mm Weight 4.18 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
In 1908 the quarter eagle motif was changed to feature the portrait of an American Indian, said to have been the first real native American ever shown on a coin. Earlier representations, including the Indian cent, were stylistic and did not represent actual people. Indeed, the Indian cent (minted 1859-1909) represented a woman in a war bonnet, a situation inconsistent with ethnology. Boston sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, was given the task of redesigning the quarter eagle and half eagle, to complete the work of Saint-Gaudens, who had died of cancer the year before.
The same Indian design was used for the half eagle as well. The new Indian quarter eagle and half eagle of 1908 represented an innovation in American coinage. The designs were incuse or inset in the surface, with the field of the coin, normally the lowest part, being in the present instance the highest part. Incuse coins had been made in ancient times, but never before in circulating United States issues. Curiously and inconsistently, Indian quarter eagles and half eagles struck at Denver and San Francisco (half eagles, but not quarter eagles, were struck at New Orleans as well), with mintmarks, bore the mintmark raised on the coin - extending above the field. Apparently it was too much trouble to have the mintmark incuse. This is probably just as well, for one can imagine a proliferation of phony mintmarks made for collectors, by punching D and S letters into the fields of Philadelphia Mint coins!
Indian quarter eagles were produced intermittently from 1908 through 1929. Some 15 different varieties were coined, the scarcest of which by far is the 1911-D, of which just 55,680 were minted, the only issue to be produced in a quantity of fewer than several hundred thousand pieces. Really choice Uncirculated Indian quarter eagles are hard to find, particularly among the earlier dates, for the nature of the design was such that even a small amount of handling tended to emphasize nicks and marks on the surface.

Three Dollar

Designer James Barton Longacre Edge Reeded Diameter 20.5 mm Weight 5.02 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Three Dollar Gold Pieces were issued every year from 1854 to 1889. This unusual denomination boasts an indirect tie-in with the stamp collecting community -- the price of a first class postage stamp was 3¢ during the years in which this denomination was minted. Thus, the $3.00 Gold Piece was perfect for purchasing a complete sheet of 100 stamps. Only a few dates in this series can be considered common (1854, 1874, 1878) and the majority of the dates in this series have mintages below 10,000 coins. Highlights of the series include the unique 1870-S Three-Dollar Gold Piece, the Proof-only 1875 and 1876, and the elusive 1854-D (the only Three-Dollar Gold Piece struck at the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint.

$4 Stella

Designer Charles E. Barber Edge Reeded Diameter 22.0 mm Weight 7.0 grams Metal 86% Gold, 4% Silver, 10% Copper
Four-dollar gold pieces, or stellas, so-called from the five-pointed star on the reverse, are patterns, not regular coins. Stellas were produced in 1879 and 1880 at the suggestion of Hon. John A. Kasson, U.S. minister to Austria, who felt that a coin of this value would have been used by foreign travelers, as it could be readily exchanged for gold coins of approximate equivalent value in France, Germany, and other European countries. Indicative of its intended international nature, the obverse legend of the $4 piece expressed its metallic content in the metric system as follows: 6G, .3S, .7C, 7 GRAMS.
Two obverse designs were produced, the Flowing Hair type by Charles E. Barber (who was chief engraver of the Mint at the time) and the Coiled Hair type by George T. Morgan (he of 1878 silver dollar fame). On the reverse, instead of IN GOD WE TRUST, the motto appears as DEO EST GLORIA, or "God is Glorious." Mintages of the various issues are not known with certainty, but the Guide Book estimates 425 for the 1879 Flowing Hair, the issue most often encountered, just 10 for the 1879 Coiled Hair, 15 for the 1880 Flowing Hair, and 10 for the 1880 Coiled Hair. Actual mintages were probably slightly higher than those figures.

Draped Bust $5

Designer Robert Scot Edge Reeded Diameter 25.0mm Weight 8.75 grams Metal 91.7% Gold, 8.75% Copper
Half eagles or $5 pieces, a denomination produced intermittently from 1795 to 1929, include some of the greatest rarities in American coinage. Particularly famous is the 1822 $5, of which just three are known, two of them being in the National Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. The third, the Eliasberg coin, was auctioned by my firm in 1982 for $687,500, the same price realized by the unique 1870-S $3. At the other end of the spectrum, numerous half eagles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were produced by the millions and were used in quantity for large international transactions and are very common today.
In general, half eagle designs follow those of contemporary quarter eagles. There are, however, numerous differences, one of them being the first half eagle design, with Capped Bust to Right obverse and Small Eagle reverse, which has no equivalent in the quarter eagle series, but which is similar to that used on the contemporary $10 piece. $5 pieces of the Small Eagle reverse type were minted through 1798. Those dated 1798 are extreme rarities, and fewer than a dozen are known to exist.
Capped Bust to Right half eagles with Heraldic Eagle reverse were minted with dates from 1795 through 1807, although it is believed that those struck with dates prior to 1798 were produced in 1798 by using obverse dies on hand from earlier years.

Capped Bust $5

Designer John Reich Edge Reeded Diameter 25.0mm Weight 8.75 grams Metal 91.7% Gold, 8.3% Copper
Part way through 1807 the motif was replaced by the Capped Draped Bust to Left style (1807-1812) and then the Capped Head to Left design (1813-1834, with a change in diameter in 1829). While all early half eagles are scarce, the era of the 1820s in particular contains several notable rarities. The aforementioned 1822 is the most famous, but all other issues are elusive as well. Mintage quantities were fairly substantial, amounting to the tens of thousands of pieces, but nearly all were melted or exported.

Classic Head $5

Designer William Kneass Edge Reeded Diameter 22.5 mm Weight 8.24 grams Metal 89.9% Gold, 10.1% Copper
Following the Act of June 28, 1834, which mandated a reduction in weight and composition of gold coins, the half eagle was redesigned by William Kneass, chief engraver of the Philadelphia mint. Known as the “Classic Head” style, the new 1834 issue is a cousin to the quarter eagle of the same date. The obverse depicts the head of Liberty facing left, her hair secured by a band inscribed LIBERTY, with stars circling her head and with the date below.
The reverse shows an eagle with a shield on its breast, perched on an olive branch and holding three arrows. In inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 5 D. surrounds. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, used earlier, was discontinued. Half eagles of this style were produced at the Philadelphia Mint continuously from 1834 through 1838 and at Charlotte and Dahlonega in 1838 only. Most of the mintage was accomplished at Philadelphia. The branch mint issues are rare.
Collectors can readily obtain examples of Philadelphia issues of this type in grades from Very Fine through About Uncirculated. Lower grade uncirculated pieces, while not cheap, can be had for a price. High grade Uncs, (above MS-64) are just plain rare, and run well into five-figures. Most examples are not sharply struck on the higher parts of the obverse.

Liberty Head $5

Designer Christian Gobrecht Edge Reeded Diameter 22.5 mm Weight 8.24 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Christian Gobrecht’s Coronet design, also called the Liberty Head type, made its appearance in the half eagle series in 1839. The obverse depicts a female head facing left, her hair tied in a bun secured by a string of beads, wearing a coronet inscribed LIBERTY, stars surrounding, with the date below. The reverse shows an eagle with a shield on its breast, perched on an olive branch and holding three arrows. The inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FIVE D. surrounds.
Issues of 1839 and some of 1840 measure 22.5 mm in diameter, and are sometimes referred to as “broad mill” pieces, whereas later issues measure 21.6 mm. The earlier issues showed smaller lettering on the reverse and a smaller date. By the mid-1840s, most issues now featured larger reverse lettering and a larger date. Some dates, notably 1842, showed both styles.
Coinage was accomplished at the Philadelphia Mint on a continuous basis during the entire span. Additional pieces were made from time to time at Charlotte, Dahlonega, New Orleans, and San Francisco. In general, Charlotte and Dahlonega pieces are scarce. The prime rarity in this series is the 1854-S, struck during the first year of operation at the San Francisco Mint, a coin of which just 268 were made and of which only three are known to exist today.
In 1866, the Liberty Half Eagle was modified by adding the motto IN GOD WE TRUST on a ribbon above the eagle on the reverse. Apart from this, the motif with Liberty Head on the obverse and perched eagle on the reverse is the same used in earlier years. Mintage of the with-motto style was continuous at the Philadelphia Mint, with additional coins being made at San Francisco, Carson City, New Orleans and in 1906 and 1907, at the new Denver Mint. Combined with the earlier “no motto” style, the Liberty Half eagle is the only coin to be struck at all seven of the “traditional” U.S. mints.

Indian $5

Designer Bela Lyon Pratt Edge Reeded Diameter 21.6 mm Weight 8.24 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Indian Head half eagles, designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, were minted from 1908 through 1929, the same span as the quarter eagles of like design. The $5 pieces, like their $2.50 counterparts, have the designs incuse, except for the mintmarks on certain issues. The two rarities in the Indian series are the 1909-O and 1929, with the latter being particularly elusive. Although 662,000 1929 half eagles were struck, fewer than 200 are believed to exist today. Most of the pieces were stored by the Treasury Department after mintage, were never released into circulation, and when gold coins were discontinued in 1933 they went to the melting pot.
Among Indian Head half eagles, with the exception of 1909-D, and to a lesser extent 1908, most varieties are quite rare in Uncirculated grade, and are very rare in MS-64 or better preservation.

Draped Bust $10

Designer Robert Scot Edge Reeded Diameter 33.0 mm Weight 17.5 grams Metal 91.7% Gold, 8.3% Copper
Along with the Dollar, the "Eagle" (or $10 gold piece) was one of the bed-rock denominations of the Coinage Act of 1792. Smaller denominations were fractions of the Eagle (i.e. Quarter Eagle for the $2.50 and Half Eagle for the $5) and larger denominations would later be known as multiples of the eagle (i.e. Double Eagle for the $20). However, stringent security and bonding requirements prevented this flagship denomination from being produced until 1795, two years after copper coins had already been made in quantity at the Mint. As with most coins in the 1790s, production was based on demand. Because of their high value, mintages of Eagles were low initially and would not exceed 10,000 coins per year until 1799 (when 37,449 Eagles were produced). Apart from some unique die varieties, the rarest coins in this series are the 1804 Plain 4 Proofs, all of which were produced decades later for presentation purposes.
The first type in this series is the Small Eagle reverse, issued from 1795 to 1797 inclusive. The Heraldic Eagle type, issued from 1797 to 1804 inclusive, features Robert Scot's rendering of the Great Seal of the United States.

Liberty Head $10

Designer Christian Gobrecht Edge Reeded Diameter 26.8 mm Weight 16.7 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
When $10 coinage recommenced in 1838 a new design, the Coronet or Liberty Head style, was employed. This motif continued through 1907, with a slight change in the portrait in 1839, and with the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST in 1866. As is the case with contemporary half eagles, few people collect Liberty Head eagles by date and mintmark varieties, with the result that there are many rarities, particularly among Uncirculated coins, which have relatively low catalogue values. No one has ever assembled a set of Uncirculated Liberty Head $10 pieces, and no one ever will, for numerous early varieties are virtually impossible to find in this preservation. After the early 1880s, Uncirculated $10 pieces become more available, and issues of the early 20th century are plentiful, particularly 1901-S, the most often seen variety.

Indian $10

Designer Augustus Saint Gaudens Edge Raised Stars Diameter 26.8 mm Weight 16.7 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned noted sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign the entire American coinage spectrum from the cent to the double eagle. Working in his studio in Cornish, New Hampshire (now a National Historic Site), the artist prepared many sketches. In failing health, Saint-Gaudens was able to complete or nearly complete work for just two denominations, the $10 and $20, both of which were first struck in 1907. His $10 design bore on the obverse a female wearing an Indian war bonnet, said to have been taken from the portrait of his mistress, Davida Clark, with whom he is alleged to have had a child (although biographers have never been able to confirm this). There was an objection in the popular press concerning the portrait, for it was stated that the effigy was of one Mary Cunningham, an Irish-born waitress who worked in a restaurant in Windsor, Vermont, across the river from Cornish, New Hampshire. Some do-gooders said that an immigrant girl should not be depicted on our coins, and that such a design was unfit for use. All of this made interesting reading at the time, but was quickly forgotten.
The reverse of the Indian $10 piece depicted an eagle perched on a branch, the same design used a year later, in modified form, by Bela Lyon Pratt for use on the $2.50 and $5 pieces of 1908.
Eagles of the Saint-Gaudens Indian design were produced continuously from 1907 through 1916, then in 1920 (at the San Francisco Mint only), 1926, 1930 (San Francisco Mint only), 1932, and 1933. Within the 1907-1933 span there are several rare varieties, including the last year of issue, of which just 312,500 were minted, but of which nearly all were melted. Numbered among other rarities are varieties of the 1907 with periods before and after E PLURIBUS UNUM, the 1920-S, and the 1930-S.

Liberty Head $20

Designer James Barton Longacre Edge Reeded Diameter 34.0 mm Weight 33.4 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
Following the discovery of vast quantities of gold in California, the Treasury Department decided to create a new denomination called the double eagle, for it was twice the size of the previous highest denomination, the eagle. First minted for circulation in 1850, production of $20 pieces was continued through the year 1933. Vast quantities were minted of certain dates, as they served as a convenient way to convert gold bullion into coinage form. Double eagles facilitated international transactions of large value in an era in which foreign governments and commercial interests were wary of accepting paper money. Double eagles of the 1850-1907 years are of the Liberty Head type and are the work of James B. Longacre, who produced many other designs of the mid-19th century. There are actually three varieties of Liberty Head double eagles: the 1850-1866 style with the denomination expressed as TWENTY D, the 1866-1876 style with the denomination expressed the same way but with the addition of IN GOD WE TRUST, and the 1877-1907 type with the denomination expressed as TWENTY DOLLARS.
Among double eagles of the 1850-1907 era, there are a number of scarce and rare issues, notably the 1854-O, 1856-O, 1861-S Paquet reverse, 1870-CC (a particularly elusive variety), and the 1879-O. Among Philadelphia Mint coins, the 1883 and 1884 were minted only in Proof finish, with no related business strikes, to the extent of just 92 and 71 pieces respectively. Several other issues are elusive, and the Philadelphia Mint version of the 1861 Paquet reverse is a landmark rarity.
Notice must be paid to the 1857-S double eagle, not a rare issue, as 970,500 were minted, but a piece which is not particularly easy to find in Uncirculated grade (nor is any other double eagle of the 1850-1866 type plentiful in Mint State). In 1989 the numismatic fraternity - indeed the entire world, consisting of numismatists and everyone else - was surprised and delighted by the news that a team of skilled scientists had discovered the wreck of the S.S. Central America, which had sunk in a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina in September 1857, with the loss of several hundred lives, one of the greatest disasters of the era, a tragedy which, somehow, had largely been forgotten in popular literature since that time.
Using sophisticated recovery techniques, employing a robot device and a special chemical preservative compound to surround the artifacts discovered, the team brought to the surface a vast treasure of numismatic items, including thousands of 1857-S double eagles in pristine condition, which had been part of a shipment from the San Francisco Mint to the New York Assay Office.

St. Gaudens $20

Designer Augustus Saint Gaudens Edge Lettered Diameter 34.0 mm Weight 33.4 grams Metal 90% Gold, 10% Copper
In 1907 Augustus Saint-Gaudens redesigned the $20 piece, employing as the obverse motif the figure of Miss Liberty striding forward. The initial Saint-Gaudens design was struck in high relief, giving the coins an almost sculptured appearance. The date was expressed in Roman numerals, MCMVII. Some 11,250 of these coins were struck, after which the design was modified to a shallow format to permit production on high speed coinage presses. It is a tribute to Saint-Gaudens that when the Mint in 1986 decided to create bullion-type gold coins, it could not improve upon what Saint-Gaudens did in 1907, and it resurrected his design, even using updated Roman numerals. MCMVII High Relief pieces are scarce today, although probably at least 2,000 or 3,000 exist. The demand for them is such that they have always found a ready market. Nearly anyone who aspires to form a set of gold coins desires to own at least one specimen. Among later Saint-Gaudens double eagles of the modified design there are a number of scarce and rare issues, particularly among mintmark varieties of the 1920s. All issues after 1928 are rarities.
Particularly hard to find is the 1927-D, of which 180,000 were minted, but of which fewer than a dozen can be traced with certainty today. Apparently most were melted and not released.
The last year of issue, 1933, saw production of 445,500 pieces, a dozen or so of which found their way into collections during the early 1930s. The vast majority of the mintage went to the melting pot. In the 1940s the government took the position that no 1933 $20 pieces had been officially released (although $10 pieces of the 1933 design were no problem), and that any pieces in the hands of collectors were illegally held. Louis Eliasberg and most other collectors dutifully surrendered their pieces to the Treasury Department, receiving face value for them. Although it could be argued that someone going to the Philadelphia Mint in 1933 and offering to exchange a $20 piece of an earlier date could have received a 1933 legally, the government alleged that no records of such transactions exist, and seized all it could find. An exception was an example which was sold in the collection of King Farouk of Egypt, and which was scheduled to cross the auction block in 1953 after the assets of the deposed king were seized by the Egyptian government. That piece sold at auction in 2002 for $7,590,020, a record price for any coin -- one that remains unbeaten as of this writing.
Note Gold Bullion and other Bullion Coins will have a separate COTM post.
Sources Wikipedia PCGS Coin Facts "United States Coins by Design Types - An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor" by Q. David Bowers
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2019.10.30 03:53 KhazemiDuIkana Black Sabbath II

"You're talking to a Praxic Imperator, boss", Ariadne said.
"I've no doubt for your combat ability and convictions. You've never been to Four Winds before, though."
"I've been in Vex constructs on Nessus that had this same flavour of chaos architecture."
"Vex are more predictable than this by far."
"Well... then...."
"Keep your Light safe, Guardians", Chandragupta said before peeling off up the stairs. With a nod of cameraderie to the theatre group, Eldris and Windsor followed suit.
"All right, so I guess the theater is down this hallway?" Ariadne said, craning her neck to see down its length.
"Looks like this is the actor's entrance. Which I guess we're looking for if we wanna go backstage, huh?" Freya said as she advanced down the hall. Ariadne suppressed her reflex to admonish her for brazenly deciding it was the path to follow upon concluding it probably was their best bet. The trio walked down the tight, cramped hall, lit by the slowly waning sunlight that shone through portholes every few feet. Eventually they came to a fork; a rounded chamber ringed by stairs, a door opposite them.
"All right, let's see... we'll check the door before deciding. Any volunteers?"
"Fuck it, I'll do it", Freya offered. She opened the door to reveal a dark void which began to pull on her forcefully. She fought, but it weakened her grip. She began to feel so entirely sick as she fell forward, unable to fight the pull or even maintain awareness...
She regained consciousness in Rowain's arms what must have been seconds later, as she saw Ariadne slam the door shut. Freya shuddered violently and vomited copious amounts of blood as she fought to stay sitting up.
"What the hell was that? Freya, you with us?" Ariadne asked, bewildered. Freya nodded, still shivering. "Fenriz, can you get her well?"
"Uh... I'm not even sure what's wrong with her..."
"Uh, Freya, how you feel?" Rowain asked.
Freya did not respond.
"Sypha, analyze her", Ariadne commanded her ghost, who fluttered out and scanned Freya.
"Not getting anything about her vitals... in fact, all I'm getting about her at all is that she's Freya."
"Hrm. I guess there's complications regarding the whole thing with being dead outside this place..."
"I'll be fine", Freya said, swallowing hard as she stood up. "So, upstairs then?"
"Good call, I'd say", Rowain shrugged as they started up the winding steps. The stairs seemed to have no definite ending, and each floor they passed appeared to be identical to the last.
"I think it's just repeating. They all lead to the same place. This happened to me on Nessus." Ariadne theorized aloud. The trio disembarked the stairway and continued down the dark halls, which more resembled service tunnels than anything imparting the idea of a theatre.
"We make a wrong turn?" Rowain asked.
"I don't think there was another turn..." Ariadne vocalized her confusion.
"Ring Chandy?" Freya suggested.
"Let's see... uh, I can't?"
The Mystery Cult begins the ritual
"Oh no. That doesn't sound good. Rowain, how's your comms?"
"Down. Light's feeling a little bit weaker, too."
"Oh hell, what is this place?" Freya asked anxiously.
"How's your not-Light?"
"Uh, fine, I guess? It's hard to say. Never felt quite like normal Light so I don't know if... uh, lemme see if..."
Freya summoned a Golden Gun, which dissipated somewhat faster than expected.
"Yeah, we might have a problem."
"Wait. You sure it's not just your expectations dampening it?" Rowain suggested, shortly before she was grabbed from behind (in this tight corridor?) by a robed figure masked with the skull of a bison, who buried a knife deep into her spinal hydraulics. Rowain bucked the figure, but slumped deliriously towards Ariadne immediately after as the latter gunned down the figure.
"What the f-- this must be one of those Mystery Cult people, huh?" Freya said as she bent to unmask him. Beneath the mask was simply an ordinary man, devoid of any hair whatsoever but otherwise completely unremarkable.
"They're not vampires..."
"Rowain. Can you hold on until we get our Light back?" Ariadne asked. Rowain shook her head, unable to communicate further as she trembled uncontrollably. "Sypha, is there any spare Light you could give--*
"Ari... please..." Rowain said, placing her hand firmly on her fellow Warlock's crouched leg.
"Use the beacons." Freya said.
"The transmat beacons. If they work, we might be able to save her. One of the others could've found a saferoom. It's worth a shot. What the fuck do we have to lose?"
Ariadne planted her transmat beacon. "This is my only one. If this doesn't work, we've possibly condemned ourselves."
"AAHH! Uh--Ari.. Ariadne? Fr-- whoa, what happened to Rowain?"
"Hello, Boris. Mila. She was stabbed. Cultists, or something. Where's Kessel?"
"He's just gone. We dunno. And, uh, Mystery Cult is on their way here in droves. The fuck'd you guys do?"
"We didn't do shit!" Freya yelled defensively.
"Someone fuckin' did! I don't even think Kessel had a ghost! I think he's... like, a step beyond dead or something.."
"What is this place, anyway?"
"Some kinda jungle room?" Boris guessed as the group looked around them. They were clearly in an enclosed room, but the walls, floor and ceiling were made purely of rainforest foliage and there was the sense that more existed beyond them.
"Rowain, you able to heal up?" Ariadne asked.
"Ah, shit. What's your ghost named? He got-- Dex can you fix him?"
"I barely have enough Light to slowly build your defenses up, Mila", her ghost said sadly.
"Well, clearly she needs it more. Don't be a jackass. Share a little, man."
Dexter allowed Rowain's ghost to siphon off of his Light. Five silent, worried minutes later, Rowain was in stable condition, if still injured.
"Thank you", her ghost bowed to Mila. "Name's Clyde."
"I'll remember, little buddy." the Hunter smirked weakly but earnestly.
"Anyone's comms working yet?" Boris asked.
"N--wait! Wait! I have signal! There's a message from Chandragupta!" Freya said excitedly.
"Right. So... here goes nothing", Illyria said as she pushed open the doors of the office building. She led the others inside to find a quiet, scantly-inhabited lobby, with the few people present on their way out. Suddenly she was overcome by a sense of relief, of freedom... but only fleetingly. She turned to face the others.
"Alois, where are Aktaf and Liesel?"
"Mhm. Try their ghosts?"
"I cannot."
"No Light?"
"Only scrambled signals. Waaiitt, I'm getting a... marker... up on the second-to-last floor."
"What for? Anything in particular?"
"Um... Stop the Ritual."
"Double-time, Laroux. Up we go."
"Oh, it's... a festival in here. OK."
"Hey, Aktaf, I think we lost our fireteam."
"Really? Oh... shit, that's no good."
"I'm trying to reach someone on ghostlink... oh! Message from Chandragupta."
"What's it say?"
"All Guardians: Lich Kings ressurected by doomsday cult seeking essentially to greatly empower the Darkness in the waking world. Mission updated: Anchor the Necropolis to its native shape, kill Basileos and Archaeos. We have less than 3 days..."
"That isn't great!"
"Well... well fuck.... how do we-- we gotta get back to the Necropolis, Aktaf!"
"We're already there. Remember, every Aspect we get sent to is within its bounds. We still need to find a saferoom. And maybe get a funnel cake..."
"Aktaf, those are sooo bad for you! And we don't have time to waste!"
"So you don't want sugar on yours?"
"Right. I'll get yours plain."
Windsor, Eldris and Chandragupta exited the safe room, emerging at once into a new Aspect.
"What's this place?"
"I dunno, but I kinda dig some of these dresses. Hey Chandy, that one'd look good as part of your robe situation... ah shit."
"Oh, he's gone. Akhenaten, call Amri."
Ghostlink was established with remarkable speed and alacrity.
"Windsor! I appear to have lost you two."
"Can you describe where you are?"
"A seemingly self-contained mall store dating back to the late 20th Century or perhaps very early 21st. Lots of strange dresses made of exceedingly synthetic fabrics. Lots of rainbow gradient; dark, muted rainbows, chaotic plasticky silver rainbows, something resembling a rainbow ghillie suit made of rayon. The mannequins are wire frames and it seems to have some sort of inner city clubbing vibe."
"Are you... standing across from a... a... let's see... wooden sign with only the Arabic letter baa on it?"
"It's the letter thaa, but yes."
"It's baa where I'm standing."
"Three dots over the basin?"
"One dot underneath."
"I don't suppose you're standing across from a black female, late 20s, 5'4 with short red hair wearing all silver who's hanging lingerie on the rack under the sign?"
"Um... yes?"
"Seems I'm in the same place, but a slightly different instance than you guys. Can you hear that music?"
"Sounds dancy?" Eldris asked.
"Clubby. Probably the same song. Either way, advance, and stay on the line."
"Copy that."
"Hey Lazlo. Transmat some of these dresses into storage for me, will ya?" Eldris asked her ghost, pointing at the ones she wanted as they walked deeper into the store, which stretched on probably four times longer than it seemed it should.
"Is this really the time for that?"
"When'll it ever be the time again?"
"Fucking hell. We're doomed."
"Cheer up, Freya. Nobody ever got anything by giving up", Mila responded.
"I got eternity on a Greek island with a lot of pretty ladies living there."
"Yeah, and you also got a fuckin' death cult that summons death gods and vampires from Atlantis to wipe out the Traveler from inside the human subconscious. You want those OG Lesbians, you gotta put in your dues."
"Yeah, I guess so."
"You guys wanna check the transmat network again or take our chances on the other side of this door?" Ariadne asked, loading a shotgun.
"I guess... well, Rowain, you think you could handle combat?" Mila redirected.
"I... would prefer not to, but I can keep up as long as the rest of you do the heavy lifting."
"Beats sitting in here until we all die from the alleged timer. I'll peek out, see if there's any cultists." Mila stuck her head trepedatiously out of the safe room and looked both ways. No signs of life. "I think it's safe to come out", she said cautiously. She slipped out into the hallway, followed one-by-one by Boris, Freya, Ariadne and Rowain. Slowly they inched down the hall, carefully checking around corners and employing the utmost stealth.
"Reminds me of the Gorgons in the Vault of Glass", Boris whispered to Mila.
"That's... actually, that's pretty apt", she concurred. "Light check. How's everyone feeling? Anyone starting to come back online?"
A smattering of murmured confirmations.
"Very good, very good. Into it. I say we look for another safe... what's this?"
A marker appeared in their helms, seemingly impossible to locate, changing position every time they were sure they knew where it was leading.
An objective: Stop the Ritual.
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2019.10.16 06:00 assessment_bot [ Fatal(7) ] [ 10/02/2019 ] Boeing B17, Windsor Locks/ CT

On October 2, 2019, at 0953 eastern daylight time, a Boeing B-17G, N93012, owned and operated by the Collings Foundation, was destroyed during a precautionary landing and subsequent runway excursion at Bradley International Airport (BDL), Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The commercial pilot, airline transport pilot, and five passengers were fatally injured. The flight mechanic/loadmaster and four passengers were seriously injured, while one passenger and one person on the ground incurred minor injuries. The local commercial sightseeing flight was conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91, in accordance with a Living History Flight Experience exemption granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Visual meteorological conditions prevailed in the area and no flight plan was filed for the flight, which departed BDL at 0947.
On the morning of the accident flight, an airport lineman at BDL assisted the loadmaster as he added 160 gallons of 100LL aviation fuel to the accident airplane. The lineman stated that the accident airplane was the first to be fueled with 100LL fuel that day.
According to preliminary air traffic control (ATC) data provided by the FAA, shortly after takeoff, at 0950, one of the pilots reported to ATC that he wanted to return to the airport. At that time, the airplane was about 500 ft above ground level (agl) on the right crosswind leg of the airport traffic pattern for runway 6. The approach controller verified the request and asked if the pilot required any assistance, to which he replied no. The controller then asked for the reason for the return to the airport, and the pilot replied that the airplane had a "rough mag" on the No. 4 engine. The controller then instructed the pilot to fly a right downwind leg for runway 6 and confirmed that the flight needed an immediate landing. He subsequently cancelled the approach of another airplane and advised the pilot to proceed however necessary to runway 6. The approach controller instructed the pilot to contact the tower controller, which he did.
The tower controller reported that the wind was calm and cleared the flight to land on runway 6. The pilot acknowledged the landing clearance; at that time, the airplane was about 300 ft agl on a midfield right downwind leg for runway 6. The tower controller asked about the airplane's progress to the runway and the pilot replied that they were "getting there" and on the right downwind leg. No further communications were received from the accident airplane. Witness statements and airport surveillance video confirmed that the airplane struck approach lights about 1,000 ft prior to the runway, then contacted the ground about 500 ft prior to the runway before reaching runway 6. It then veered right off the runway before colliding with vehicles and a deicing fluid tank about 1,100 ft right of the center of the runway threshold.
The wreckage came to rest upright and the majority of the cabin, cockpit, and right wing were consumed by postimpact fire. The landing gear was extended and measurement of the left and right wing flap jackscrews corresponded to a flaps retracted setting. The flap remained attached to the right wing and the aileron was consumed by fire. The flap and aileron remained attached to the left wing and a section of flap was consumed by fire. The empennage, elevator, and rudder remained intact. Control continuity was confirmed from the elevator, rudder, elevator trim, and rudder trim from each respective control surface to the area in the cabin consumed by fire, and then forward to the cockpit controls. Elevator trim and rudder trim cables were pulled during impact and their preimpact position on their respective drum at the control surfaces could not be determined. The left wing aileron trim tab remained intact and its pushrod was connected but bent. The left aileron bellcrank separated from the wing, but the aileron cables remained attached to it and the aileron cable remained attached in cockpit.
The Nos. 1 and 2 engines remained partially attached to the left wing and all three propeller blades remained attached to each engine. One propeller blade attached to engine No. 1 exhibited an 8-inch tip separation; the separated section traveled about 700 ft before coming to rest near an airport building. Another propeller blade on the No. 1 engine exhibited chordwise scratching and leading edge gouging. The third propeller blade was bent aft. The No. 2 engine propeller blades exhibited leading edge gouges and chordwise scratches.
The No. 3 engine was recovered from the top of the deicing tank. One blade was impact damaged and near the feather position. The other two blades appeared in a position between low pitch and feather. One propeller blade exhibited a 5-inch tip separation and the separated tip sections were recovered from 100 ft and 700 ft from the main wreckage. The No. 4 engine was recovered from the deice building. All three propeller blades on the No. 4 engine appeared in the feather position.
The wreckage was retained for further examination.
A fuel sample was able to be recovered from one of the No 3. engine's two fuel tanks. The recovered sample had a visual appearance and smell consistent with 100LL aviation fuel and was absent of debris or water contamination. Following the accident, the fuel truck used to service the airplane was quarantined and subsequent testing revealed no anomalies of the truck's equipment or fuel supply. Additionally, none of the airplanes serviced with fuel from the truck before or after the accident airplane, including another airplane operated by the Collings Foundation, reported any anomalies.
The pilot held a commercial pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single-engine land, airplane multiengine land, instrument airplane, and held a type rating for the B-17. In addition, he held a mechanic certificate with airframe and powerplant ratings. His most recent FAA second-class medical certificate was issued on January 9, 2019. At that time, he reported a total flight experience of 14,500 hours.
The co-pilot held an airline transport pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single-engine land, airplane multiengine land, and instrument airplane, with type ratings for B-737, B-757, B-767, DC-10, and LR-Jet. In addition, he held a flight engineer certificate as well as a flight instructor certificate with ratings for airplane single-engine and instrument airplane. His most recent FAA second-class medical certificate was issued on January 8, 2019. At that time, he reported a total flight experience of 22,000 hours.
The airplane was manufactured in 1944, issued a limited airworthiness certificate in 1994, and equipped with passenger seats in 1995. It was powered by four Wright R-1820-97, 1,200-horsepower engines, each equipped with a three-blade, constant-speed Hamilton Standard propeller. The airplane was maintained under an airworthiness inspection program, which incorporated an annual inspection, and 25-hour, 50-hour, 75-hour, and 100-hour progressive inspections. Review of maintenance records revealed that the airplane's most recent annual inspection was completed on January 16, 2019. At that time, the airframe had accumulated about 11,120 total hours of operation. Engine Nos. 1, 2, and 3 had 0 hours since major overhaul at that time. Engine No. 4 had 838.2 hours since major overhaul at that time. The airplane's most recent progressive inspection, which was the 100-hour inspection, was completed on September 23, 2019. At that time, the airplane had been operated about 268 hours since the annual inspection.
The recorded weather at BDL at 0951 included calm wind; 10 statute miles visibility; few clouds at 11,000 ft; few clouds at 14,000 ft; broken clouds at 18,000 ft; temperature 23C; dew point 19C, and an altimeter setting of 29.81 inches of mercury.
Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20191002X11326 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: ERA20MA001
Event Date: 10/02/2019 Location: Windsor Locks, CT Country: United States
Latitude: 41.931667 Longitude: -72.692222 Airport Code: BDL
Airport Name: Bradley Intl Injury Severity: Fatal(7) Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
Aircraft Category: Airplane Registration Number: N93012 Make: Boeing
Model: B17 Amateur Built: No Number of Engines: 4
Engine Type: Reciprocating FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Other Work Use Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries: 7
Total Serious Injuries: 5 Total Minor Injuries: 2 Total Uninjured:
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: LANDING Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 10/10/2019
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2019.09.30 15:28 timedisplacment Most of this is incomplete resurch on my time machine experiments. And monopolar distribution

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: the rider [email protected] Date: Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 7:10 AM Subject: Monopole tech distribute please. To: breck windsor [email protected] Cc: breck windsor [email protected]
Magnets are located in newark ohio
1 behind railing down town bridge by speed way and jail going tords jail left side middle of walkway under lower rail
2 heath ohio irving wick Dr east end railing tords 30th st.
All I need now is a compass to show. Poles...magagnets I don't have at the moment. Will get.
I can make as many as I want. Just by connecting them to gather.
Sorry not right place for my paragraphs
I have created Monopole magnetic gravitation induction. Please don't believe me.
PDF doc video scamatics ect
I am not from the future. And of course i am insane. one must be to believe and accept a fraction of possibility that They have the knowledge to creat holography optics. Monoploleic magnetic alignments and fps fractals in theory of reversing the observation role in dubble split experiment. The technology and explanation and the source of all this is the time machine obviously. Harness that there you go.
Unfortunately the real paradox is I'm terminally ill from what I have done. And any attempt for such scamatics and my evidence will be erases from exsistance or some one obtains it and then uses it andthe sun explodes becouse they use it. not from magic but the effect of altering set events. It is a possible danger for any one to obtain my information. You would think you ruined your life but ultimentlly you choices are counter by product and the negituve repecution. Thus all looks normal as cause and effect.
it seams the future is predictable depending on its responsiveness to you. Your cause and effect as well as the reversal. Your influance may change The future so to prove this I need distribution of my proof. I won't get into sunspot Observatory cover up I have solar images and this resent sky phenomenon is no joke.
I have monopole n52s I created zero emf rotation up to 20000ut Any pole alignments I can do. What these things can do is unbelievable Hope Maxwell is wrong.
Gravitational unity engine
Breck w rideout
1989 to 2019
Technology on bases theory
Based from the theory of everything optical electromagnetic rotation.
(property refined from space into relation Of time perspective double spit in reversal of interaction within magnetic field taking shortest direction of mass )
thomas brown electrogravity space property in relation to special relativity and electrogravity.
Maxwells law monopoly by magnetic shielding in regards to over unity ( contradiction ) for unity generator.
John tutor c20 gravitational displacement. Pattent office.
Steven Hawkins black hole lenses dragging laser manipulation of optics in time dilation and teleportation. Fps fractals
Butter fly effect in relation to multiverse. Definitions of existence in relation to video loop feed for particles alterations ( optical displacement space.
Successful construction of prototypes with results.
Laser projection through lesce
vhs camcorders were the choice for this experiment main lenses where reversed from functionally. Concept was based on reversing the double spilt. Light photons interaction through to projectory and ultering direction in presence of being viewed. In this experiment the camcorder was loop feed to a monitor And mixer. The Principle that infinity relates to video and that if double spit experiment could altered relates then to physical event. fps frames could in fact be loop gaping for space time without electronics. And construction of a saperaton, alteration and teleportation light.
A 500ma laser was fired though a 4 lens array 2x reversed main lenses once a prism was applied betwine point A identical to point B (same) teleportation of laser gap to projectory was witnessed light was not affected from glass although technology in a projector image stoped on glass. Holography was discovered. a 7 to 12 ft. Gap was observed with higher lums. Light was not emitted to fill circumference of any opticals instead light appeared from B as 18% less circumference.
Optics was not found to decrease light but to increase past A (the source ) to increase 10% to about x2 on trajectory. Thus teleportation.
This resulted to contemplate the theory of lenses loop gap as a reference to pursue a continuation of time relevance.
Effects noted :
5 hrs after the first test hallucination occurred according to 2 subjects including the inventor witnessed a hot air balloon scrapping basket on the roof on the facility. After perusing the object no evidence was found the roof was damaged. Also witness report this phenomenon and or hallucination progressed in direction of test site projectory
day 2 according to one observer a freight locomotive. Jumped rails local evacuation flowed and tracks were serviced swiftly.
Day 3 a another locomotive derailed on the site of the property. 2 fatalities resulted at the crossing.
Day six the inverter arrived at test sight. He reports a 2 small yellow lights described as similarly to a street lamp. His dog returned from that location after 3 years of it's burial location (that location was never found ) the k9 seamed to have unnatural characteristic which decried as very unusual.
Prototype 1. Was disassembled. And the Light refractory was refined with manual zoos with multiple shutters as well as refined according to loop gap mixer of fractals.
Observations and notes
Mass accumulation of silver flacks visually documented. Objects in trajectory appeared move at speed of light. 2 individuals claimed to observe a 1940s fire truck passing approx 80mils before disappearing.
laser rotation with optic mod
500ma 10mile laser with a fixed optics. And magnetics.
Main lens x2 small optics bubble curve type LCD fincel and cameras blue beam splitter. These items were obtained from a Sony floppy disk camera. Modification in the laser head in front of the diode.

A desired light pattern was created by turning laser output into 6 trajectory force though optical manipulation to one and then beam travelled to reflective paint with N-52 magnets. These magnetics where positions in a V outward path formation. A degulzer was place next to the magnetics. For a pulse of voltage - to anti voltage photon (gravity) nuclear separation and a former created to direct laser as the carrier. Giger gage showed minimal gamma radiation emf went maximum. Half life appeared long lived with dissipate physical effects
Prototype was mounted to x2 pillow bearings. Inserted into a cylinder tube and and rotated with a dc 12v motor with belt to motor laser rotation controlled by a dc pwm speed control. Magnets, electric, sound, light, vibrations. We're induced and a voltage regulator was applied to all components.
×500 variables rpm belt drive
Last test 2018
Unification of all property's pointed to a way to combine these common relationships. By 2018 this project was finalized.
Notes /finding:
Bending lasers. Massive silver anti mater like discharge. 2 month half life. Release of gravitational effects. Humans exposure resulted from a strong gravitation included. Inability to move subjects. Felling extremely heave. And fealing of being crushed. As well as heart related cardiac symptoms.
Gravity discharge. Inexperience with telopertation. Particles and Shapes were reported to camouflage on physical objects. Mass software damage include a tube tv 2002 laptop new laptop and 2 phones. All electronics were wiped up to 30 ft. Radious. Devices exposed the appeared to have a white screen. 24 hrs electronics became operational. Objects in the vacinity appeared to blur.
How to construct gravity unity engine:
Parts : $980.00-1700 used as of 2019
5 x treadmill motor 1 hp-2.5 up.
Belt ( input out put unity in cercit)
6× pwm dc 100v ( voltage flow)
2X millatary portable laser leser hp for generation ( proton carrier)
One cicle degiszer (to create anti mater- from magnets)
Tesla coil (for rf frequencyi interactions)
100 lbs x4-80 lbs x4 fishing magnet one sided x 8 ( gravity force less resistance motor rotation)
240v reed swich op/cl (magnetic bypass cogging)
×4 dc rpm control control speed (voltage - with belt on flywheel)
X4 beam splitter ( disentangle)
dc high voltage pulse dc capditor ( perpetual motion - voltage loop)
Dc capasitor electrocilc 250v ( run )
X2 12v dc motors small belt x2 (laser bending)
Pcv for laser ×2
X2 pillow bearings ( laser housing)
Sony floopy disk optics camera ( space time diolation) parts
× 4 vhs camcorder main lence (refrator) time displacement
Vibration speaker ( change interaction of parcel alignment)
X3 Magnetic coated Coper 12 gage 100 ft.
X 2 auto 240vdc swich relay ( motor balinceing charge discharge)

Acrylic capasitor dc 120-240vdc (On/off voltage peak resistance)
Resistor inline (shunt current) 24v to 50v
5 pounds of motor coil wire (capacitance of motors limits)
Ecs millatary transport container( for air vacume pump)
Slabs of stone (for containment)
Magnetic paint ( for container inside)
Reflective paint ( redirect magnetic particals)
Vacume pump ( less rotation resistance)
Dry ice ( control particals acceleration and visability)
× 50 Smaller n-45 magnets ( for magnetic trap with rotational discharge)
3 x wireless charging with power reciver and modual (used for phone)- up size 200%
IRF540N IRF540 TO-220 N-Channel 33A 100V Power Mosfet.
Hall effect senser up to 240v( magnetic interaction)
Transistor 120v (wireless transfur)
X2 14 Gage coper wire (transfur power to motors).
4 generators are belt driven. Middle motor is source. Speed controls are used to balance amp and voltage in conjuction with abusive belt. More voltage will return to the center motor. Shortest path of resistance mos law. That cercit will fail. So we use magnets to counter load draw. A magnetic senser will by pass the magnetic cogg. Rotations force of the 2 motors repelling will be up to max capacity of the generators in series. Next a dc industrial pulse capasitor with 600v will discharge 1 v per voltage. To change differential in amps and volts. The speed dc controls are utalized. Magnetics consist of 35 kg ×4 to 64 kg x4 n52 to n45 neodymium( fishimg)These are basicly monopolies. And one side is used. In Manufacturing one side is blocked. If a magnet is used with a North and South this rotational system will fail. We use acostics that produce vibration in particals discharge. This controls the pattern of emission. A degulzer creates a atomic dispersment similar to anti mater a degulzer demagnatize and magnatiz incredulously. With a n52 this strips the magnet apart.a elctro magnetic partical realise. If a tranformer coil is located in the vacinity or wireless. Particals will interact with electric. And perpetual motion will be achieved. The use of the magnetic trap as stated above is not sensual neasry. But seams to throw electrons. (Electro magnetic discharge). Finally we use coil wireless electric transfer coils 120 v. This way the power sorce (coils) is constant and the is no load or draw except motor but it high enough to not drag down the load. These coils are avalibe as wireless phone charging. Must be engendered to specification of application.
Then monopole discovered!!!!!
Breck rideout 9/22/2019
monogravit unity propulsion generator
magnets are created with laser optic acoustics and electric coils. in the case of einstein's research of...
spin rotation and laser optical diffraction frequency vibration laser rotation and magnetic repulsion. all with variable voltage. the photons are exited with laser and an optical film in front of diode directs this discharge while rotating to the magnetic assembly rotating through a pulsation degausser coil. a second laser intersects with a wide laser spreading effect with reverse optics from a camcorder to counter and or stabilize the magnet effect to zero magnetism. for pole manipulation. a plastic drum head is fitted over the coil and a vibration speaker is attached using binomial generator speaker Jack. last is two n52 fishing magnets to direct the surrounding mag field.

ECT Hall back array
vibration speaker
camcorder optics
1950s deguiser coil 240v
treadmill motors with mounted 200lbs repelling magnets
x2 lasers class 4 portable
x4 3.5 disk camcorders
14inch drum head
12v dc motors
pillow barrings 39mm
washing machine motor
vibration speaker
mp3 player
120 to 12v transformer coil
magnets miscellaneous
results from experiments:
properties of the pole displacement include a monopoly effect with all other produced magnets. Any other magnet in the vicinity will change polarity from North south to the primary 6 pole created magnet. this consists of a n45 square magnet with 5 south poles one north on top of magnets edge. this altered alignment produces on a 360 degree rotation of 82 y field to a c y b field of combined emf. micro teslas range from normal 52 MT on 2 south's to the north edge pole with readings of -0 emf radiation. after a full 360 degrees range will increase in same axis to above 5000 ut. x2 magnets produce reading behond testing and meter and 4x times increase poundage of magnetic stacking. expansive random electricity interruptions from just the finished magnet sitting in lab. again expansive
to the other side of the universe ? a decay of a Multiverse?
string theory revered relativity and gravitational time displacement.
health risk:
Noted exposure:
include fatigue confusion artery swelling intense pain on extremities paralysis and radiation sickness.
finding from experiments:
once a monopoly magnet is produced all other attached magnets join polarity as well as other magnets of different gauss with exhibit repulsion and discharge as a projectile with approx 278 mph with a accelerometer. resulting in an explosion of that magnet.
theory and practical use
If theses are fixed to a motor rotation from 5 assembly will generate up to x1 magnetic rating. 200lbs n52 will equal 1/16 hp roughlly equivalent to the torc of a motor rated for 1/4 hp compatible to a standard washing machine motor. these magnetic motors should handle 50lbs electrical load on these generators. 240v motor to dc generation. direct run and load is achieved buy 0 resistance. this is possible because of the Association of gravity and magnetism. the 200lbs of the magnets capacity is not dependent on other magnets rotation but each smelly produces 200lbs for over load resistance for example where a belt drive would be necessary 1 motor would power the other for generators thus. this setup is evenly distributed because the each magnet array will independently produce a 200lbs force. for example 1000 lbs 4 generators = over unity as of increased magnetic force by 4 setup proximity increases × 4 = 120 hp × load draw of 80 amps 240v × EST 100 amph. to simply 5 to 10× that of a standard house hold generator. divide 3/4 resisting draw and over unity achieved. perpetual motion is achieved. by position alignment of mag generators and or the cycle of voltage interpreting the magnetic repulsion of cogging distribution to motors. self rotation is achievable. although voltage peek would need self regulator to multiple gen motors to maintain self rotation. the cogging acts as the stronger force from voltage draw self regulating for variable loads.
atmospheric safety is a concern. with self evident gravity association. upon testing alignments of magnets have produced emf radiation anomalies and repeated fast moving visual black voids as well as practical discharges that affects electronic devices. these magnets use a power source that happens to be the earth's magnetic feild one normal n52 magnet is 35 × stronger than the earth's atmospheric shiding. as back to Maxwell equation on monopolies. magnets generate lethal amounts of radiation accumulation and strip away lager body's of mass. that is why cern manufactures these under ground. IV killed my self.
Breck rideout 9/22/19
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2019.08.28 10:38 ohiodylan Should Toronto have an express Chicago bus route?

TL ; DR - Non stop bus tickets between Toronto and Chicago should be a thing, who else agrees. The price of the bus tickets should be about $59 or less, one way. Does anyone in Canada support my idea for $59 one way bus tickets that make the Chicago to Toronto bus trip just 8.25 hours?

Hey everyone of the world,

Does Toronto Canada need a direct bus line to Chicago? After doing a some research on Chicago and Toronto, I had discovered that the fastest Greyhound bus takes at least 13 grueling hours from Toronto to Chicago. I understand that because you're crossing 2 countries with strict border control, it makes sense that there's going to be some delay border crossing. What I don't understand is why it would take 13 to 17 hours to take a Greyhound from Toronto to Chicago. From my understand, both cities are economic powerhouses with each city holding multi millions of inhabitants. Now some of you might be telling me "Why don't you take a flight if you want speed?", well that doesn't hold much to me and there's got to be a better way.
The evidence that I've found seems to point that it should be viable to have express busing between these 2 cities:

From the data given, and assuming a 40 hour work week, the median labor rate ($32,500+$26,000)/2 gives us an average annual income of 29,280 USD or $14.64 USD/ hour (50 weeks a year x 40 hours/week) is the labor value for everyone. Calculating the tangible/direct opportunity cost of taking a 17 hour bus (8.25+8+0.75 for other) would give us 17 hours of round trip travel time or 12 hours more travel time than 5 hours of flying. If the US-Canadian median labor time value is $14.64/hour USD times (x) 12 hours, that means the opportunity cost of taking the bus is $175.68 round trip. Since Plane tickets cost $300 round trip, a direct bus route between Toronto to Chicago should be $119.32 round trip or less to be worth while for anyone with median or below median income. That means the price of a bus ticket between Toronto to Chicago should be $59.66 one way for either direction.

The transit idea in points:

Does Chicago/Toronto need a 8 hour direct bus route that's less than $60 either way and offers more timely/better service?
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2019.06.19 06:52 toaster404 Bikesdirect Windsor Touring or Phantom Cross Trail or . . . ?

I'm liking the $1000 and up Trek gravel bikes. But hey, I don't really need to spend that much. I've had good results from Bikesdirect before, so I looked.
Tourist looks to weigh 27 lbs, Cro-Mo steel, 30-50 triple, 11-34 9 speed. I have some 9 speed bar ends hanging around, and plenty of brake levers. Looks like converting to V brakes might help - has cantis. 32 mm tires might be the limit with fenders. Typical old-fashioned geometry, I am sure it handles fine. http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/windsotourist-touring-bikes-v.htm
Fantom Cross is AL w/carbon fork, mechanical disk brakes, same gearing as the Tourist, 20 mm shorter wheelbase, slightly more upright angles. More racey. 8 speed with the triple, which is actually OK with me. I kind of like fatter old-school chains, and suspect my bar ends would work. 35 mm tires, which suggests something a bit larger might fit, too. 25 lbs - slightly lighter. Tubeless compatible wheels are a plus. http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/motobecane/fantom_cross_trail_xiv.htm
I have some concern over what looks to be dated components. They're both heavy. I want to like the Tourist better. Retro steel vibe and all. However, the Fantom has some strong points.
Use would be Allegheny Passage, C&O canal, N. Va. bike trails, light gravel road crap, utility for shopping and overnighters where my road bike won't run. Some chance I'll do gravel roads through simple single track (nothing violent or mountain bike esque). I have ridden road bikes on such trails without issue other than my body position and the slippery tires. Not fast.
Figure I'd need to replace saddle, post, bars (I have plenty), possibly do the bar end switch, pedals. Add light fenders. I have front & rear racks of several kinds, and almost enough cargo-holding ability.
Anyone actually know these bikes? They're 1/2 the money of the Trek and Specialized entry level gravel bikes.
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2019.05.28 03:11 BeVIP-Rental Range Rover Sport SVR for Rent in Dubai

Range Rover Sport SVR for Rent in Dubai
The Range Rover Sport SVR offers a perfect driving experience, as the most responsive Range Rover that combines incredible performance, Be VIP for Luxury Car Rental in Dubai provide the luxury and performance represented in Range Rover SVR. SVR exterior is accentuated with a unique design in carbon fiber composite which can be specified in the vehicle’s body color or in the striking, exposed Gloss Black Carbon Fiber. SVR’s muscular stance is complemented further by a mesh grille with SVR badging and side fender vents in Black. The look is completed with Pixel LED headlights and distinct signature Daytime Running Lights.

Range Rover Sport SVR For Rent in Dubai
The Range Rover Sport SVR providing combination of speed, power in the field of off-road vehicles. Streamlined body demonstrates the power of others, allowing you to feel confident on the road, with a supreme degree of Comfort with maximum control, the new lightweight SVR Performance seats in Windsor leather are heated as standard and offer cooling as an option. With an embossed SVR logo on the headrest, these sleeker seats are available in four color combinations and Cut Diamond perforation pattern.

Range Rover Sport SVR For Rent in Dubai
The Range Rover Sport SVRcomes with 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged engine with 575 horsepower and SVR Sport Suspension optimized for performance and improved handling that make the Range Rover Sport SVR the most powerful and capable Range Rover model to date.

Range Rover Sport SVR For Rent in Dubai
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2019.05.03 22:39 Kuonji Why is Cuisinart more generous about warranty claims in California compared to everywhere else?

I searched high and low for the reason for this but couldn't find it. For reference, here's the text of their warranty:
"Lifetime Warranty Cuisinart® Tools & Gadgets are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal home use from the date of original purchase throughout the original purchaser’s lifetime. If your tool/gadget should prove to be defective within your lifetime, we will repair it (or, if we think it necessary, replace it) without charge to you, except for shipping and handling. To obtain warranty service, please call our Consumer Service Center toll-free at 1-800-726-0190, or write to Consumer Service Center, Cuisinart, 150 Milford Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520. To facilitate the speed and accuracy of your return, please also enclose $4.00 for shipping and handling of the product, along with the original proof of purchase. Be sure to include a return address, description of the product problem, phone number, and any other information pertinent to the product’s return. Please pay by check or money order. This warranty excludes damage caused by accident, misuse or abuse, including damage caused by overheating, and it does not apply to scratches, stains, discoloration or other damage to external or internal surfaces that does not impair the functional utility of the tool/gadget. This warranty also expressly excludes all incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. California Residents Only
California residents need only supply original proof of purchase and should call 1-800-726-0190 for shipping instructions. Cuisinart will be responsible for the cost of the repair, replacement, and shipping and handling of such nonconforming products under warranty"
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2019.05.01 08:51 BongeeBoy [Monthly Events List] What's happening in Palmy this May?

Figured I'd nick this idea from the larger cities - might be a nice idea for Palmy - basically for anyone visiting, moving to, or living in Las Palmas Del Norte
If you know of any events not on this list then please post a comment! (If there’s no FB event page for it that’s algoods, just leave it’s time, date, location in the comment)
This one is also just a draft / test to see how this works out
If you have any critiques or suggestions, lemme know! (If a mod could pin this so people visiting the sub could see, that'd be pretty cool)
Arts, Crafts, and Film
Tues 7th May Climate Art Group (Extinction Rebellion) - @ Snails
Sun 19th May - Snails and Pineapple Market - @ Snails
Sun 19th May - Clothes Swap Extravaganza @ The Square Edge Arts Centre
Tues 21st May Climate Art Group (Extinction Rebellion) - @ Snails
Fri 24th May - Amélie Poulain - French Movie Screening - @ The Globe
Fri 31st May - Red Cross Book Sale Begins - @ Barber Hall on Waldegrave St
Every Friday Fridays for Future (Extinction Rebellion) - @ The Square
Sat 4th May Tree Planting @ Pits Park
Sat 4th May - The Merry Wives of Windsor - @ The Globe
Thurs 9 May - Fresh & Funny - Comedy Open Mic @ The Royal Hotel
Thurs 23 May - Fresh & Funny - Comedy Open Mic @ The Royal Hotel
Sat 26 May - The Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Toxic Tree @ Shed 23
Food, Drinks, and Cuisine
Thurs 2nd May - Loaded Burgers - @ Brewers Apprentice
Tues 7 May - Gin Club - @ Brew Union
Sun 19th May - Hokowhitu Farmers Market - @ Albert Street
Thurs 16th May Sawmill Tap Takeover - @ Brew Union
Sat 25th May - Manawatu Craft and Food Fair
Health, Sports, and Wellbeing
Sun 26th May - Manawatu Striders Marathon/ Half Marathon - @ Massey
House and Garden
(Need some)
Thurs 2nd May - Connected – The Factory (For those interested in tech)
Tues 7th May - Speed Interviewing (for engineers – pros and students) - @ Massey
Thurs 16th May - Sort It Careers Expo @ The Arena
Music, gigs and shows (NZ Music Month)
Thur 2nd May - (Music) Songwriters Circle - @ The Library’s Event Space
Fri 10th May - (Gig) Spawts & Feildings Best Dancers - @ The Stomach
Sun 12 May - (Music) Palmy Vinyl Club NZ Music Month Special - @ The Library’s Event Space
Thurs 16th May - (Synth Music) Modular Projection Blaze - @ Maple Lane
Sun 19st May - (Music) Brodsky Quartet - @ The Globe
Fri 31st May - (BIG gig of Local Bands) Love Your Local Venue Day - @ The Stomach & then @ Snails
Student Stuff
Thurs 9th May MUSA Lounge A Go Go: Campus Co-Lab Launch - @ MUSA Lounge
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2019.03.27 19:46 AsherAcer Which of these should I use for the competition?

Miscellaneous Information: Grumble is actually a lot smarter than he acts, but has the personality of a drunk, grizzled old man from Texas who sleeps with a shotgun next to him
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2019.01.07 02:38 4x4xM The Longest Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. Many images, Ye be warned.

The Longest Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. Many images, Ye be warned.
I think I just completed it.
EDIT: Nope, I didn't. Others did bigger earlier. Maybe I can still claim Longest Road Trip by a Canadian AWD Model 3.
Back when the year was 2018 I took delivery of an AWD Model 3, after having it for three weeks and about 1200 km I departed from my hose for what I believe is the longest, (poorly) documented road trip in a Model 3 to date.
Please save your questions for the end.

Nov 21 2018- I take delivery, just after a snow storm. Car is covered in ice that doesn't completely thaw for four days.

Dec 10, 2018- Packing.
As much as I wish this was a hatchback for the dogs, it can fit a lot more than I expected it to. I ended up buying a backseat protective cover to keep my two dogs off of the seats. Everything I wanted to bring was able to fit easily without having to put anything on the front passenger area.


Dec 11, 2018- Departure. 418 km
I get off work early, jump in the car & drive home. Plug in, empty the dishwasher, change into driving clothes, load up the dogs and start the 5.5 hour drive to Toronto where I'm be staying with my sister for the night. Driving along the back country roads was a little frustrating due to Autopilot's refusal to go faster than 10 km/h over the speed limit as is customary around here. After getting to Belleville, ON and hopping on the 401, I was able to set 120 km/h and cruise in comfort while listening to podcasts. So. Damn. Nice. I traded in an 08 diesel Grand Cherokee that never seemed happy on the highway. The Tesla is incredible. I want to keep driving, if it wasn't Christmas time and I was staying with my sister I'd be tempted to keep going. Alas, I turn up at her doorstep at 9:45, hang out for a bit before turning in so I can depart early the next day.

Dec 12, 2018- The Border. 959 km
I walk the dogs at 6 and depart my sister's place by 7, breakfast a couple hours later when I hit the supercharger in Woodstock, ON. Another Stop in Comber. Cross the border at Windsor, border agent is happy with the dogs' paperwork, Success! Drive, Charge, Drive, Charge, repeat as necessary until reaching Rockford, Illinois where I have a dog friendly hotel booked across the street from a restaurant that has a destination charger.
Toss my overnight bag in the room.
Drive to the charger.
Walk the dogs back to the hotel room.
Feel nervous about leaving the car so far away.

Dec 13, 2018- The First Long Stretch. 917 km
Wake up.
Check the status of the car on my phone.
90% charged, Success!
Pack up my stuff.
Walk the dogs to the car.
Drive car to room.
Pack car.
This is a routine that works for me.
Uneventful day of diving and listening to podcasts. I truly think this is a great way to travel. I don't feel too tired, and the dogs get a short walk every 1.5-2.5 hours.

Clearwater, MN is the end of the line. From here I know that excessive energy consumption or finding that my lvl 2 chargers are broken or blocked will really put a damper in my trip. Why am I going North again where the weather is almost as poor as the Supercharger network? Oh yeah, my wife has been working there since Labour Day long weekend and hasn't seen the car yet. I also have a Christmas party to go to with her and a bunch of our friends.
I charge to 98% in Clearwater and make the last hop of the day to Fargo where I follow the same routine as the previous day. This time my charger is 1km away in the Sanford Medical Center employee 2h parking lot. Hopefully they don't mind me using the 6kW charger overnight.


Dec 14, 2018- Time Spent in Planning is Seldom Wasted. 452 km
Yeah, going north to where the streets have no superchargers. And it's cold, like -20C and I can feel my nose hair freezing up and getting brittle as I walk to the car at 6 in the morning. One Model X parked beside me using the other charger and another parked across from me looking hungry. I drive out of Fargo trying to conserve as much energy as I can because I know I'll have very little to do in Grand Forks except eat breakfast, and that can only last so long.
1:45 hours of charging. Not bad, definitely not great. Come on Tesla, get this corridor completed FFS.
Winnipeg @ 12%. Stop at The Forks for a walk, some lunch, a nice coffee, some browsing of the shops, walk some more. Ok, now I have enough charge to get to Portage la Prairie where I'll have a plug for the night.
Dec 15, 2018- Christmas Party
Fun was had by all.

Dec 16, 2018- Same as Dec 14, but in reverse. 452 km
I won't bore you with the details other than to re-emphasize that the Supercharger network REALLY needs to get itself north, this should have been a half day trip instead of 12 hours.

Dec 17, 2018- Doing the Dakota 2-step. 828 km
Today didn't feel as good as 828 km should. Start in Fargo, take a step backwards to Clearwater, take a long step down to the I90. Now we're going the right way, oh bed time.
Dec 18, 2018- Go West, young(ish) man. 1051 km
6am on the road.
Race the sun to Chamberlain.
Keep that sun behind me until I can't any longer & let it have the lead.
Pull into Billings after dark.
Eat a steak.
Dec 19, 2018- I've missed the mountains so much. 867 km
I left the hotel about 6am again, made it to Big Timber well before dawn. Weather through the mountains was pretty good today, only a little chilly. Somewhere around here I discovered that the Model 3's clock doesn't update to new time zones as quickly as my phone.
Dec 20, 2018- Home Sweet Home 695 km
What to say here? I was excited to get home to where I grew up, I left the place I was staying at 5:45. The pass from Ellensburg to Seattle can have your standard unpredictable west coast winter weather; could be rain, could be snow. might be gorgeous. Could be all three. ABRP says the Lynnwood supercharger is 120kW, Hint: it's not. Sure would like a way to submit a bug report of this type. At least I was able to spend time eating lunch from the Fred Meyer deli counter. I5 is umm, not cool. Around Mount Vernon there was an accident on the Southbound side so of course Northbound was backed up for a few miles. Sometimes I hate humans and our perverse need to inspect the scene of an accident. At least I wasn't in the Southbound lanes. Those poor souls were backed up beyond the border.
Wind and rain, standard fair for the west coast. Not a single ferry had gone from Vancouver to Victoria all day, the Coho from Port Angeles to Victoria was cancelled due to weather for the first time in decades. As I'm eating dinner at Tsawwassen Mills shopping center, lining up places to stay for the night I get an excite text from my mother saying the ferry was up and running again & that I should hustle over to see if I can catch it. Too late for the 7pm but I'm almost at the front of the line for 8pm sailing. Jackpot. 9:35 I roll off the boat, hit the highway & get to my mom's house. Time for a beer. Wife drove to Minneapolis & flew into town a few days later. Why Minneapolis? So we could take our other car home with us on the return trip.
Jan 1-2, 2019- Pushing the limits. 3079 km
Not a typo.
After the standard holiday driving around in town, my wife & I depart at 5:45 Jan 1 to catch the first sailing of the year off the island. Upon arrival on the mainland we drive, charge, swap, rest/sleep. I love road trips but I haven't done something like this since I was 20 driving from Victoria to Montreal with a friend. Even then we actually took proper breaks for a few hours at roadside stops. Not this time. This time we spent 42 hours traveling, never stopping for longer than it took us to charge up. And the weather was worse. The road from Spokane to Billings looked to have been plowed, but polished ice would be a better description. Billings to Gillette was okay, but the I90 didn't actually get good until getting into South Dakota, there it was perfectly clear. Good job SD.
Jan 3-4, 2019- Home Stretch.
From Minneapolis it's pretty boring. Roads are clear, Chicago's traffic is atrocious, toll highways are nice & generally flow well. We stayed overnight in Kalamazoo, MI before crossing the border for the last time.Final task of the trip: deliver a gift from my mom to my sister.

Why is this image rotated no matter what I do?
Got questions? Ask away.

12,372 total km (7687 mi)
2,641 kWh
213 Wh/km (343 Wh/mi)
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2018.12.08 23:29 dasher8888 Long distance/changes/breakup

Back in September, I (35F) decided to spend a few weeks in Milwaukee, a city I spend a lot of time in (I live in Windsor, Ontario). I booked a place to stay for about three weeks. Just a couple of days after I got there, I met someone... let's call him Dave (40M). I wasn't expecting that, but we clicked so quickly that we decided to try a relationship even though it was a country apart.
In September, we saw each other at some point literally every day except three days, because we just always wanted to be around each other. I remember thinking that this finally felt "easy" (in the past I've been in dating situations where I've had to question their motives and interests, or people have had issues making them not relationship-ready, or just other things that were difficult). We both really liked each other, we were comfortable around each other, and we wanted to be together. It was all above-board. I even ended up staying with him for about a week after I checked out of the place I had booked so I could stay in the city longer. And it all felt right, even though it was so quick. I remember telling my best friend that it felt like he could be it for me, after a week (which sounds insane and NEVER happens with me, but that's how it felt). He basically said the same thing to me, and was also surprised at himself and how quickly he could come to care about someone. He told me he was "all in" with me even though I live in Windsor, how he just wanted to spend all his time with me and ask me to move in with him (mostly joking I think, but still), how he wanted to involve me in all aspects of his life, how he wanted me around all the time, he wanted me to travel with him, and he texted his friends about me (and I met some of them) and he posted photos of us Instagram.
After I returned to Windsor, he was jokingly sending me flight info the next day from a wedding reception he was at (which he'd invited me to), because he missed me already. At the end of the night, he was tipsy and sending me all these lovey-dovey texts (all the hearts, and "I love you. Seriously. You've been an angel to me. You've meant the world to me." etc. etc.). He told me the next day that he'd meant them even though he was tipsy. After we'd been together a month (which felt much longer), he told me he was so lucky to have met someone so kind and caring who he knew right away he wanted to be in a relationship with, and who he was excited to spend life alongside and grow with. He sent me a care package of thoughtful things (including a replacement of a book I'd lost in Milwaukee) when I was back in Windsor.
We had figured out a plan where we'd take turns visiting each other's hometowns, but he couldn't make it to Windsor until all his medical appointments were done (he's had some weird stuff going on), so he ended up paying for my flight (!) there when I was low on funds so I could come back soon. And he also wanted me to come with him to his family's Thanksgiving celebration. So I ended up booking another flight to come back a month later.
But a bit of time after I was back in Windsor the first time, we started to have some friction. We still talked and video chatted all the time, but I was noticing that he didn't seem totally focused on me when we talked and just wasn't seemingly as interested. I didn't quite realize this at the time, but I now think having that at the back of my mind caused other unrelated things to bother me. I wasn't as happy with the way things were, so I guess I was less accepting of other things. So there was a period where we had a lot of discussions (not so much fights, but friction). And then it came time for me to return to Milwaukee. It was good to see him and better to talk about things in person, and we discussed how we're different in some key ways (he's very logical/pragmatic and I'm more on the emotional side, at least compared to him), but we care about each other and want to figure out how each other thinks so we can mesh on things. And he always said our friction didn't change how he felt about me. But after a few days of me being there (staying with him), he confessed to me that lately he'd been feeling overwhelmed and like things had moved too quickly with us. So I found other places to stay while there so it could feel more like a normal relationship (not like we were "living together" after two months) and give us some space. Which was working well enough.
But then, fast-forward to near the end of my trip. I'd gone to the Thanksgiving dinner, even though leading up to it I wasn't sure if he still wanted that to be the plan (that wouldn't exactly be "slowing things down" between us), and it went well, but we still ended up needing to have a quick "talk" during. He'd invited me, but basically left me on my own to talk to his family while he did his own thing. I'm not needy, and I don't need to be baby-sat, but to me it seems like if you're inviting someone to an event with 20+ people they've never met, you might involve them a little bit, at least for the first 20 minutes or so? But we worked it out, and he said he's not really good at that stuff and he cares about me (he even was like "if you're not having fun, I won't have fun," and I joked that that sounded so co-dependent) and that it should mean something to me that he NEVER invites partners to his family's events so quickly (I think it's been years since he even brought anyone to Thanksgiving), so it meant something that he wanted me there.
But then he was pretty aloof the next weekend when I was staying at my friends' (I'd stayed at his place over Thanksgiving because it was easier, and we were getting along really well then), and I didn't see him then or hardly talk to him. When I got back to his place again (stayed there again for two nights before going back to Windsor -- confused yet??), we talked about that, and he said he was feeling more aloof and Thanksgiving had overwhelmed him, and mentioned that we still keep having friction, and that we're always okay after we "talk" about things, but we always seem to have to talk. I was thinking about that and reminded of an episode of Being Erica (that show is relatable!) where Erica's sister Sam is supposed to marry Josh, but she's always fighting with him and accusing him of little things. Josh says later that he's not in love with her (he's liked Erica all that time, not Sam) and that Sam feels/knows his heart's not in it, and that's why she accuses him of cheating and stuff, even though she knows it's not true. I never accused Dave of anything like that, but I did express insecurities, which I realized was due to feeling he wasn't as into it as before. Even though he always did say that he still liked me and wanted to make things work, his tone was different, and he wasn't including me in his life (never bringing me along with his friends for anything anymore at all, never making plans, etc.). When I mentioned that, he basically told me what he'd said before -- that he was overwhelmed about everything but still liked me. But after a little while, he realized that he wasn't ready for what I was talking about, which I guess he equates with being in a serious relationship. Apparently due to this specific conversation, he realized he didn't want to be anyone's boyfriend right now because he doesn't have the emotional energy to invest in a relationship, and if he can't give it his all, he doesn't want to give any. He did say that he still felt close to me though, and was still attracted to me, and cared about me. But that two people can care about each other and still not be right for each other. That he did not at all want a relationship with me (or anyone), even though he said he did a week earlier. He did say his feelings for me had changed somewhat -- he thought maybe the friction had turned something off in his brain, but he wasn't sure what had happened. He said maybe he'd changed.
That's kind of weird, though, right? If someone's strong feelings are real (which he claimed his were), isn't it kind of odd that his brain would just do a 180 because of friction or being overwhelmed? If there was something in me that made him want to be with me in such a committed way, would it be that easy for it to just go away?
As I read this over, it seems like all of the things he did and said at the beginning of the relationship could be viewed as disingenuous or kind of fake or love-bomb-y, but they really weren't. We just were really comfortable with each other and wanted to be together. Anyway. Fast-forward again to present day (a couple of weeks later). Having had some time and space to process everything, I can see when everything changed. We used to be so kind and playful around each other and just enjoyed talking, but then once the friction started, the tone became more distant. I'm not sure which came first, him being overwhelmed or me being insecure, but both of those things definitely took their toll. The thing that gets me, though, is that I think almost all of the conflict that happened with us is because of the distance and the speed of our relationship. We did move too quickly (we basically had a one-week honeymoon period, and one month felt like four), and I think because I had gotten all this affection from him so quickly, I came to have unrealistic expectations of what he could give me in the longer term. When he started to retreat a bit (like pay less attention on video chat), I read it as him being less interested, but in reality that's just a natural thing that happens, especially if you talk daily and you're not in the same place. I know now that if I had been with him in person, he would have spoken to me without distraction. If I had been happier with how things were going, I wouldn't have been as bothered by how he acted at Thanksgiving, or I would have broached it in a more casual way ("Hey, do you mind if we hang out together a bit at least for the first little while, so I can get to know your family with you?"). And we also wouldn't have seen each other every day, which would have given us a chance to miss each other. And moving at a more natural pace would have let us slowly learn about each other and our differences, and whether we were compatible, rather than just having everything explode at once. We would have learned at a reasonable pace whether we were right for each other (I don't know how he can know we're not so quickly, after having been basically of the opposite opinion just two months earlier...) under less pressure.
The ironic thing, too, is I was always aware of how quickly things were moving. When he wanted to be in a relationship right away, I questioned it because I'm not used to that, but I went with it because it felt right. When he invited me to a wedding after a week, I was like, "Your friends wouldn't think it's odd if you brought someone you've only known a week?" and he responded that he didn't care what they think, and he wanted me there. When he texted me all those tipsy things after the wedding via WhatsApp (like, who says they love someone for the first time via tipsy text message?), I said something about how sweet he was and I really like him but that I needed a bit more time for some of that (he said okay). So yeah. HE initiated a lot of things moving quickly, and then decided later that he felt overwhelmed.
*Breathes out* This is such a book, geez. So even though it was hard when we broke up, I think it was probably necessary (because I'm not really how to move backwards and become more casual with someone while still being in an exclusive relationship... it's hard to know what the expectations are). But I just really miss the "old" him (the way he was when I met). The qualities in us that attracted us to each other and even just made it fun to talk and hang out. Normally if someone just becomes less interested in me, it sucks, but I get past it... but this whole thing just seems weird and mostly based on external circumstances. We had such a connection, and I don't feel that with people often at all.
TL;DR: Long distance messed things up and changed feelings; what's going on and can things get better?
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